Pluto’s transit conjunct/parallel natal Neptune

People born between the mid-1970s and mid-90s having been going through this transit for years now. For some the transit has already passed and for others it is just beginning.

This is one (or more) of the most important transits in your lifetime. So it is important to understand it.

This is one of those transits that is typically split into separate phases of parallel and conjunction, often with another parallel following later, depending on Neptune’s exact position in the natal chart.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It is located deep, at the level of the unconscious and relates closely with death. Pluto’s transits trigger deep change that is often very hard to explain in language, but its purpose is the empowerment of self-realization. The problem is we won’t be able to preconceive what that means for us, but we can trust the process will originate from within our own unconscious and for our benefit.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and takes us beyond mere personal preferences, appearances, niceness, or simple kindness and into the realm where conscience, imagination, compassion, and spiritual creation are possible. Neptune’s position and aspects in our birth charts show how we use imagination, our potentials for drifting and escapism or fantasy, sensitivity or impressionability, fined tuned creativity, openness to the more finely tuned or mystical perceptions.

When Pluto transits natal Neptune

… by conjunction or parallel we are in a window of opportunity for trans-personal creativity. This is a moment in life when the outermost planet transits the second outermost planet. This is when we get extra help from the universe — and from our own subconscious and superconscious getting together IF we are seeking truth and aiming to live fully and creatively.

This window of opportunity is often wide enough to allow a major creative change since both the conjunction and parallel transits can last at least a few years.

A bit of magic is possible. Wondrous new discoveries and synchronicities are possible.

The WOW experiences you have probably won’t mean what you think — but they’re still very important. You can understand them more fully later on with the distance of hindsight.

Cling to safety and you’ll probably get nothing. Risk nothing, seek nothing — get nothing.

Our ideals can be further shaped. Long held ideals that are still worthy may be realized if we are willing to change our understanding of how. Our worldview transforms into something fuller, deeper, and richer, especially if we engage a more spiritual or metaphysical perspective.

It is a good time to ask questions and dig deeper for answers, especially questioning beliefs and assumptions we previously would not have doubted. If we do, a wider spectrum of truth can reveal itself.

However, the real picture may only develop after some disappointments.

We often make assumptions based on preferences or wishful thinking that become attached to our over-specific notions of happiness. If those persist long enough to become functioning belief systems then Pluto will challenge them. (So-and-so have a wonderful, romantic marriage because __________, so I must have that/him/her to have an ideal mate/happy marriage, etc, etc.)

The transits of Pluto to natal Neptune awaken spirituality and creativity. So this transit will not be just challenges to our ideals or hopes. It deepens interest in our own internal mystical workings.

When we dig deeper into the realm of the soul we are accessing dreams. So during this transit it can be very helpful to keep a notebook bedside to pose questions to our subconscious/superconscious to address in our dreams, or to just jot down what comes through. (Please don’t keep your cell phone on for doing that; your body’s subtle energies need to be free of the interference from those high density radio fields or other EMFs in order for dreams to be clear and coherent and real rest to take place.)

Creativity can be a mode of therapy during this transit. Creative talent can also be deepened and transformed into more profound expressions.

The greatest negative potentials happen when we don’t let go of disappointments and turn cynical. Temporarily some of us may experience quite abrupt and disturbing realizations in our dreams that show us we are off course or failing to act on important feelings or intuitions. Just learn the lesson, correct course, and move on. There will be other ways for our dreams to be realized. They are not attached permanently to specific persons or prevented by transient occurrences.

Some considerations:

It is better to experience some disappointments in life than remain in delusion or escapism. We can learn from disappointments, but we don’t grow at all if we hang out in the imaginative world of fantasy preferences, never testing them or bringing our concepts or ideals into full material expression.

It is better to turn our visions or concepts into imperfect creations, developing our talent and creative power along the way than to be merely passive appreciators of the creativity of others.

It is better to be open to the unexplained and learn than to refuse to believe simply because no one has yet delivered a satisfactory, logical explanation for certain things … like Love. Openness and hope are always better than cynical pessimism.

Trust the Universe and live joyfully.

Other reading

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  1. astreia41 says:

    This was a good read and so on point. I especially like and am relating to “So this transit will not be just challenges to our ideals or hopes. It deepens interest in our own internal mystical workings. “

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