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Pluto & empowerment

Remedial lessons: whether I like them or not Lately I find myself struggling more than I can remember in a long time to maintain perspective, to not take things personally and keep my overall mental/emotional balance. Seems enough transit factors … Continue reading

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Zodiacal Light

Poem: “Zodiacal Light” If you have seen this Light count it as an honor the cosmic night does not shine on everyone so clearly high up on mountaintops remote far away at sea a solar and a cosmic light transmits … Continue reading

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Energy Healing

I’ve experienced it. It can be very real. Reiki can work very well for some people, unfortunately it has become a bit too popularized to know what you’re getting from any given person. Reconnective Healing I endorse Reconnective Healing. I … Continue reading


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Grounded I submit to the teachings of the Earth, its wisdom, its masters, its histories, its beauty, So that I may live in peace with all beings. In silence I sit with this Tree, my friend who speaks volumes not … Continue reading

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