Biocircuits ease pain, mental negativity

Just had a great little session with the copper biocircuit. I woke very draggy, stiff, weak, and a bit flat this morning. After just several minutes using my biocircuit I feel positive, grateful, energized, and ready to get on with my day. Most importantly, the “arthritis” in my knees was immediately better! I’m moving around … Continue reading

Energy Healing … again

For several years I’ve kept energy healing in the background of my life. No more. Having been given this gift I must pass it on. Doing so also makes my life better. I’m happier. A lot of us need healing and uplift. I may not be able to help every person or as soon as … Continue reading

Larimar: superstar healing stone

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite[/caption] Once again I am getting the benefit of Larimar to re-balance things physically and spiritually. The stone has worked for me in a variety of ways over the years, and this time its healing effects are deeper and broader. This time it has helped me rapidly … Continue reading