My new newsletter focusing on empowering and inspiring you to health abundance. An opening excerpt from my first post:

Now more than ever it is time for health-positive news. Not the typical news-of-the-day, but fresh perspectives, inspiration, and useful information. A perspective that cuts through the confusion of conflicting information to remind you where the power lies in your decisions and health — with you. We were created to be well, not to suffer or live in fear.

Yet it can be a confusing time of conflicting interests and opinions, even from experts.

With HEALTH POSITIVE! I pledge to give you very relevant information and perspective that supports a healthy life. I pledge my best efforts to get to the truth necessary for us to make our best health decisions, keep our health autonomy, and have the healthiest society possible.

I aim for roughly 70-80% practical information and inspiration to support your health at the personal level. That leaves 20-30% of the content for more in-depth reporting and investigation. Those in-depth reports may start out relatively brief. Over time they will get more in-depth.

Read the rest of this brief, introductory post:

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Inhale Iodine spray for preventive/treatment of lung infections

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED — I’ve found it very effective in adapting the idea to my current situation and available tools.

The study link:

I made it using the Edgar Cayce-based product purified (electrified) Iodine obtained from James Knochel: — not the polyvinyl stuff mentioned in the study. Who has that anyway? And I don’t like the sound of anything ‘vinyl’ in my body. What matters is the Iodine. It must be pure, not the over the counter stuff used as a surface disinfectant or ringworm. That stuff has traces of toxic metals like arsenic in it.

I made a 2 oz spray bottle of dilute pure Iodine from 3 droppers of about 3% Iodine tincture added to fill the 2 oz bottle of purified water. Lucky I have one pump spray top for a 2 oz bottle. They can be obtained from Monterey Bay Spice Co.:

This has given me noticeable improvement overnight with a bad throat/chest cold I’ve had for about a week. So I’m taking fewer herbs and other remedies now.

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Just say no and I will support you

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the surge in fears surrounding SARS-Cov-2 and its delta variant signals what many of us already knew about this respiratory coronavirus — it will mutate just as the flu and all other such upper respiratory viruses. Vaccines will lag behind and those who lag in getting the vaccine or refuse will be blamed. The question is will we allow this to justify permanent alteration of our lives by up-and-down, in-and-out government policies, continuing or escalating germophobia?

When we will say no to one-size-fits-all medicines … everyone is responsible for their own health choices … The Nuremberg Code will not be overturned … a free society is founded on the bodily autonomy of the individual … we will not accept any mandates, passports, or conditions put upon our lives and freedom by proxies of big pharma …?

If you take responsibility for your own health and know how to say no to what you decide is not appropriate for you — expect to be vilified. Expect to be blamed for ‘making others sick.’ Expect to be shunned. This is what happens to those of us who stand up for bodily autonomy and reject fear-turned-mandate as the basis of any public policy.

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Returning to astrology work in August

I will be returning to work on rectification and chart validations starting 1-2 days per week. I will not be doing birth chart readings or any other readings — only rectification work. I’ve achieved enough progress and insight with my health issues that I’m ready now. I don’t know how long I’ll stay with a very part-time schedule. It could be a year or more.

I look forward to working with you.

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