Freddie Mercury chart pt3

So in looking deeply into Freddie’s possible Leo rising charts, one is viable through all the life events I can find. The chart below set at 29° Leo. Shown are the progressions for the date of his death: Progressed Pluto is just past culmination of its sesquisquare to natal Moon in the 4th house, and … Continue reading

Freddie Mercury’s birth chart search part2

The first rectification factor I consider in Freddie’s chart is Moon sign. The day he was born the Moon changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn (around 9 AM). The time span on his birthday from 5 AM to 5 PM shows us the possible range for his Moon position was 27 Sagittarius [24S24] to 3 … Continue reading

Natural anti-histamine more effective

So I’ve conducted a bit of an experiment with myself this month. June is allergy month for me here in Portland. At various times over the last several weeks reaching back into May I have taken a generic version of Claritin 24-hour OTC allergy tablet (Loratadine) and I’ve eaten Orange Peels or made a tisane … Continue reading