Hillary vs Bernie astrological charts

Iowa Caucus breakdown of the Bernie vs Hillary astrology You don’t need exact charts or preferential favorite charts for either candidate to see how there are some important differences in the energies of the two candidates’ charts. There are two factors acting like placeholders for us in a rectification process, or for simply using as … Continue reading

US Presidential Race

I have done my homework, including months worth of research on the patterns of US Presidents’ birth charts, transit patterns for elections, analysis of the declared candidates’ birth charts, including serious in-depth rectification work. I still cannot escape the conclusion that this year 2016 is too Uranian (the Uranus-Pluto square, transits of Uranus to US … Continue reading

Jupiter-Asc transit/progression

I’m lucky enough at the moment to be enjoying a secondary progression of Jupiter conjunct sec prog Asc. It recently passed exact (0°00′ orb) and is still active. I can tell you that a number of experiences lately fit its symbolism. First, the Asc/DC axis even in progressions means relational contacts, and I have gotten … Continue reading