Work delays due to pc troubles

I’m waiting on some Indigo Xtreme thermal paste to re-adhere my pc’s CPU to the cooler’s copper plate. It has been over-heating and blinked off (black screen) on me last week. So I had to do something. Ordered the stuff last week and it should come anytime. Until then, I will be somewhat delayed in … Continue reading

On Neptune

First, being grounded is important. That goes to the root level, since much of what is Neptunian can be cerebral, unfocused, floating energy. My page on natural healing deals with methods for grounding. The Neptunian urge is always seeking the ideal Mentally, having a practical ideal for living is important, as per the Edgar Cayce … Continue reading

Larimar available now in exchange

The supply of Larimar for the Healing Crystals/gems Exchange has arrived. As you can see there are 17 of them, plenty for circulating in amongst us. It is the most healing stone I have ever used, very well suited for emotional healing, and reconnection to the feminine, to Love, and can uplift and expand the … Continue reading

Healing gemstone & crystal Exchange

Here’s how it works — If I have something in my gemstone/crystal collection that you need, I mail it to you to try or to use for however long you need it. Next, maybe you lend me or another exchange member something they need. Since I can ship a single piece for less than a … Continue reading