Lunar Nodes and spiritual growth

Think of this lifetime as the next step. South Node = back foot. This is the foot we push with. North Node = where we land with front foot. We have to have both. Both are part of you. You can’t take a step forward unless you’ve got a back foot to push with. Those … Continue reading

Rectification Central

Birth chart rectification is probably the least called for, but most difficult of all astrological services. In seeing the persistent need for it, however, I decided to make it my specialty several years back and learn to do it to the best of my ability. My first attempts came in 2000, but were piss poor … Continue reading

Physiology & Astrology: a study of height/size

I am soliciting birth data from anyone who knows someone personally that is exceptionally tall or large. There is a small handful of extremely tall public persons for whom we have full birth data (with some notion of birth time). There are professional basketball players, actors, etc. Andrea the Giant, 7’4″, 520 lbs (via wikipedia) … Continue reading