New Testimonials

The testimonials I have linked in the Astrologer/services are mostly from years ago. I’d like to bring in at least a few new ones if any of you who’ve gotten a reading from me would like to contribute one. I’d very much appreciate it. Just something simple. I’m not looking for flattery. Just tell folks … Continue reading

Ecology is Economy

I believe Earth contains all the materials and environments needed for the evolutionary development of life — right up to the point of developing the capacity for leaving the planet permanently for other worlds. The miracle of photosynthesis alone shows me this. I believe all the truth of existence on all levels is encoded into … Continue reading

Thank you

I do so enjoy the consults by phone so that we can talk directly. With each one of you who has let me read your chart by phone I feel a pronounced sense of friendship and have enjoyed hearing each one of your voices and hearing a piece of your life stories. I feel privileged … Continue reading

#mywritingprocess eco-fiction

In response to’s call for writers to add to their blog tour: What am I working on now, or just finished? First project, Terra and the Forest People, a short story I’d like to eventually take a longer form. Started another, Sanctuary on the Sea. I have yet to finish my first short story … Continue reading