Return to Rectifcation Work

As of this month I have returned to birth chart rectification work. I have placed a new improved questionnaire on the Rectification Request page. Suggested pay scale for a birth chart rectification is $75-150, but depending on your circumstances is very much negotiable. Feel free to contact me with inquiries about your birth chart situation.

A moment of clarity on how to live

I recently had to apply a strong herbal salve to a nefarious looking spot under my left armpit that had grown since I last gave it a good look. (That might have been years ago.) This salve is strong stuff, not used unless you’re ready for killing bad cells or pulling something unhealthy that you … Continue reading

Notes on healthy living

Something missing in many of our diets: the importance of gelatin Recently I discovered the bad effects to my own health from not getting enough gelatin, especially from meat broths. My knees suffered the most. So I have gone back to making meat broths using my pressure cooker to suck the most good out of … Continue reading