Political astrology content removal

I am removing all astrology content related to any political figure, nation, or elections. I will not be saving it. So that means I am ending any and all discussions and research related to presidential candidates and their charts. It has been reinforced in my mind that a person can only follow one track of … Continue reading

Election fraud transits – USA

I think I entirely skipped over it in my previous comments in any forums or here, hoping it would not be an issue, but clearly it has become one. We have serious elections fraud happening in the U.S. primary elections, as shown in this list (taken from video below) illustrating discrepancies between exit polls and … Continue reading

The Jupiter-Saturn Balance

For the last couple months I’ve been experiencing the dual effects of Jupiter and Saturn transits to the Ascendant of my birth chart. Jupiter has been in transit conjunct my Asc 17VIR14, and Saturn square it. (In addition secondary progressed Asc has been conjunct sec.prog. Jupiter). This has been a time of concentrated learning that … Continue reading

Meditation methods

Understand first that meditation is not cogitation of any type or focus, nor visualization, but an emptying of the mind. It is a break from the burdens of thought, deliberation, or particulars framed with language or symbols. Visualization is also very useful, but is best referred to separately with that term. Think of meditation as … Continue reading