Use discernment with astrology websites

There are lots of astrology websites and blogs online. LOTS! The age of digital self-publishing has made it possible for virtually anyone calling themselves an astrologer or engaging in astro-chat (astrologists) to have such a website. I have a couple guidelines for how to tell if any such sites are worth your time: 1. Does … Continue reading

PC troubles, possible delays

Folks, I’m having trouble with an old Dell refurb, which is my desktop work pc here at home. Its all I use except for astrology work. Its trying to scare us, but I’m very busy backing up everything so that I can continue working with as little surprise or interruption as possible. I ask for … Continue reading

Declinations matter: VW & HRC

Hans Dieter Pötsch is the chairman of Volkswagen AG. He was born 28 March 1951 in Traun, Austria. On 20 September 2015 Volkswagen confessed to tampering with pollution emissions software to falsify emissions test results, a crime. This was in response to the issuance of a Notice of Violation from the EPA. Take a look … Continue reading