Meghan & Harry’s astrological comparison

What the declinations say

Their chart comparison is a great example of how synastry is not done until you’ve at least surveyed the declinations for any major aspects (parallels and contra-parallels) that could color the overall picture. This is an example of what I look for in every synastry reading I do.

Meghan and Harry have mutual Sun-Moon parallels. This is an aspect that is every bit as indicative of basic bonding and unity as those planets would be in a conjunction (longitude/zodiac).

I have not personally validated these Ascendant figures by testing, but the AA data for her and A for him, plus the internal indicators are that they are accurate enough to rely on for the planet-to-planet comparisons.

First, a longitude aspect: Harry’s Moon is the stem planet of focus in a Yod with Meghan’s Neptune and Pluto. Her creativity and trans-personal values will influence and reshape his habits and help grow his sensitivities. With his Moon in steady Taurus, I expect he has been quite willing.

Some nice aspects (*declinations)

– His Sun sextile her Uranus
– His Venus sextile her Pluto
– His Mars trine her Sun
– His Jupiter square her Moon: yes, this is a positive aspect in synastry and generally, including in transits as even Robert Hand notes in his book Planets in Transit. It shows he tends to be indulgent of her and feels extra giving to her.
– His Saturn is sextile her Venus
– His Saturn is trine her Mars
– His Uranus is trine her Sun and Mercury
– His Uranus is sextile her Jupiter and Saturn
* His North Node parallel her Mercury, which helps with their communication as they move forward.

More challenging aspects

– His Sun square her Neptune
* His Venus contra-parallel her Pluto
– His Mars square her Venus, although many people like this type of aspect and it certainly does not ruin any synastry
* His Jupiter contra-parallel her Mars
– His Jupiter square her Saturn, so they have different notions of extravagance and its limits and/or ethical limits
– His Uranus square her Venus
– His Pluto square her North Node, and he has certainly transformed her life direction even so far, but it will be stressful for her to maintain her own direction and clear purpose.
– His South Node conjunct her Uranus shows me a past life connection that was abruptly disrupted or broken and can make for some uneasiness moving forward.

The most interesting aspect is in declination

– His Uranus parallel her Neptune within 0°02′ arc. This suggests they will be a highly unusual couple in some respects, and certainly already are against the backdrop of royal British tradition. After all, she is American and of mixed heritage. So this aspect implies some brilliance, some uniqueness, some creative approaches to their life together that could not only break conventions, but even induce the support of others in doing so.

In the end, there is no better set of aspects than the mutual Sun-Moon parallels. This is why declinations are so important.

I am not going to predict the fate of their marriage based on this (or even on a composite chart). I wish them a happy and long life together, just as I want for Heather and I.

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Ecologist says trees talk to each other

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The Nodes & Uranus

In an online astrology forum it was mentioned that the last four U.S. presidents have had Uranus conjunct North Node in their birth charts (Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, Trump), and that this could not be mere coincidence. I agree. An interesting topic. My descriptions are non-political.

North Node conjunct Uranus deals with the developmental move into broader (tele-)communications; interaction with the collective mind; TV, internet, etc; the way information and choices affect one’s group associations, the ramifications of participation in technology and mass communication.

It puts the person’s track on a course of development in which lulls and ruts of the previous pattern (as seen by the South Node’s position) can be left behind decisively and suddenly, but with uncertain long-term consequences; the unforeseen must be dealt with. Decisions (policies) with far-reaching effects will create a stir rather than remain unquestioned; they will have unforeseen consequences and face possible reversal.

North Node conjunct Uranus in Gemini

(1946, B Clinton, GW Bush, D Trump) Communications with the public, transitions to more modern communications by public figures; speeding up the pace of information and communication; full revelation instead of hiding or spinning slices of truth; full intellectual involvement; developing a more spontaneous learning style that does not rest on the laurels of one’s formal higher education.

The purpose is to elevate and broaden communication-thought processes, to expect the unexpected response, to seek the added views that may change everything and fill out personal perspective; to elevate one’s communicative and thinking awareness from the Mercurial (basic educated reasoning) into the Uranian (collective awareness/group think) which re-educates itself continually as it goes along.

North Node conjunct Uranus in Leo

(1961, Obama) It sparks individual and public achievements, with tendencies to extremes in both. That is because Uranus in Leo has gone to its zenith from its home sign of group interest, Aquarius. It brought an influx of Atlantean souls still working out issues with authority, technology, extremism, and the effects on the masses and the planet itself. It focuses on heroism, authority, and dealing with extremes or urges towards them.

The purpose is to transcend one’s previous limits towards experiencing the ultimate within self; to stimulate the individual to step up to the collective need to regain balance, but with tendencies for ego and extremes as a big challenge. Distinctive individuals can have outstanding achievements, but will it be tainted with ego desires for superiority? Does it elevate persons and society generally or push things further out of balance?

North Node conjunct Uranus in Scorpio

(1976) It promotes fully engaged participation if one only ignites their inner passion for progress rather than just passively accepting things for the sake of peace and stability. I suspect we’ll be seeing more key public figures with this in their birth charts due to the lessons about public accountability and collective Uranian thought/accountability. It makes even more an issue of the revelation of previously hidden methods, secrets, and the agendas of governments or cabals.

The purpose is to awaken the dynamics of profound creativity and inventiveness that could reset paradigms that affect how we live and do what we do. Persons playing roles in this may have to step carefully, because orthodoxies will be upset. Strong-mindedness can be as much a fault as a strength and the dynamic of N.Node/Uranus in Scorpio gives opportunity for profound awakening or another ordeal with extremes of idealism or influence. There is the potential for revolution as one learns to creatively change their life course and outcomes, but really motivates it and will it be worth it?

North Node conjunct Uranus in Capricorn (1991)

This was accompanied by Neptune, making it rather unique. It is a course of development out of the limits of inherited concepts of success and dreams and towards brighter, richer concepts, and more creative participation in the world. There is the urge to leave the ruts of the established way, break free of orthodoxy (Uranus), and realize one’s ability to dream up a whole new way of living (Neptune). Sci-fi, futuristic, and fantasy literature develop and change with this influence. Don’t expect parents or society to go along with it so easily. It is a process and it can be confusing at times.

The purpose is to leave the ruts of the established way, break free of the old orthodoxy, and transcend it all with excellence and a new model that works better. This does not obligate you to do this in a public context, but to find a more inspired aims for yourself. At work you can expect push-back. If your excellence shows up the current leader or expert, their ego reflex may be to oppose you. After all, the mythical Cronus (Greek’s Saturn) attacked Uranus and tried to devour the next generation of prophesied leaders.

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Solar Fire 9 for sale at discount price

I need to sell this program. I paid $324 and will let it go at a substantial discount. This is the latest version of the program. It does a lot, and is one of the most accurate calculating programs available today, but it is not what I need and since I am not going to be using it, I need to recover most of the funds I sunk into it.

Inquire in comments if interested.

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Back to work with astrology

The computer is repaired and I am now able to do my usual work. I will still be taking all of April off from rectification work, but all other readings are GO.

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Deprioritizing astrology work

The death of my pc’s hard drive has given me the clear message that it is time to put my priority attention and efforts on my herbal medicine and healing practice, and put astrology work on the  back burner for now. So I am not taking any new clients or doing any more readings during March and April, other than what is already on my schedule.

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Work stoppage due to pc trouble

My C-drive has failed in the desktop machine I use for work and everything else. I got everything backed up, so it may just be something basic and mechanical to go through to get it working again, but for now it will not boot even after switching my D-drive into the C slot.

I’m hoping to get a friend who is a really good computer guy to help me fix this, but for now I can do no work at all.  So please know that any requests for astrological readings will be behind the two people already patiently waiting.

Thank you.


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