Pluto – more on dealing with it

I emphasize Pluto transits as the ones that set the context for the rest of the transit picture. That is because they last longer and deal in changes of identity, personal transformation, times for rejuvenation, even regrouping within yourself (rather than accomplishing outwardly). We can never understand what we are going through astrologically at any … Continue reading

Astrology client testimonial

TESTIMONIAL: Hello! So I decided to get a natal chart declinations reading from Kannon. After years of pulling my hair out with the whole conjunctions/opposition/sextile/trine/quintile/biquintile/semisextile, hell, more like, semi-understanding of the aspects in my chart – Kannon helped me figure it out. All of that stuff is just really over the top and misses some … Continue reading

Pluto – dealing with it

Pluto … dealing with it is about willingness to align consciousness with the ultimate. To the degree we push from within a limited self (ego) to battle for some temporal notion of victory we will fail and find our understanding of power splits from the atom of Love, slipping us into darkness and chaos. It … Continue reading

Lunar power in astrology & reality

My Lunar Energy Blast Experience It was a crisply cold clear night during the full moon of December 2008 when I decided to take a walk down the oil top back roads of my parents’ place near Hawkins, TX. I walked northward in the dark through hay fields and pastures, stepping over two cattle guards … Continue reading