Another positive testimonial for Sodalite and declinations

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with some mental confusion and lack of my usual clarity of mind. I was finding the challenges of birth chart rectification work more troublesome and confusing than usual. I was making effort on a case, but little or no headway. It sabotaged my confidence and turned me to stopping work early and tuning out into escapism.

Finally, I realized that there is no reason the Sodalite should not work for this. My wife uses it as her main gem and I have used it successfully to neutralize the stressful transits of Neptune in the past. I just couldn’t think of why it was happening to me now. The major Neptune transit opposite my natal Pluto is on the backside and has been going for a while with little trouble associated with it. It would not now suddenly be increasing while Neptune is moving away from the exact aspect.

So I took a lot at the current transits, including declinations. And there it was: Neptune (now at 2S08 declination) recently moved into parallel to my natal Uranus (1S31). That is very much like Neptune making a conjunction to natal Uranus, but briefer (due to the tighter orbs for declination aspects).

So night before last I put a piece of Sodalite in the pouch for stones that hangs from my neck. By the next morning I could tell things had changed. My confidence and mental clarity were back. I was able to work more effectively than I’d been working in over a month. Neptune had moved into parallel to my natal Uranus (under 1° from exact) about a month ago.

This is why I use Sodalite as a Neptune stone, to smooth out the mental uncertainty, confusion, indecision, and the anxiety that comes with it. Sodalite holds a frequency very similar to Neptune — the positive, real Neptune. So it is an effective harmonizing stone for times of hard Neptune transits (or those with the hard natal aspects of Neptune). It reinforces the positive vibration of Neptune so that intuition and reason can function without hindrance from any anxiety or confusion. I recommend it to anyone who is experiencing these things.

Here is the first part of the description from The Crystal Bible:

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Will be taking a break from rectification work

I will be taking an extended break from birth chart rectification work soon. I have one major important case to complete. Then I will be taking a break from all rectification work until at least spring of 2024.

I’m going through the transit of Neptune parallel natal Uranus and it is wreaking havoc with my mind in doing rectifications. I need that transit to separate before getting back to this complex and sensitive line of work.

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Commentary on Tetrabiblos

This is the start of a new series in which I will be reading Tetrabiblos authored by the 2nd century Alexandrian Greek, Claudius Ptolemy. I will be reading the English translation By J.M. Ashmand (1822) as found here:
In case that link is broken, it can be found as a web page here:

The Mesopotamians had arrived at a 12-sign zodiac, reducing it from many more constellations, but were writing in cuneiform on clay tablets in the 5th century B.C. Someone had to come along to anthologize the gathered knowledge at Alexandria. We don’t know the complete collection that library contained. What survives the fire for western astrology is Tetrabiblos.

Tetrabiblos is the foundational text of western astrology. My reading will be as an ongoing student of astrology and much of my commentary will be a response by a modern astrologer to ideas put into writing in the 2nd century. I will comment on only a chapter or a section of a chapter at a time in sequence.

I’ll start here with the Forward by Prof. Peter J. Clark, of Victoria, BC (February 2006).

It practical terms, the Moon does have the most immediate effect on the
Earth which is, after all, our point of reference. She turns the tides,
influences the vegetative growth and menstrual cycles. In fact, she
influences the weather itself.

I’m glad he points this out. For all who are skeptical of astrology or who opposes the very notion of any kind of relation (influence) of planetary bodies upon humans on Earth, this is the thing to ponder. The Earth is 70% water and the Moon has an indisputed effect on our bodies of water. We are also bodies containing 70% water. How is it the Moon has such a relation to tides, but not to us?

What has become known as the Ptolemaic Universe, consisted of
concentric circles emanating from Earth to the eighth sphere of the Fixed
Stars, also known as the Empyrean. This cosmology is as spiritual as it is
physical. It is a decideley moral cosmology…

Thinking about our solar system and universe in terms of concentric circles (or concentric celestial spheres) is a very helpful way to visualize what might otherwise seem like vast chaotic space. The student of astrology may learn to see the orbits of the planets in this way, creating a rhythmic, concentric order in their minds, but considering the universe as a whole operating in this fashion becomes one pulsing with rhythm in the human mind.

Ptolemy was first and foremost an anthologist.

Very important to keep in mind. Ptolemy’s objective seems to have been to gather the knowledge he found and compile what he deemed worthy. So he was not necessarily writing as a practicing astrologer as much as an anthologist.

This knowledge came tohim from Egypt, Greece, Chaldea, Babylonia and beyond. More to thepoint, he was in the enviable position of being in Alexandria during thepeak of its eminence. Alexandria was in intellectual and spiritual foment. Ptolemy is clearly drawing from a wide range of sources in Tetrabiblos. His articulated cosmology has become known by his name. Whatever your thoughts on the status of Ptolemy, he remains required reading for anyone interested in the history of the celestial arts. His influence on Renaissance astrologers was profound in and of itself.

This section points out the reasons for his long lasting, well earned influence.

I’ll skip over the Editorial Police commentary. This 1822 text has an odd style and typographical errors which we will overlook.

The Proem (introduction) is next, but I am not quite ready for the arcane rendering or the ideas. One cup of coffee and no meditation yet makes me want to stop there.

More to come.

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Will be getting back to work soon

My friends, I’ve been delayed in getting back to work since my wife and I returned from our 4-day getaway to the coast. It was both refreshing and tiring. Any time I get out of my routine I risk some bad decisions as to diet and that’s the one that bit me this time. Arthritis flare-up, toxic fog.

Much better today and soon I will be getting back to work on your readings and chart cases. I prefer to give notice here rather than email each of you individually.

Happy full moon,

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