Tea & Fluoride

I have made a mistake with my health and I’m sharing with you what it is and how it may be relevant to you.

The mistake is the drinking of concentrated decaf green tea twice daily for weeks at a time, something I’ve done for more than a decade (using 5-7 tea bags). The reason it’s a mistake is because tea — the Camellia sinensis plant — is rather high in fluoride (a heavy metal neurotoxin) compared with other foods. A cup of tea made the usual way averages around 1 ppm of fluoride. That’s not a safe amount according to research on fluoride done in recent years. So my tea was giving me closer to 5-7 ppm per cup, dosing me way over an acceptable concentration of fluoride.

So I feel an urgency in getting this information out there because on my antioxidants page or elsewhere in talking to people about the use of antioxidant-rich herbs I’ve mentioned using stronger than usual tea for extra antioxidants. I no longer recommend that in the case of tea (Camellia sinensis). With other herbs stronger dosing may be okay. Rooibos is fine.

So I will be putting myself through a serious detox for an indefinite period of time (relying mainly on castor oil packs over the abdomen) because I’m already showing signs of fluoride poisoning (patches of tooth discoloration, mental/mood deterioration).

This excellent short documentary tells the story of fluoride and fluoridation of water supply in the U.S.:

This site gives pretty specific information using its Fluoride Tea Table (a search tool) to search over 300 varieties of tea: https://truthaboutfluoride.com/fluoride-in-tea/

Please, don’t make the mistake that I did. Fluoride is a very insidious poison with very slow building effects as explained in this report from homeopath James Tyler Kent: http://homeoint.org/books3/kentmm/fluor-ac.htm

I wish you all good health and good spirits.

Addendum (Jan 31):
I was actually ingesting a lot more fluoride than I estimated above.

The fluoride tea table search tool shows the Tetley brand decaf green tea I was drinking brews out 1.6 ppm of fluoride on average. I was using 5-7 tea bags, usually 7, to get the level of antioxidants I wanted twice daily. So that’s about 11 ppm twice daily, which comes to 22 daily when I was using the decaf tea that way (for weeks at a time). That is seriously dangerous fluoride intake. It could take me years to fully clear my system of this (I plan to use castor oil packs on my abdomen a couple times a week and eat homegrown organic cilantro often).

Please, make use of this tool and know what you’re putting into your body.

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Indefinite hiatus

Friends and astrology followers, I am going on indefinite hiatus from all astrology work.

I’ve tried coming back after getting something of a break from work here at the desk staring at a screen, but it wasn’t enough. I’ll be finishing up with those in line, but that’s it.

I’m taking off indefinitely to be an artist.

This is the therapy I need for my eyes, my brain, my mind — and my soul. I need to paint, write, and experiment.

I’m probably not done with astrology for good, but have to break this limiting pattern I’m in that has kept me chained to a desk too long. I’ve got unfinished paintings and want to do so much more.

HAPPY 2021 to all of you. I hope you hear what calls you this year and go to it.

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Work delays

Dear followers and customers,

Today I’ve been having another bad attack of kidney stones. It has involved some mental gaffs, memory gaps, etc. I’ve also barely slept. So my work will be delayed maybe several days or a week.

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A reminder for some, new insight for others

Especially true during virus fears …

Love is power. Love of life. Love of humanity that forms the mixed up All-One that we are.

Love of your self, your body. Trust in its innate ability — including immunity ability.

Love is power and we’ve barely tapped into it.

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