Quote: who said it?

“… so long as there are disputes among labor, capital need not fear. When labor becomes a UNITED effort, capital may fear.” Who said it? (hint: it is not a political, economics, or labor figure) I’ll post the answer after you’ve had a chance to guess.

Getting rid of non-healing words

I have decided at the urging of my better wisdom to give up the words “bullshit”, “baloney”, “hogwash”, and “nonsense.” These seem to have been favorite exclamations of mine to express indignant disagreement, which I carried around like arrows in a pouch to fire at others’ opinions. I’m not waiting for Lent or New Years, … Continue reading

Rhyolite for Meditation and Insight

The intensity of Pluto’s last retrograde motion back towards my birth chart’s Moon position (12CAP08) has made meditating and relaxing very difficult. So today I began using Rhyolite, a small piece (bead) on my chest, to induce a deep state of meditation. It was very effective. Its been years since I used it and I’m … Continue reading

Planets & Our Purpose

What are the solar system bodies closest to Earth? Moon & Venus. Moon reflects the Sun’s light/energy upon us here on Earth. The Sun’s rays go through/past Venus on the way to Earth. We are sandwiched between ‘love and beauty’ and ‘nurturing mother love’. I intuit from this that our shared purpose in living life … Continue reading