US Election Day Astrology

This election has been ratcheted up for months, considered as important or more important than recent presidential elections. Indications from early voting in many states show early voting way up from normal mid-term election patterns. Voting involvement so far reflects more the levels normally seen in a presidential election.

Let’s look at what the planetary transits are showing to the USA chart. I have recently been able to verify the Sibley chart is pretty near correct, and have set this chart at exactly at 10° Sagittarius for today’s purposes.

There is a complex of transits. I’ll do my best to unravel them and make sense of them.

First, the natal Ascendant (Asc) is right around 21S58 or 22S00. So both Saturn and Pluto are in transit parallel it now. The parallel functions much the same as a conjunction, especially with an extended period when near these extremes of declination. This extends the reforms and battle for dominance that came up during Pluto’s transit conjunct the Asc from 1997 to about 2002. There is a battle to reshape the nation according to the ideals or interests of various cabals and groups. Pluto is especially representative of corporations, banking interests, and underworld types. It also represents the people’s attempt to find a new base of power in the current time. People will vote with this feeling in mind.

Pluto’s transit is through the 2nd house of personal income and holdings. So there are economic motivations very much involved in getting people to the polls and influencing how they vote. This is especially true with an added longer term aspect by progressed Pluto in near exact contra-parallel to natal Venus, more loosely to natal Mars — Venus representing women. That progressed aspect highlights a values battle still very much at work, which was activated noticeably since 9/11/2001 and the wars that ensued. Many voters still have these in mind, as well as the possible long term economic consequences of those wars. Natal Venus 23N32 and Mars 23N34 are very close together, so you can see how issues of war, personal income, men’s and women’s interests are being tested by this progressed aspect from Pluto.

Back to the transits … There are battling energies at work, because normally you’d think with Saturn representing a more conservative, law-and-order idea from voters with its transit to the Asc. However, we see that both Saturn and Pluto are contra-parallel natal Sun and Uranus. The Pluto aspect is most significant. Its contra-parallel to natal Uranus itself is very representative of change and one of the aspects that typically signifies a partisan shift in the federal government balance of power when it falls on election day. The contra-parallel by Saturn to natal Sun also represents limitations on the power exerted by the executive / center of government, since that is represented by the Sun. Saturn here contra-parallel natal Uranus is also limiting the degree of change or perceived liberty allowed.

With Saturn and Pluto both parallel natal Asc, the voters will be looking to get things under control and to further transform specific areas of how the nation functions.

Notice also that Uranus is applying towards culmination of its quincunx transit to natal Midheaven. Uranus will be at 28ARI36-Rx on January 3rd of 2019 when the next Congress is in session. That puts it clearly quincunx the Midheaven (representing government generally), which is right around 29° Virgo, and bi-quintile to natal Neptune in the 9th house of law and ideals, representing a moment of realignment with the nations ideals, probably with some litigation. These strongly indicate to me that there will be noticeable changes, most likely the Democrats regaining one house of Congress. That is more likely to be the House of Representatives. Uranus also transits sextile natal Moon, which indicates change is the mood of the people generally. This configuration of Uranus sextile natal Moon while quincunx natal Midheaven forms a transiting yod aimed at the Midheaven, which makes it — government — the focus of change, and is the strongest indicator there is a mood of change in the nation.

However, Uranus is infamously difficult to predict in terms of outcomes and all its permutations. During this quincunx transit to the Midheaven there will certainly be a change of some kind in how government operates and the most obvious answer is a partisan change in Congress, but it will likely involve more that arises in time. Intentions for change don’t always immediately translate into expected results. So especially while Uranus is in retrograde motion it is good to expect the unexpected. Those developments will shape the national conversation and media coverage going into 2019.

Look at Neptune’s transit, there will be significant confusion, manipulation, and deceit in some ways in this election. Notice it down low in the 3rd house square the Asc. There have been significant voter roll purges leading up to this election and Neptune’s transit here fits that type of malfeasance.

I don’t have it marked on the chart, but Mars’s declination is 15° south moving northward towards 0° declination. That puts it parallel natal Moon at 14S41. That means we are going to have some angry voters going to the polls, many of them angry because they are being denied access, but some will be motivated by anger at current events to go vote. As Mars’s conjunction tightens to natal Moon over the days following the election you can expect that anger to get louder. It will be within range of this conjunction for more than a week after the election. Expect media coverage of these things to be heavy with this transit occurring in the 3rd house of communication. Expect lots of stories shared online from people angry over being denied access to the polls — blogs, media coverage, etc. This will probably continue well through Mars’s transit square the Asc, at which point it joins Neptune, signifying a ‘what’s the use’ feeling among some.

Something else I did not mark on the chart is Jupiter’s transits sextile natal Midheaven and square natal Moon. The sextile to the Midheaven doesn’t say much in the way of changes or give much indication other than a generally optimistic mentality in the political actors, but the square to natal Moon says more. This transit is a moment of optimism and expansion of internal feelings that may have been latent or previously unexpressed. This is another indicator of change in the mood of voters. Notice also that Jupiter will transit conjunct natal Asc in January when the new Congress begins. That indicates some degree of ‘new start’, further indicating to me a change of the partisan balance in Washington, DC. There will be a bit more optimism at that time and some of the undercurrents of change and wranglings will have produced some results.

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The sign cusps

There are two ways in which the term cusp is usually used in astrology:

· Sun sign notions of a loose ‘cusp’ area (cusp days) as seen in mass produced so-called horoscope columns based on day of the month — 19th-22nd — not on the precise timing of and location of your birth.

· the actual line of distinction between signs as they change every 30-degrees in the tropical zodiac.

Sun sign cusps

You need to know more than just the day of the month you were born. You need your exact birth chart to know. Your birth chart can be obtained quickly and free of charge online.

I recommend two websites for getting your birth chart (using exact birth location and time):

Astrodienst offers the most in-depth array of free features for the serious student and professional astrologer, including a pdf document link right above your birth chart image that gives you a pdf document of the declinations.

The simpler option on the left lets you go straight to your chart image. The option on the right has the wide variety of options that might overwhelm beginners.

Astroseek which I will use here. This site does not require you to register for an account. It also gives the option for declinations, a necessary feature for full planet location and chart interpretation. I monochromed this example. Charts are normally in color.

Some definitions: how planet position is measured

Planet and luminary positions are measured at the center of their bodies. Therefore, the apparent diameter (angular diameter) of the luminary must be taken into account to know whether it has edged over a sign cusp. The forward portion of its body can be over the cusp into the next sign while the latter portion of it can still be in the previous sign.


The central light giving body of our solar system has an angular (apparent) diameter of about half a degree. Its light reaches Earth in 8 minutes, 20 seconds. So there’s not much room for a lag factor in changing Solar energies.

Since the Sun moves 360° in a year of 365¼ days, it moves an average of just under 1° per day. So with the Sun’s angular diameter of just over half a degree, it will only spend about half a day each month in an actual cusp position.

So if the Sun position in your birth chart is not between 29°45′ of one sign and 0°15′ of the next, it is not on a cusp. It could be near the cusp, but that ‘cuspy’ nearness is another matter with a different significance. Same for the Moon.

Meaning of Sun on the cusp between signs

This is the one way where there is a mixture of energies of the two signs involved and when the interpretation of the Sun’s position must be a combination of the two signs involved. Generally, it will mean you alternate between active (+/fire/air) and passive (-/earth/water) modes of expression, depending on the signs involved.


Earth satellite and light reflecting body has an angular diameter also about one half degree: 0°30′ at apogee (furthest from Earth) to 0°34′ during perigee (closest to Earth). Moon only spends around one hour 12-13 times a month actually on the cusp.

For certainty of any cusp position, the parallax effect of the Moon must be accounted for, which means using the topocentric calculation for the Moon’s position. That uses your actual birth location instead of Earth’s center for the line of sight into the Moon’s zodiac position. Most programs do not use this calculation, meaning if the Moon is near the horizon, meaning the position they indicate will be off by about 1°.

Other reasons you can feel like you are a combination of signs

The most common reasons are having Sun in one sign, Mercury and Venus in another, but with one or both still conjunct or parallel the Sun. Or you may have a cluster of other planets in a sign different from your Sun sign. Most us have birth charts with varying combinations like this. That is why we want to look at all of it in the birth horoscope, including the declinations where the parallel and contra-parallel aspects are.

Other planets near the cusps

Compared to the Sun and Moon, the other planets have nearly no angular diameter. They appear as dots of less than one minute arc (1/60th of a degree). Therefore, a true cusp position is rare. However, they may still be in that cuspy zone near the cusp.

Planets, especially luminaries in the cuspy zone (last couple degrees of each sign) create a condition in which a person feels consciously or subconsciously that a change of mode expression of that planet’s energy is in the works. That is in anticipation of the polarity/element/quality switch of signs, but cannot involve the energies of the next sign until it is passing over the actual cusp at least part way into it. It can create what Edgar Cayce referred to as a Uranus-like effect of unpredictability in how the person approaches decisions or patterns, or even indecision itself. This effect may be even more pronounced when a luminary is actually in a cusp condition part way into the first degree of a sign.

Ascendant Cusps

The Ascendant (Asc or AC) is the most specific personal point in the birth horoscope, the mundane definition of which is the meeting point of the ecliptic (Sun’s path) with the eastern horizon (place where Sun and other bodies ‘rise’ from geocentric perception in Earth rotation).

The Ascendant is a precise mathematical point that is rarely located exactly on a sign cusp. It is the 1st house cusp that forms the zero point starting place of your chart.

When the correct Ascendant figure is located in the last couple degrees of a sign there is a blended effect to the personality since the next sign often can cover the rest of the 1st house, as seen in the chart to the left with 29° Libra over the Asc and Scorpio over the rest of the 1st house. There are other ways a blended personality can occur, but I won’t cover that here.

So you can see astrology is the art of reading these various factors and their subtleties. That just can’t be done with mass produced sign-based descriptions and cusp dates that leave you with the impression you are part one Sun sign and part another. We need to look for the actual locations of the luminaries and planets, and be sure we are working with a exactly accurate chart for knowing the house cusp, which requires far greater precision.

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The Astrological Scoop on Alex Jones

In case you’re unfamliar with him, here is Alex Jones’s wikipedia page (opens in another tab). So we can see he was born 11 February 1974 in Dallas, Texas, USA, and is a radio show host and has three websites dedicated to stories revolving around conspiracy theories. Alex’s thinking was influenced by the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy and by the John Birch society people that participated in discussions at his home as he grew up.

First, we look at the more obvious astrological factors based on a noon time since the rest of his birth data have not been made public. Here is a chart set for noon:

Sun conjunct Jupiter, both square Mars

Notice (green lines) the close conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, both square to Mars. Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius is a socially aware person with a sweeping view of life. Their interests are definitely not narrow, and the person has lots of friends, most likely from all kinds of backgrounds. Sun conjunct Jupiter is itself an expansive aspect and the person tends to spread their energies rather broadly. Aquarius is the group/global thinking mode. So with Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius there is a strong tendency to seek out teams, audiences, to favor group communication, and to have a global view of life and humanity. Sun in Aquarius is at its zenith from its natural place in Leo, so the energies and ego are invested in the group mind, group causes, societal agendas.

Sun-Jupiter square Mars indicates an energetic, likely egoistic, stubborn, relentless person full of ambition and competitive tendencies. These dynamics drive the person to take risks and to push past the point where others would give up or let caution take over. That is true even with Mars in Taurus, a cautious and placid mode of expression, but with Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter feeding the drive and ambition of Mars, it is stronger and persistent.

Moon conjunct Uranus

No matter what the time of birth, Moon and Uranus are conjunct. The question is how closely? I plan to address that in another article showing a rectification of his chart.

The Lunar principle of the inner emotional life/domestic life is fused with the Uranian trans-personal principle of the higher mind/psychic. So there is a lot he internalizes about the world in general and his feeling reactions are to some degree characterized by spontaneous reactions and free-form responses.

Moon conjunct Uranus is an aspect that indicates a dislike of restrictions or conformity and a tendency for at least occasional extremes of emotional expression due to a highly tuned or high strung emotional nature. People with this aspect can be very individualist, yet very alert to matters of group dynamics that others miss. So they tend to be non-conformists who feel different from others or feel compelled to show independence from societal and/or familial expectations and patterns.

Saturn’s trine to Uranus (black line) suggests some constructive know-how at work in this development of Uranus’s higher intelligence/group mind abilities. With Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Libra, abilities with communication and social dynamics would be expected. That means the ability to wield influence given that Moon is near enough Uranus to be considered part of this configuration.

Mercury square Neptune

Notice (blue lines) the pretty tight square between Mercury and Neptune. That is an aspect of intellectual searching, curiosity, but also tendencies for anxiety and confusion. With Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Sagittarius, it is the big picture, the sweeping or prophetic view that matters. These signs add more tendencies for idealism, and blowing things out of proportion. The imagination tends to create floating anxiety if not regularly engaged in a creative expression in which facts matter less than subjective personal perception. This allows someone to be potentially poetic, but will tend to be bored by facts, correctness and categorical information. It is the big picture that matters and how they see it, because with Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Sagittarius, the square aspect between them shows perception is broad, tends to be scattered, conflate issues, and needs to be guided by a distinct ideal or objective to maintain clarity of focus.

Grand Trine in air signs

Notice (black lines) the big grand trine between Sun-Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. This indicates someone who naturally expects their reach to grow, has talent in networking and social connections, with a sense of how to build on those towards some ideal or a more interesting life. People with these air grand trines don’t like mundane work lives or clock-in/clock-out jobs. They like to be moving among people, making connections, standing out, being known. There is quite a lot of natural ability and great potential in social dynamics, exchange of ideas, and communications with this configuration.

The Declinations: Parallels and Contra-parallels

Sun parallel Venus and Jupiter

Notice (purple dots) Sun parallel Venus and Jupiter at 13-14° south, and all those contra-parallel Pluto at 13° north. Sun-Venus-Jupiter in parallel indicate that he can be very charming, social, know how to flatter or gift his way into others’ good graces, that he can be generous and indulgent of himself and his loved ones.

… Contra-parallel Pluto

Pluto is power and intensity, and contra-parallel Sun and Jupiter, you expect relational dynamics to show a lot of drama at times. Because there is such personality and charm with Sun, Venus, Jupiter (self) in parallel aspect, Pluto being contra-parallel these (like an opposition) puts ‘others’ into the position of Pluto or the power of others. This is a dynamic strongly suggestive of a tendency for ego battles, drama, potential struggles involving big ideas (Jupiter), and the ‘other’ who is perceived to have power (Pluto).

Mars contra-parallel Neptune

This aspect alone indicates a rather over-active imagination that needs a creative outlet, but added to Mercury square Neptune we can call it a wild and dangerous imagination. This does not mean that we use aspects in the birth chart to say someone cannot be truthful, but that things tend to get blown out of proportion mentally, that Alex has tendencies to be dramatic and speculative. This is just fine in the arts and entertainment where it belongs, but can be detrimental when consistency with facts and where truthfulness and accountability are expected.

In fact, with Alex’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction square Mars there was already a tendency for drama and for force of personality as a way to get noticed and create waves. With Sun and Jupiter together the attention is on the ‘big’ stuff, the broad sweeping view, and what is dramatic and attention getting. There is some idealism implied there, but with Mars square Sun and Jupiter, it is more ego and action oriented with enough ambition for two people. So he likes to make waves and keep making them.

The competitive tendencies I described were certainly pursued when he was in high school and played football. Now they seem more oriented at other media, other public personalities, and in his business interests with his websites and what he sells there to keep them going.

The importance of Mercury square Neptune in his rising media presence

Here are the transits to his birth planets for the day he went into Bohemian Grove to get the footage of the Cremation of Care ritual that became part of his breakout film (Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, 2000). Pluto was in transit conjunct his natal Neptune, which made it square his Mercury. The transit of Pluto conjunct or parallel natal Neptune is ordinarily a period in which one undergoes a transformation of worldview, coming into new perceptions and ideals based on a new understanding of how one fits into the larger social and spiritual world. That certainly seems to fit here, but with the addition of Pluto square natal Mercury there is more force involved upon the conscious thinking and intentions.

I underlined the North Node position, because in my view that event seems to have been a moment of destiny for him that I think hits a main point in his birth chart.

Journalist Jon Ronson was there at Bohemian Grove and had interactions with Alex. They both filmed events there, but Ronson had a conversation with Alex that is quite telling. He said, “Alex, you know that what you’re saying about Bohemian Grove isn’t true, you’re playing with fire here.” Alex responded, “Yeah, but I’m not gonna tell my listeners that.” ( – 8:30 in) So there was a strong drive to dramatize, to over-play the event to satisfy and expand an audience longing for globalist conspiracies drenched in descriptions of evil. The film that resulted presents Alex in all kinds of casual interactions on his way to California, chatting with other journalists there, and Alex spending lots of time using lots of adjectives to persuade his audience how to think about the footage they’re about to see.

Uranus transit conjunct natal Sun-Jupiter

This transit is a period of revolution of one’s identity and personal energies, which we would expect to be dramatic with Jupiter involved. Uranus is the planet of tele-everything: television, tele-communications, the higher mind, the so-called occult, and the drive to know. It has the reputation for triggering rebellion and tendencies for extremes, to go outside the boundaries of convention with one’s aims. That certainly happened by even exploring the goings-on of Bohemian Grove.

Then the events of 9/11/2001 came along, with that Uranus transit still active and Pluto’s transit still within conjunction to natal Neptune and square to natal Mercury:

From that point on, Alex gained greater notoriety with appearances on late night radio on programs like Coast to Coast AM and eventually on the worldwide web.

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Venus Retrograde

For the longest time I have stayed mostly silent on retrograde planets since there is already so much fanfare every time Mercury, Venus, or Mars goes retrograde. Now I want to explain what is lacking in the more common descriptions of the significance of Venus retrograde.

Venus is not one of the stronger planetary influences. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury are all stronger in their general influences then Venus, then Jupiter. It varies according to your own soul path and how you have developed, but a well developed Venus has influence through a soft touch, diplomacy, artful approach, aesthetic appeal, and graciousness. Poorly developed expressions of Venus’s are vanity, self-indulgence, overly sensual focus, superficial beauty obsession, flattery of others, saccharine sweetness, etc.

When Venus goes retrograde as it did October 5th, it sets up an opportunity for making adjustments and changes from the inside in how we love to put into play more real esteem of ourselves, acceptance of others, greater use of the soft touch and artful approach; revisiting issues in established relationships to improve them, renewing affections, turning the awareness of affection and love back to the inside job it always is.

Retrograde planets have a stronger influence than usual. They turn attention back within and can help us feel out unresolved desires or needs.

There is no reason to dread retrogrades or anticipate misfortune. They can help us tremendously if we are ready.

I moved 2200 miles cross-country during Mercury-Rx (in spite of the fact another astrologer tried to talk me out of it unsolicited) and two months later began my only real relationship during Venus-Rx. I married that woman two years later and we are still living here in Oregon. So my experience by itself has turned the fear-based paralysis during planetary retrogrades on its head.

The problems can come when we don’t face our real unfinished business and then blame it on circumstances, ‘fate’, or another person when things seem to go wrong.

Venus-Rx is a good time to revisit unfinished business in love, to forgive someone you’ve been holding a grudge against — or to just let go.

It can be a good time to reconnect with someone from your past (even from past lives as I did with my wife). However, the opportunity to do so is not a mandate or ‘fate.’ It is just a window of opportunity. Use it wisely. These things will only happen with someone else if you are truly ready, not if you are using it as a distraction from any of that unfinished interior love business.

The people most likely to have good experiences during Venus-Rx periods are those with a strong Venus in the birth chart, and who are not carrying relational baggage.

The most beneficial Venus-Rx periods are those in which another planet reinforces the aspect(s) Venus makes to your birth chart or another planet that facilitates the benefits. It can also coincide with stressful aspects to your birth chart, testing a relationship, even urging a change that won’t feel good at first even if it is true to who you really are.

Are you relating according to our personal inner values? Is your notion of love defined more by secure attachment than by real acceptance of yourself and others?

It is easy for our attention to get misdirected onto objects of admiration or beauty. But what matters most to you? Should we let the images of celebrities on air brushed magazine covers and ads suggest anything at all about our own worth or beauty or that of our loved ones?

Venus-Rx periods can help us regain the inner feelings of love, affection, and our own personal values. However, we will get in touch more with where we’re really at. It takes more than Venus-Rx to end a relationship that needs a bit of work or adjustment.

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Sample Forecast (Transits) Report

This is a sample report, but if you are in North America we can schedule a phone appointment that will allow for your specific questions to be answered as these planetary influences pertain to your specific situations. These reports focus on the slower moving planets and generally do not cover Mars or faster moving planets unless there is a major transit of possible longer-term consequence to explain (due to retrograde motion, declination, etc).

Pluto square Ascendant (through 2022)
This aspect alone is a challenge since it deals in the balance of power between you and others. Its tests of personal empowerment that will continue over the next several years. During this time relationships with those close to you can have more tensions than usual, even if they are under the surface rather than acted out. One or more persons may pull away from face-to-face dealings and healthy communication or may seek to dominate or even intimidate the other.

The key is to understand that your identity and life are changing at a deep level that is often not easily explained or understood in words. So attempts to put it into more tangible definitions may seem to make things harder at times. Deeper parts of who you are psychologically and spiritually are being tested and brought to the surface. This is not a pleasant experience, but you can deal with it gracefully so long as you do not become embroiled in ego battles, blame, and retribution.

It is possible you will have to revisit old unresolved issues with those close to you during this time. It is also possible that someone is leaving your life or at least experiencing great difficulties and that you may be involved very personally in their struggle. Look for how to draw upon greater strength and deeper wisdom to deal with the situation so that there is a empowering outcome for all involved.

A more harmonious influence can be gained with others by first changing your own basis of power internally, first as a spiritual matter of realigning with a better understanding of your own purpose, your own inner feeling of purpose. This increased awareness of your deeper fears and cravings can help you ease up when conflict seems to be brewing.

However, if someone in your life attempts to be passive-aggressive or oppose you, obviously you can stand up for yourself. Just make sure you are not the aggressor for ego-based reasons of being dominant.

– Pluto conjunct / parallel natal IC (4th house cusp, home, family — through 2022)
– Pluto parallel natal Saturn, contra-parallel natal Pluto (through late 2021)

When Pluto moves fully into the 4th house it will be there for many years and will reshape your home life, family life and challenge the surface level sameness of your life (and security based on it). In some ways, Pluto acts as destroyer in its initial effects, somewhat like taking out a wall or other undesirable feature before proper remodeling can be done. It looks ugly in the process, yet keeping a vision of a better outcome guides the work.

Because of Pluto’s direct aspect with Saturn, there may be some difficult issues that come up that are hard to communicate or speak about. Do the best you can in sincerity, but know that some of what you are going through are deep personal issues that are the result of Pluto’s move to nearly the extreme opposite end of declination. Personal empowerment must overcome attempts out control of circumstances, inner strength over blocks and inhibitions of others. Pluto’s process here is to help you let go of the materially based definitions of security, respect, outward position, etc, so you can regain inner strength that is more psychological and spiritual.

It can be a good time to take a look at those who influenced you in your own family life, your upbringing to see what patterns of thinking and belief may need to be let go. One of the keys with Pluto is letting go of what is no longer needed, even persons in your life whose lifespan may be done. Those kinds of connections and feelings run deep and human beings never like facing these things. But with Pluto’s slow trip through the 4th house it is practically inevitable that you will find the limits of human control and when to let go of such things or person in a spirit of love. That is perhaps the deepest lesson contained within these Pluto processes of transformation — letting go in the spirit of love. That way real endings can be marked by the same spirit we all want deep within our souls.

Neptune contra-parallel natal Moon (through 2019)
You are currently getting a break from this transit, but it will come back early next year. This is a transit of cleansing, of shifting to a more spiritual and creative feeling within you. It will result in at least one major change in how you feel about yourself and respond to the world around you.

Neptune’s purpose here is to clear away the accumulated habits of emotion and patterned domestic behaviors that have allowed you to feel okay with your daily life, but which may have caused you to neglect some creative or spiritual matters. It will bring some doubt and insecurity, but also reminds you of reaching out to others in compassion and service. It is easier to imagine bad outcomes and to slip into worry during this time, but the better approach is a spiritual treatment of your life conditions (as in prayer, meditation) that leaves room for the divine workings of the details.

Your birth chart’s Moon in Virgo shows your qualities of being conscientious, detail-oriented, internally oriented, given to certain habits that give you confidence in your physical well being.

Uranus is moving through 7th house of relationships. This can bring some instability to personal relationships, marriage and other partnerships especially. It is time for a freer, more spontaneous view of close partnership so that both of you can be free to be yourselves in ways that may go outside whatever role or pattern set up previously. Most often this does not mean the relationship ends, only that it needs more flexibility and a new purpose.

– Uranus conjunct / parallel natal Sun (2017 to middle 2019)
– Uranus contra-parallel natal Neptune (to middle 2019)
– Uranus trine natal Pluto (through 2019)

These aspects show that (1) your identity and need for personal freedom is changing; (2) your ideals and thinking are changing, but it is not solved merely by changing your beliefs or worldview, but by taking creative latitude; (3) you are in a period in which you can make more constructive changes than at other times. Uranus trine natal Pluto is a transit that can allow you to more easily bring out your own socially relevant latent qualities to be a more empowered person.

This does come with some uncertainty and confusion at times, because Uranus in this aspect with Neptune means an awakening of innate ideals and new ways of meeting your ideals in relation to others. It is something to allow to work out as a matter of freer imagination. Let your mind go where it has not before.

Sun contra-parallel Neptune in your birth chart is what makes this possible. That aspect shows you are a person of sensitivity and imagination with potential creativity in how you express yourself. This is very hard to describe in concrete terms and is rather unpredictable. Just know you have the latitude of a fresh perspective in life and that you will likely find new ideas that motivate you in what you do and how you live. Those may take you outside the previous pattern of your life and could even seem like a rebellion against it, but so long as you remain as flexible with others as you are with yourself, proceed.

Saturn return (to natal position) in 3rd house is a measuring period to see how you are handling responsibility, possibly redefining it in how you think and communicate with others.

– Saturn square natal Mercury (through early 2019)
– Saturn trine natal Pluto (2018-2019)
– Saturn opposite natal Mars (to early 2019)

These aspects show difficulty maintaining a positive attitude, probably also difficulty in communicating with at least one person in your life. It is fine to lessen your outward communication while you are processing more internally. With Mercury in Aries in your birth chart, you may at times cling too much to the idea of honest, direct communication, but this may not be the time in which that is most effective.

You have a serious mindset as seen with Mercury square Saturn in your birth chart, and are capable of problem solving. Narrow down what you focus on day-to-day so that you are not overwhelmed with too many problems to try to solve. Life is not as difficult or troublesome as it may seem now.

You are actually going through quite a lot of difficult transits and in a matter of several months some of these will pass, letting up some pressure and negative outlook.

Saturn’s trine to natal Pluto is a transit that allows you more empowering, stabilizing approaches to problems at this time. Yes, Saturn’s opposition to natal Mars brings up frustrations at times, leaving you feeling as if your path is obstructed by others generally, weighing down your energy. But with Pluto involved, your stamina and determination are enhanced and stabilized a bit longer.

These Saturn transits highlight some conditions related to Mercury in your birth chart that show difficulties in communication that need to be addressed at this time in your life. Mercury was one of the two lowest (along with Moon) in planetary strength in your birth chart. This with its placement in Aries and hard aspects to Saturn, Mars, Pluto, shows that more openness, flexibility, and deepening perception needed to be developed so that your thinking process is a better environment for harmonious communication.

Your mindset is one of someone who can take charge, allowing a thought stream to flow into action and to move others around you into action. If this gets challenged at home and seems to create conflict, it is time to re-examine this approach with those who want to be treated more as equals rather than as underlings or employees.

You certainly have strength in dealing with circumstantial challenges, setbacks, setting goals, etc. That shows in the high strength of Saturn in your birth chart (second only to the Sun). But that also shows a tendency to take control when lesser forms of influence may be more suitable.

– Jupiter return coming soon (October & November)
– Jupiter square natal Pluto
– Jupiter quincunx natal Sun (late Oct, early Nov)
– Jupiter trine natal Mercury, opposite natal Venus (Nov – December)

This period will bring opportunities for renewal of optimism — with only some adjustments in perspective in October and November — and refreshment of your overall perspective. Goals can be reframed with more positive attitudes that are closer to what is normal. Communications, therefore, can be more productive as needed. In the earlier stages you will likely feel that you can take on your challenges with renewed determination, seeing strategies that you did not before.

– Jupiter trine natal Uranus
(December 2018 – January 2019; June – September 2019)
– Jupiter parallel natal Saturn; contra-parallel natal Venus-Pluto;
– Jupiter trine natal Sun (March – May 2019; Nov – early December)

These periods will allow you some renewal and a greater feeling of control in life circumstances. Get away for a while if you can. Some recreation, vacation, or celebration can do you a lot of good.

The transit to Venus and Pluto highlights that those two planets are parallel in your birth chart, showing your great capacity to love with your whole being. If there has been a particular relationship in which you feel you have fallen short or has turned sour for any reason, this period will allow you to detach from it and experience some freedom, mobility, and refreshment; also friendship, social connections, and access to deeper energies within you for doing good and meeting challenges.

These Jupiter-Pluto transits are also excellent opportunities for business transactions or other efforts to improve your financial circumstances. These periods, which begin late this year and cover nearly all of 2019 in their variations, are excellent opportunities to get relief from more recent challenges that have weighed upon you, to be lighter, freer, and to grow.

This has been a sample version of one of my reports with the more specific portions removed pertaining to a specific birth chart. Many reports are longer than this one with more details related to your own chart specifics. This report uses only transits. Some charts will have important active progressed aspects that are also explained and timed in the report.

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New Moon 17° Virgo

Today I sat here at the desk and wrote a poem as I was still waking, not even thinking that the new moon was happening and that it was happening right on the Ascendant of my birth chart. (After my story I show the chart of the eclipse and describe its dynamics more generally.)

Here is the poem …

The Art of Forgetting

It’s often the eyes that feel it first,
transferring pressures to the temples,
going soft, lids descending like
sunsets on the visible world.
The hands show it worst,
that grasping fatigue in the knuckles,
going stiff in half fists unwilling
to ever be fully unfurled.

So exhausting to keep everything.

The art is in the breathing
like you really mean it, like
you feel oxygen’s renewal
available on demand.
The art is in the laughter
that tosses aside all cares,
all pictures of the cruel,
like useless grains of sand.

The hardest work is letting go of anything.

Enshrouding shoulds with maybes,
letting fingers be feathers for a while
and fly from what we’ve made.

Opening our eyes like babies
agape at this moment’s own arrangement
the innate, the primal dancing in parade.

A synchronous bit of advise for what happened next. As a friend reminded me, it is best to expect the unexpected in life. That way we are focused on what we bring to the situation creatively. We can then see the possibilities for something good to come out of an awkward or ‘wrong’ situation that is after all, just a situation.

What came next was the discovery that a valuable outdoor item had been stolen from our locked storage room in the basement of our building. We’d been keeping it for a friend — and she was on her way to get it.

Until today I don’t think I’d even revisited the item since I locked it there three months ago. I just assumed it was safe and should still be there. I looked once. I looked twice. Nowhere to be seen. I started feeling angrier and angrier, shaking inside, my hands furling into fists, wanting to punch a person already guilty of theft in my imagination.

Take my stuff and maybe I’ll take the loss, but take my friends’ stuff and you got a fight on your hands … That kind of aggressive ego stuff.

My friend showed up to get it. I told her I couldn’t find it and we looked together. Nope, gone. I know I looked calm and collected on the outside. I nearly always do — but I felt like I could’ve punched whoever stole it.

I know she told me to stop apologizing. Later someone else told me, Breathe!

So good morning and good afternoon, New Moon right on my Ascendant!

So for me it marks a moment of pronounced sense of self — good or bad — with a new start of unified intention and clarity.

So apparently, this item has disappeared for a reason. But if nothing else to let me exercise some creative power in the solution of the situation.

In that spirit it’s time to forget the impulse to violence of word or deed and draw on who I really am, a co-creator who can slip into a meditative state and in peace co-create the outcome that solves not only my internal feelings, but also the external situation with my friend’s property.

That’s actually who we all are, each in our own ways.

What does new moon in Virgo suggest generally?

Sun and Moon’s union in Virgo can certainly emphasize the patterns of mental emotions in our bodies, especially since Virgo correlates to the unconscious ‘secondary brain’ of the dense cluster of nerves in the area of the small intestine. At least for the next month or so.

New Moon in practical, earthy Virgo emphasizes the mental processing of what is instinctively important, so that practical solutions are worked out materially, but not necessarily bodily. Those bodily reactions may not be good instincts, but from our own programming due to stored issues we carry. We can also be empowered by the more cautious, deliberative approach taken in introverted, well planned fashion rather than externalizing, manipulating.

Virgo is the body, the unconscious, the mental patterns of contemplation. Maybe we only get the revelation of what has been lying there. Maybe we get together a new plan.

It is also planning, organizing, how we take care of business and look out for the well being of those in our care. It is internal care taking. It is the principle of Mercury as expressed through the mutable, flexible, material earth sign.

The aspects

Sun-Moon opposite Neptune
… trine Pluto
… sextile Jupiter

The first aspect (opposite Neptune) frames potential misunderstanding and the need to keep things open and not presumptuous in the imagined scenarios and emotive reactions. What is practical, doable needs to take precedence for the moment over any notions of wrongs done — real or imagined.

The second aspect (trine Pluto) shows the potential for more empowered solutions, a more effective effort towards the desired end result. A deeper look will be far more beneficial than strong reaction.

The last aspect (sextile Jupiter) shows the opportunity on the mental plane for wider understanding and generous gestures to help accomplish the potentials of the previous two aspects

What is the dynamic for you?

It really depends on what is in your own birth chart and how the Sun-Moon paired together aspects its planets. Do you have planets in your birth chart 11-23° of mutable signs? (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) That is where the effect will be more pronounced.

It also depends on what has been happening of late, what is happening now and how we respond to it.

If This Full Moon made a major aspect to your …

– Asc, you can expect at least a day of noticeably increased energy, confidence, but also revelations about what lies within you and reminders of practical, proactive solutions over reactive emotional ones.

– Sun, Mars, or Jupiter, it offers at least a day of increased energy and confidence to act on objectives, or to get clarity on the issues that should frame those objectives. But if there is drama, what does it say about your part in it? It may reveal any tendencies to over-do or create unnecessary drama. Ego can be emphasized by these aspects and how we behave, our attitudes can reveal where we are with that.

– Moon, Venus, or Neptune, it offers a moment to get more clarity on personal needs and desires, and whether your routines and habits are in line with them.

– Mercury or Uranus, it offers the change to renew your spontaneity and ability to deal with events that diverge from routines or plans; to use intellectual tools and communicate in a more sophisticated way. This may highlight excess activity and restlessness in the nervous system that could be dealt with more effectively. You may also be challenged to break free of the routines just to renew your sensation of being a spontaneous actor.

– Saturn or Pluto, it offers a chance to re-evaluate your purposes and objectives and how you are dealing externally or internally with problems and challenges — but especially emphasizing the inner strength you bring to it.

So on these notes, go forth and co-create your reality!

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July 27 Lunar Eclipse

This will be a Blood Moon so called because light refracting off Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear reddish in color. More importantly, it is a tight, long Lunar Eclipse with some aspects of great tension accompanying it. A Full Moon is a time when body fluids and blood are more active, when emotions are more outward and reactive, less latent. With this being an eclipse, it is especially important, because the luminaries align along the ecliptic in a way that places them with the Nodes, which are points of direction and purpose. So this is not just a blood moon full moon, but a very important eclipse.

Let’s look at a chart of it. I’ve included the declination positions of everything in the center of the chart wheel so you can see how tight the Sun and Moon alignment is.

As you can see the Moon is joined by Mars — and a t-square is created by Uranus as stem planet to the cross-bar of Moon-Mars and Sun. Moon and Mars conjunct is an influence towards impulsivness, anger, rage, and volatile temperament overall. Opposite the Sun these are magnified.

All those square to Uranus get amplified across society through electronic communications. Uranus amplifies the whimsy and impetuousness of the Moon’s basic feeling nature; it can amplify Mars and Sun’s energies into an irrational rebellion against sane order. As in an eclipse, these so aligned with the Lunar Node points mean that such irrational, volatile energies if acted out could be detrimental to effective leadership, but especially to egoistic leaders (Sun-North Node in Leo).

This alignment of energies can inflame unreasonable pride and egoism in leaders to an irrational degree. The South Node shows us past, familiar tendencies that may not have been let go of completely, tendencies that remain unresolved. In this case, that means impulsiveness, anger — even hate (Moon-Mars with South Node).

With fixed signs involved — Sun in Leo, Moon-Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus — stubborn inflexibility could be a large part of the problem. The government officeholders and military leaders of the world’s nations need to be held in check now by clear, resounding messages that reason and rationality must have the final say.

This means the next several months are a time of potential tremendous volatility, over-reactions, and regrettable impulses across the globe.

We need not sit by passively and allow that to happen.

We can and should draw in our own emotions as individuals to a place of clarity and contemplation leading up to this eclipse. Now is the time for awareness of self and humanity so that the interests of human beings and humanity at large remains focused on what we all have in common in spite of our histories or whatever list or category of differences we could focus on.

It is a test of our willingness to use anger and discontentment as justifications for far-reaching decisions. It is a test of temperament. It is a test of leadership. It is quite possible the leaders of some nations will fail it. We need to be clear-eyed and honest in how we view them and not get caught up in escalating rhetoric that does no one any good.

What humanity needs is more peace and cooperation, less agitation and militarism.

I ask that you meditatively co-create with us a peaceful benevolent outcome for all not just in the days leading up to this eclipse, but ongoing over the next several months. We can do this daily in our own time and in our own way. Thank you.

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