On Religion, Fear, and Liberation

In my experience religion is usually a well organized, thinly veiled appeal to fear. Christianity especially purports to save souls. After all, we wouldn’t want to lose ours, would we? Isn’t that about the most fear-inducing thing imaginable? This religion has perpetually kept persons in fear of not being accepted by a God (who is … Continue reading

Mars in Scorpio (and conjunct Asc)

Someone in the Lindaland forum asked about this placement, saying there wasn’t enough specific info to satisfy online. I responded by writing the following from my fluency in astrology (no reference to texts, no copy-n-paste). Mars conjunct Asc is pronounced assertiveness, action, ‘I can do it (my way)’, self-directed action, self-determination, a tendency for a … Continue reading

Blavatsky chart rectification coming

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been silent on the blogosphere, but I’ll be posting more content soon. It will be a validated chart for Helena Blavatsky whose C-rated chart data has had various astrologers stabbing at different areas of the Ascending zodiac for years. I’ve resolved the matter and will be posting it. … Continue reading

Natural health for summer heat

Yesterday I had a bit of a crisis with heat stress. It was the second day in triple digits here in Portland, and it got to me. My wife noticed a rather large red streak in front of my right ear. That’s not good. It was not blood above the surface, but below it. Red … Continue reading