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Poem: Rain After Dark on August 26th

What is that sound? a pattering? a petting? That hands of Poseidon have dissolved into tiny dreamwork evaporates held high hovering for a while to pull our aspirations upward and after summer’s long sun lashing heat, descend in millions to … Continue reading

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Poem response to Alan Watts’ lecture on self-identity

In that body is a heart beating. In that one is a Soul feeling. Through those eyes the Divine is peeping with a mouth asking, “Remember me? I am ugly. I am beautiful. I am everything. I am you. We … Continue reading

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How peace is created

I really suggest that you watch this movie The Quantum Activist: Amit Goswami. This documentary is a conversation with a man who is a PhD professor of physics and who has explored consciousness in research. It marks for me, better … Continue reading

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Spirituality has to create psychological change otherwise it is superficial and serves only to create a false sense of security and insulation from our own personal fears. When our beliefs, words and concepts are put aside a genuine spiritual moment … Continue reading

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