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Leonard Nimoy: birth chart rectification challenge

Leonard Nimoy died today at 83. He will be missed especially by we Star Trek and Sci-fi fans. For me his most interesting role post-Spock was as the mysterious Dr. William Bell in the TV series Fringe. The rectification challenge … Continue reading

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Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter birth charts

Benedict Cumberbatch married Sophie Hunter on Feb. 14th so I’ve finally got what I need for a verified birth chart for him. Last month on his blog Sy Schofield posted a birth time of 12 noon taken from the biography … Continue reading

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Using astrology without superstition or fear

There are lots of astrology websites. Many if not most of them are simply efforts at grabbing suscribers/buyers to pump up their numbers, get advertising and more revenue and to keep you coming back. The astrology on many of these … Continue reading

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Coffee, tea & buzz beverages: to stimulate or not to stimulate

Caffeine jitters? Feel drained after coffee? This can signal a deficiency of minerals and/or B Vitamins. If you notice your response to caffeinated or otherwise stimulating beverages or herbs has changed and now you are feeling deflated, fatigued or some … Continue reading

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Energy cycles: Mars transits

We can never get more out of the world than what we put in. So we know that the luck we have is the luck we make. We also cannot accomplish everything all at once, so the universe has furnished … Continue reading

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E-juice reviews for nicotine vaporizers

My wife Heather is stopping cigarette smoking by switching to vaporizing instead. This requires finding nicotine oil or “e-juice” that is clean and doesn’t switch new toxins for old ones. Heather first tried an inexpensive e-cig from a convenience store. … Continue reading

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Graham Hancock & Rupert Sheldrake

Graham Hancock talks about consciousness and spirit and his experiences with Amazonian shamans and their plants. Rupert Sheldrake talks about scientific dogmas and how they inhibit scientific progress. Very enlightening and humorous. Makes me want to hear more from him

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