Spiritual co-creation solves problems and emotions

Yesterday after waking up and writing down an interesting dream, I fell into depression. Dealing with what would seem to be a routine or mundane task triggered it. Something turned out not to be what I thought it was. I kept talking to Heather about it, knowing words wouldn’t make me feel any better. For the first few hours of the day I obsessed over this disappointment and the feeling there might be no resolution.

So I sat down, got myself into a reasonably peaceful state of mind with some rose incense, and co-created a resolution to the situation. Co-creation is an authoritative appeal to cooperate with the Universe/Source in an outcome that is beneficial to all involved or who could be affected.

This is a sign that maybe I’m finally grown up enough. Years ago I’d just lay down in a swamp of disappointment and depression and remain there until it started to stain me. Then I’d carry that with me, remaining in the shadows where the sun couldn’t bleach it clean again.

These times when we are most hopeless or depression, no matter how mundane the problem would seem to be, are moments of opportunity. I know that now.

Our voice or intention, even all our energy may feel weak, but it is still within our power to come to an agreement with the Universe and unseen powers to allow the butterflies of spiritual causes and effects go to work for us. I felt terrible, but I wanted peace and a return to joy. So I voiced that in a way specific to the situation that framed my disappointed turned depression.

Today I took it even further. When I woke I realized that I had already set myself up for depression because of how I’d been telling myself ‘No’. I even verbalized a change of plans that I knew would move my life forward simply because the world and its commercial systems had not made the way easy for me. Instead of co-creating the outcome and that I’d see the way clearly, I verbalized “Well, that turned out to not be at all what I thought …” leaving room for self-imposed disillusionment.

We let go of our intention, even our dream, because the way seems difficult or challenging …?

What makes us think it should be easy?

What does make it a lot easier is not straining ourselves or relying on competitive human ambitions, but initiating the creation of a positive outcome with Spirit. It doesn’t matter if you call it prayer and speak to God, or if you call it something else and name it Source. I like to address The One Source of All Love … What matters is staying on track with the intuitive inner passion that gives us purpose and keep the cooperative spirit alive with all the unseen and too often unacknowledged partners in our lives.

Co-create an outcome attached to present circumstances or apparent problems that will be the most beneficial outcome to all those involved or affected. State that my part in creating it be made so clear so that there is no delay and no mistake.

This is how we change the world for good — one thing at a time in cooperation with Spirit.

Today I have renewed this resolve. I still feel a bit of dread when I think of revisiting yesterday’s disappointing issue. So I’m not going to obsess about it, just give it enough space and time to be worked out for the best outcome for all involved.

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Pardon my work slow down…

Just trying to keep you advised that my waiting list still has some folks patiently waiting for me to catch up with their requests, and then yesterday I had trouble with my computer. I will do my best to catch up, but am having to finally just relax about these delays.

Just so you know in case you are looking for a reading.

I am taking a break from any more rectification requests as of this month so that I can catch up with the less complicated readings. I may take up rectifications again in May or possibly earlier.

I appreciate very much your interest in my work and apologize for any inconvenience(s) that are happening. Thank you for your patience.

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Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

Source: Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

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Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Happening Now

Here in gray Portland we’re not able to see it, but the Moon is now pretty closely aligned with the Sun at 27° Aquarius. Mercury is right there with it too, signaling that it is time for a renewed and honest public dialogue. This is truly an opportunity for new ideas to enter the dialogue since all these are sextile (60°) Uranus at 25° Aries.

This is also an opportunity for personal change for those of us who have planets in our birth charts at 22-29° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and 0-2° of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), or the 12-14° area of north or south declination. That is where the cluster of Sun-Moon-Mercury is in this eclipse.

Globally, this dialogue needs to be led by the United States. That is seen in how closely this eclipse conjuncts the Moon in the USA birth chart (Sagittarius rising/PM time 4 July 1776). The Moon especially represents women, as well as the common people generally. So what will we do? What will be spoken?

This is the last such solar eclipse event while Uranus is still square Pluto. What change will we create?

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Autism & Aluminum – the link

Robert F Kennedy Junior’s article at Collective Evolution “SCIENTISTS DISCOVER HUGE AMOUNTS OF ALUMINUM IN THE BRAINS OF DECEASED AUTISTIC PEOPLE” is a very informative read.

Here is Dr Christopher Exley talking about his study:

For too long the matter of heavy metals in our foods and medicines has been either ignored or addressed only with a double standard. Even OTC medicines often contain aluminum compounds (in artificial colors, etc). California standards that apply to herbal medicines hold them to a higher standard than agricultural produce that is consumed in much larger quantities.

That does not even address what is contained in vaccines.

If you want your brain to stay healthy, reduce or eliminate foods and beverages from aluminum containers, don’t take medicines that contain it, and never ever cook with aluminum — especially aluminum foil, kettles, or pots.

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Happy new year – 2018 astrology summary

Saturn has moved into Capricorn and we have moved past that marker we call the beginning of a new year. Some of 2017’s notable astrological dynamics will continue with Jupiter in Scorpio until November. Will there be more revelations of suppressed secrets? Saturn’s parallel with Pluto continues through the year, reminding us we are ending one cycle of power and beginning another as Saturn edges closer to Pluto in middle Capricorn.

January 31st brings our first Lunar Eclipse with Sun 11° Aquarius (17° south declination) & Moon 11° Leo (17° north) — and it is a good one! The Sun will be conjunct and parallel Venus AND Jupiter (both 17° south) and it is a time to renew our love for humanity be expressing our feelings to those around us. Get involved in a new group or renew your efforts in an established one. Reconnect with friends and make new ones. Go to a party if you have the chance. But don’t waste this window of opportunity with energies that will resonate for the following 5 months.

February 15th brings our first Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius. Sun & Moon will conjunct Mercury, square Jupiter, and sextile Uranus, making this another dynamic opportunity for a new start by involvement in groups in which you learn, communicate and reinforce positive intentions.

April 26th (my birthday) Mars will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, but expect a long lead-up to this beginning in February (and going into June) as Mars’ declination path makes for an extended aspect parallel both Saturn and Capricorn. This may be a challenging time for many on the job front, with bosses, parents, authorities, etc, especially if you have planets in Sagittarius or Gemini, Capricorn or Cancer (or at 21-23° north or south declination).

The most marked shift may begin around the time Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th. Mercury enters Taurus a few days prior and may time some interesting news as both square Mars in late Capricorn. Since this is during the parallel of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, I expect this news to involve the political arena and involve a decision by a person(s) of power that gets a widespread negative reaction. Mercury and Uranus create visionary outlooks and changes of thinking, and their conjunction will occur at the very end of Aries, bringing a moment for visionary thinking to resound over reactionism.

The July 12th Solar Eclipse has Sun & Moon at 20° directly opposite Pluto. This will mark a period of renewed feelings in the assertion of power by mothers and women (and children) in the face of authoritarian abuses, especially by men. Both luminaries will also be contra-parallel Pluto, emphasizing this even more. Time to protect home, women and vulnerables against the careless and abusers.

The Lunar Eclipse of July 27th will only add to those energies as Sun 4° Leo will be opposite Moon and Mars, and square to Uranus 2° Taurus. Things may get quite volatile, so be sure of your purpose and your methods. Don’t be baited into fights with those merely pushing your buttons to get you all emotional so they can claim you are the offender. Be careful of over-reaching ego in asserting your notions of justice. You may have righteous anger, but that your expressions of it are automatically justified as 100% righteous. Detach, distance yourself as needed and reconsider your approach. Break away for a while if needed to cool down.

August 11’s Solar Eclipse 18° Leo will be conjunct Mercury-Rx, so be sure to use it as an opportunity to review your intentions and how you communicate them before moving forward. The luminaries will square Jupiter 14° so know that there is opportunity for growth during that time and move forward confidently. Expect some delays in understanding and be careful not to just over-dramatize or shout louder to be understood. This is a good time for dramatists and story-tellers to get their work across. Just be sure to not over-indulge your ego or appetites contrary to previously established intentions or good sense.

2018 will be a challenging year. It’s numerology is 11, so it is relational, but not in the mundane sense. Look to higher relationships of the soul, those patterns that transcend personality and mundane concerns. This will bring benefits along the lines of Venus and Neptune energies — especially Neptune’s if we step up to its higher octave of love, Compassion.

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Healing is not a fighting response

Sometimes we hear people talk about fighting cancer or some other serious disease. What is really happening there is fighting mortality. That is the fight-or-flight response to stress. It holds no healing, only the potential for a temporary victory.

The mindset of fighting actives the sympathetic nervous system. Healing and recovery is mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system.

At this point in human evolution our immune systems seem programmed by default for this fight-or-flight consciousness to fight disease (foreign invaders – germs or proteins). They’re called fighter cells for a good reason. Because we cannot flee what is within our own bodies (or subconscious), the other survival option is to pick out what to fight.

There is another option

We can choose to transcend this fear-based survival response with an intention of peaceful, wholesome balance. Balance is the state where all particulars are allowed their normal healthy place and quantities. We let go of the killing consciousness for one that allows health and well being to spring from peace and balance. Otherwise we are literally fighting within ourselves. Balance means blood and energy flow is restored through blocked areas. Our eliminative systems can remove diseased cells and tissues before the problem spreads. That is what they are are designed to do.

Hasn’t the ‘killing’ consciousness gone far enough?

Pain syndromes and reliance on pain killers is rampant in modern society. Super-germs have been created, literally incubated in hospitals because of over-use of antibiotics. Clearly these ‘killing’ devices, while offering temporary relief, are not creating health and well being.

Auto-immune diseases are probably a signal in our society that our fighting response to disease has gone too far. Once a set of outside germs or proteins comes in, they are part of me, within my biology. To have so many things to fight to survive means chaos. Eventually the body is unable to distinguish friend from foe and to have a moderate response to a moderate issue. The body’s fight response can keep us in constant inflammation and stress over the slightest anomaly and even attack essential structures and tissues. The body is willing to attack itself merely to survive.

Peace, be still

To create healing is to create internal peace through a new understanding of cellular intra-communication guided by conscious intention and habit. Peace, be still is a verbal expression of homeostasis — balance — if we are patient enough for this affirmation to reteach our cells and systems. It could take months or years, but they will learn. They want to. They serve us. They are the “we” that is our biological self. But they are guided by the consciousness we take in, the consciousness bits (beliefs) we inherit, absorb, collect, and allow (subconsciously) — or the one we enact intentionally: Peace, be still. Then let go like you’ve never let go before until peace saturates your entire being. (This is usually called meditation.)

This makes every effort at health more effective. We are no longer fighting against ourselves.

They key seems to be to persist with such a healing intention like a mantra that overrides all else until total harmony prevails. I know that state of being. I accomplished it over 20 years ago, but did not maintain it. That is the challenge of mastery, to remain powered by Peace and Love from the inside.

What do we have to lose?

We could also ask What do I have to gain by remaining dis-eased within myself? Usually it is to gain some kind of sympathy (love) we feel unable to ask for or that we were never given while growing up. Is that really worth it when we can totally accept and love ourselves and learn to command healing within?

Even if I have a disease far progressed into something fatal, do I want to spend the remainder of my time in fear, anger, denial, fighting something, fighting what “it” is doing to me? Or would I rather consciously return to Love-Joy-Peace? If I must have help in my dis-ease wouldn’t it be better to let others care for me, to touch me with their love and desires for healing if I am unable?

There is always healing. Even a body in a state of physical disease can house a consciousness of Love-Joy-Peace. Sometimes the first step to healing is letting go of the battle. Then we can begin to relax and feel again — feel at peace with our bodies, feel friendly to life, even Love it all again and realize we were in charge the whole time — through choice upon choice.

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