Fallacies about birth chart rectification


1. A person’s life events are all that is needed for an astrologer to determine their birth chart’s correct Ascendant.

FALSE – I could show you many cases (from my own attempts) in which progressions (from an inaccurate birth chart) for a person’s life events seemed to fall perfectly into place even according to my stringent standards for chart validation.

TRUTH – We must first know we are working with the correct rising sign and/or degree arc range before narrowing things down to a specific degree. That comes from interviewing the person in question and finding out as much as possible about how they approach life.

2. There are software programs that can determine your correct Ascendant if you just plug in your birth data and life events.

FALSE – The very best software can only facilitate rectification. It will give options as to possible Ascendants, or at least will give singular results that vary based on the input parameters you set (orbs, etc). Poor input = poor output. It is still up to the astrologer and their level of astrological literacy to make the final determination.

TRUTH – All software is made by humans and is limited to the degree of knowledge the programmer has about astrology — and rectification, the least known and understood area of astrology. Astrological literacy is more important than software and more reliably effective in rectification work.

3. You can determine every person’s rising sign just by their looks.

FALSE – All astrological information must be taken into account, as well as the person’s own description of themselves (as well as how their loved ones describe them).

TRUTH – This is one of the notions that keeps reinforcing sign-based, superficial stereotypes: the Leo rising person has a “mane” … Virgo rising people look “worried” … Libra rising people are beautiful, etc. It is true that the condition of the Ascendant and 1st house contents of the person’s birth chart does relate in principle to the head, body, and self-identity, but pop astrology has inherited some old worn out physiognomy tendencies for reductionism.

Planetary aspects to the Asc (and even Moon or Sun) can affect a person’s appearance and presentation. So a person with Jupiter parallel their Asc may seem like a Sagittarius rising or that they have a fire sign rising, even if their real rising sign is in another element, because such planetary influences are more specific and stronger than signs.

4. The only life events that can be used to rectify someone’s birth chart are the ones that happen to them, not the ones of their choosing.

FALSE – This is based on two problems:
(a) the astrologer’s misunderstanding of consciousness, free will, and synchronicity, which is not mechanically involved in rectification work itself but affects their approach to it;
(b) their lack of clarity (astrological literacy) in knowing what rulerships or principles are involved in particular life events — the ways those events are reflected in the person’s chart progressions, transits, etc.

TRUTH – Every significant life event, every milestone and its timing does show up in some way in the astrological transits and progressions when an accurate natal chart is used — and declinations are included. In fact there are numerous ways astrologically in which certain types of events can come about and be timed.

I can use any event given to me, and see events as part of an interconnected series that speaks of your unique life experience. This is what allowed me to discover internal chart rectifying metrics.

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On Religion, Fear, and Liberation

In my experience religion is usually a well organized, thinly veiled appeal to fear. Christianity especially purports to save souls. After all, we wouldn’t want to lose ours, would we? Isn’t that about the most fear-inducing thing imaginable? This religion has perpetually kept persons in fear of not being accepted by a God (who is Love) and stimulated them to keep their guard up against external foes (visible or invisible) who might attack, damage, or steal them away.

Look at how so many Christians have aligned themselves against the religions of other folks, joining up in socially facilitated alliance against Islam (as well as Buddhism, new age or evil “cults”, etc, etc). The shield is up as if those ‘other’ folks or their ideas (or powers?) plan to do them in.

Yet those things are distractions from one’s moral integrity and spiritual growth, which is internal, one’s state of consciousness. Instead, that shield offered up by religion is a fear pacifier. It deflects attention outward, away from the place of personal spirituality. By holding up that shield, the believer pacifies yet holds in the very fear that they arrived with and which religion utilizes for its benefit. Thus the shield acts as a fear preserver, as the believer maintains a posture of defense against certain attacks from an external evil. For so many religions seem to not know how to let the last, all-powerful words be God is Love and There is no fear in Love …

We all have an emotional nature, the meld of feeling, responding, relating energies that are our core. We have an enormous capacity for multi-dimensional memory and imagination. These can either be nurtured in the direction of Love-Joy-Peace, or in the direction of the shadows and darkness of doubt and fear. So long as their material presences occupy space within our hearts and minds, room remains there for that glue-like gooey black tar ball of fear, guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

This is not theory for me. I have lived it. I grew up as Christian as a person can. I was a true believer. I had my ‘born again’ profession of faith experience a couple weeks before my 9th birthday. I knew nothing else.

I grew up educated in church-run private Christian fundamentalist schools from pre-kindergarten through my senior year of high school. Each of my twelve years of grade school all students were required to memorize a chapter of the Bible and recite it before the class. So I know the Bible. After many years I can now see how it contradicts itself, how its various writers differ, how Christians often misinterpret or mistranslate the books within it. Yet its resounding gong in my ears is that tiny, clear sentence, “God is Love.”

I grew up in fundamentalist churches, some better than others, in which hell was emphasized as much as heaven. They were described as literal places, not at all states of consciousness. So I never knew any real transformation “by the renewing of our minds.” Our fear was pricked regularly and sharply enough to keep us reacting as if we were all that ball of miserable black tar inside us, and clinging to dogma for dear life.

It was so bad that around age 11 I had a nightmare of falling into hell’s lake of fire that was so real I woke in a pool of perspiration and paced the hall for hours, desperate to feel my parents’ affirmation that all was well, but too afraid to wake them for fear they’d just say it was nothing and to go back to bed. It was the most terrifying and torturous experience of my life. Yet I was too young to acknowledge that what was really terrorizing me was my own religion.

By age 18 I had a serious anxiety and depression crisis. I had no choice but to leave the church to stay sane. I didn’t just leave suddenly. It was all the community I had ever known. I tried a similar church, but mega-sized. That didn’t work. I even went to Catholic mass, but it was all the same when I closed my eyes and just listened. After years of exposure to doubt-inducing fear tactics, demonology, ludicrous prophecy scenarios, and repeated emphasis on our unworthy sinful nature, I had to leave organized religion to save my mind.

Any religion purporting to save souls that cannot preserve people’s minds in peace right now is useless to me.

It took enormous courage to leave. I left because of the depression, but it was depressing and lonely. I got some counseling, but I had to go it mostly alone. It was not immediately liberating, but for the first time I slowly found a degree of internal balance. I broke my routine. I stayed up late watching TV. I wrote. I read books on therapy and psychology that focused on the fundamental need of human beings for love and their capacity to give it when healed. I took long walks alone. I avoided church people as much as possible. It allowed me to feel out a real sense of myself as an individual.

Several years later I discovered meditation and after trying and trying again, finally experienced true peace. It was then that I understood the difference between religion and real spirituality. People can get some spirituality in religion. People can get some religion-tainted spirituality by searching on their own. But to have a spiritual practice of my own allowed me to separate from the herd of influence that had been reinforcing unworthiness, shame, guilt, and poor mental health. It allowed me to find balance and really FEEL the true nature of “God” and life itself for the first time.

It was initiated by my own intention, and with consistent practice and discipline I arrived at a peace so deep with an all-encompassing softness throughout my whole being that tears flowed and all worries evaporated. It took weeks of practice two or three times daily and the assistance of the Edgar Cayce radial device.

Lying right there on my bed, breathing gently, guided by the phrase, “Peace, be still,” my consciousness sunk into what I decided to call The Universal Field of Compassion. Finally the nightmare was over. I had found the place of no thought, the void of the eastern mystics where all just IS in perfect acceptance. It was within me all along.

I call it The Universal Field of Compassion because it is everywhere all the time for any person to discover for themselves. I call it that because it was the total experience of Unconditional Love for self and all others simultaneously. There was no objective, no “I-thou,” no separateness, just oneness in Love.

I experienced it as a profoundly here-and-now Bodily Love-Joy-Peace. It was not a mystical experience of the mind, of dreams, of visions, but of palpable, undeniable, grounded, very physical feeling. I felt total acceptance within every inch of my body. For the first time in my life I experienced true total peace.

No religion ever offered me that, nor could any even claim to. That is because no person I had ever encountered in any religion had experienced it. That experience sealed my ownership of my own spirituality. Never again would I be tempted to attach my devotion, worth, security, or approval to any religion or its dogmas.

Churches do lots of good. They offer support, friendship, community, organization for good works — at least a lot of them do. I even attended a Unity church during the year of my meditative transformation. Later I attended a Unitarian-Universalist fellowship for five years. But churches do not offer true Liberation for individuals. Today I practice Zen, not a religion, but a spiritual discipline for me. It gives an outline of meditation practices that can be started by anyone at anytime with some helpful aids to taking its state of mind into daily life.

Most churches are enabling institutions, benefiting from the black, sticky tar of human shame, guilt, and fear in problem-response-solution fashion. When you’re hiding the black goo with a sturdy layer of moral superiority to cover the inferiority reinforced all the time, you’re living as a hypocrite.

If you’ve had the real experience here-and-now, you don’t need any dogmas or distractions about what may come. You are anchored in the physical fact that peace can be achieved within self, and cannot be given to you by anyone or anything else. It comes from your own intention, your own persistence, your own Nature. Anyone can have it, and you want it for everyone. There is no need for moral judgmentalism, because it has become irrelevant.

There is no external enemy that can steal your peace or your soul. Nothing can take away what you have realized is your true nature anyway.

You are not a “worm” of unworthiness. We are as we were in the beginning, “good” — that means beautiful. To me that means touched and molded by Love itself, the power of creation.

That need not induce a specific theological image of a separate being doing the creating to us. Let your mind stretch creation out so far and wide across unimaginable time that you wonder in awe of it as it includes us all in every imaginable form. Let it stretch out within yourself so far and wide that your concept of yourself is of inner Universe within outer Universe of the same nature as all life everywhere.

We all go through tough times. We all go through doubt. These are merely human challenges. But know you and I are worthy of the real Love-Joy-Peace of Spirit, not someone else’s secondhand substitute. Know it is within you. That is because that diamond of many facets, Love, is our true nature.

Peace and Healing deeper than you have ever known,


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Mars in Scorpio (and conjunct Asc)

Someone in the Lindaland forum asked about this placement, saying there wasn’t enough specific info to satisfy online. I responded by writing the following from my fluency in astrology (no reference to texts, no copy-n-paste).

Mars conjunct Asc is pronounced assertiveness, action, ‘I can do it (my way)’, self-directed action, self-determination, a tendency for a greater level of aggression and/or self-reliance by nature than your peers. The energy levels are higher and the person is more action-oriented than others.

Scorpio’s fixed water is a large and deeper container for Mars’ fire, but resonates closely to its red fiery energy, but with saturated (darker) red. The mode of expression is slowed with Scorpio’s fixity, is more persistent and typically less distracted or impulsive than with air or fire signs. Intentions and motives are more obscured, retained more within the deeper well of internal personal meaning. That does not mean they won’t communicate these things, they just don’t waste any energy on it. Such communication is more to establish superiority of approach or personal domain.

This combination urges the person to assert self in a way that is fundamentally emotive/creative, but not necessarily revealing of self. It could be revealing of what is hidden in the larger world, but that is because they understand the nature of secrets and power.

Often the humor is colored with sarcasm, and communication can be peppered with quick retorts or cutting remarks. Dissatisfaction tends to become anger that builds slowly and cools slowly (if ever). Being hurt tends to induce a desire to hurt ‘them’ back.

Can play up martyr/revenge dynamics.

These folks may be a bit eager to defy — to quickly assert their power/domain. They have the challenge of finding creative ways to diffuse, thus cool off their energies. They may get along with others on the surface, but they’ll go their own way and do what they will, not asking permission first or waiting for approval. Their behavior tends to constantly skirt the line of societal limits, or at least the propriety of family (unless the rest of the chart shows a different tone).

With Asc in Scorpio conjunct/parallel Mars there can be a physical tendency for maladies of the gonads, and for the glandular (endocrine) system to run too hot, especially in men. That can mean overwork, too little sleep; pushing to the limits of exhaustion. The sex drive creates a heat/pressure that may build slowly to something of an explosion. However, they can also seem to have a constantly regenerated stream of energy they successfully put into creative productive efforts.

Persons with Mars conjunct/parallel Asc when ill are especially prone to fevers, urinary infections, and over-heated blood if they don’t eat an appropriate diet and diffuse their energies physically. There can also be strains to back/spine or joints from over-strain.

Julian Assange is one example of Scorpio rising with Mars parallel Asc. Mars was in Aquarius, not Scorpio when he was born, but it was at 18S58 declination, putting it not only within about 1° of parallel his Asc, but more closely parallel Moon (in Scorpio) at 18-19° South. This is based on my rectification work so far in which I have narrowed the range of his Asc to about 20-26° Scorpio / 18-19° South declination.


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Natural health for summer heat

Yesterday I had a bit of a crisis with heat stress. It was the second day in triple digits here in Portland, and it got to me. My wife noticed a rather large red streak in front of my right ear. That’s not good. It was not blood above the surface, but below it.

Red colorations in flare-ups on the body always indicate heat that is either toxic or dangerous to the balance of the body, especially the cardiovascular system. We both had been taking Wormwood, a good blood cooler for summer heart and blood purifier/pain reliever for skin conditions/joint pains. I was just not taking enough of it. Our apartment got to at least 94°F.

So please, be careful in the heat. Yes, drink enough water, but here are some other tools for dealing with summer heat if it is more stressful to you.

Hibiscus flower tea

This is an excellent blood/body cooler. In fact, Starbucks’ Passion tea made by Tazo has a lot of Hibiscus flower in it and can cool you down better than all the other cold beverages they sell. Brew up enough to have it ready in the fridge for days at a time during a heat wave. Sweeten it enough (it’s pretty bitter), and it will taste like cherries.

Passion Tea at Tazo.com

At home I make Hibiscus flower tea with the powder, but you can use crushed flower bought in bulk, or in tea bags. Just brew it stronger as the summer heat increases and affects you more. Hibiscus cools the interior of the body so effectively that if you drink enough of it when you don’t really need it, like in winter, it can cause cramping of the GI tract (cold pains). It truly chills you down!

Wormwood tea

Wormwood herb can be found almost anywhere bulk medicinal herbs are sold, usually in the Cut/Sifted form. We take ‘shots’ of 1-2 oz strong Wormwood tea made by using 1/2 cup C/S Wormwood and pouring 24 oz boiling hot water over it in a sturdy vessel. We let it steep overnight, so it cools down. Then I pour it up into a 24 oz bell jar, screw a lid on, and stick it in the fridge.

This is not a tasty beverage! Its taste is so bitter it will linger in your mouth for hours. You can sweeten it with whatever you prefer. This bitterness is also evidence of its digestive and liver toning properties. You may notice your appetite comes back in the heat and discomfort under your right rib cage eases up.

Addendum: Poppy Seeds -or- California Poppy herb

Those both have similar qualities of reducing heat and fever, especially when there’s also a headache. If when you get over-heated you get a headache, first try Poppy Seeds or California Poppy herb.

I just eat the seeds (1-2 tsp/dose), chewing them up well. The medicine starts working pretty quickly that way. You could bring 8 tsp Poppy seeds to a boil in 16 oz water, then cover and let steep until cooled enough to drink. Store in fridge, and drink 4-8 oz at a time.

I will be making California Poppy extract at some point, because it is one of those herbs that I think should be kept around all year, because of its fever reducing ability, headache relieving ability and just being a general calming nervine (daytime or for sleep).

So inquire with me if you’re interested in some California Poppy extract. Herb Pharm is currently out of stock. (Those are not the most potent extracts and if you need to use a lot, you’ll find yourself running out pretty quickly. At $14/1 oz bottle that gets expensive.)

So if there’s enough interest, I’ll try to make a substantial quantity of more concentrated extract. I have developed extraction methods and have equipment that can often create a superior extract and for a very affordable price.

Sources for good deals on quality herbs

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, Monterey Bay Spice Company, and Frontier Herbs as good places to get bulk herbs. Otherwise, check your local health food cooperative or local herb shops to get a good deal.


We can lose a lot of this through perspiration in summer. So keep some Potassium tablets. Even the typical tablets with fairly low doses of it will be effective if you take 2-4 at a time, maybe twice daily if you are hot and perspiring a lot.

Otherwise, you know that Bananas are potassium-rich. Tomatoes, celery, carrots are as well. Just increase your intake of it in summer heat, whatever way you can.

Homeopathic remedies

These are remedies that can be found in tubes of white lactose pellets in local health groceries, co-ops, and supplement stores. The most popular brand is Boiron, but all brands that I’ve tried are effective.

Sol is the remedy made from the natural rays of the Sun. (Sol = Latin for Sun). This can be good for counteracting too much Solar Radiation. Click here for a description of the Sol remedy’s properties by indicative symptoms.

Sulphur is the most commonly needed homeopathic constitutional remedy that can also help with heat-related conditions (itching, burning skin, etc) that can flare up in summer. It is also the #1 detoxifier in homeopathic medicine. It helps balance the sulphur content of the body. You can read about Sulphur in the homeopathic material medica by clicking here.

Phosphorus is a major constitutional remedy in homeopathy. It helps balance the person with internal heat and stimulation that can be like an over-caffeinated person with burning pains, chest troubles, etc. It helps rebalance phosphorus in the body at a deep level. You can read about Phosphorus in the homeopathic material medica by clicking here.

Natrum Muriaticum (Nat mur) is also a major remedy that can help constitutions more prone to depressive stagnancy and complex feelings who wilt in the heat. It helps rebalance the salt/sodium in the body when it is deficient or in excess. You can read about Nat Mur in the homeopathic material medica by clicking here.

If you cannot find these homeopathic remedies locally they can be ordered at:

NOTE: not all these homeopathic remedies are compatible, so take the one that most seems to fit you and your situation.


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Own your face – Robert Hoge

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She heard and saw all while in a coma – Anita Moorjani


In a coma with lymphoma she discovered what caused it, that we are all connected, and that Love heals all

Big Lies:

Fear keeps you safe. No, Love does.

We must take life seriously. No, laughter and joy make it worthwhile.

Life is a chore. No, life is a gift.

How did I not know about Anita Moorjani before today? She’s the best selling author of Dying To Be Me

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Freddie Mercury chart pt3

So in looking deeply into Freddie’s possible Leo rising charts, one is viable through all the life events I can find. The chart below set at 29° Leo. Shown are the progressions for the date of his death: Progressed Pluto is just past culmination of its sesquisquare to natal Moon in the 4th house, and prog Moon just about to culminate square to prog Venus.

Sun [20.5° S], Saturn [20.2° S], and Neptune [21S52] are in transit parallel natal IC (4th cusp, primary house of endings, 21° South). Those combine for an average of 20.83° South, very near 21 south. So there is some reinforcement of that point.

So at this point I cannot rule out that Freddie’s authentic birth horoscope may’ve had the last degree of Leo over the Asc.


What makes this chart worth considering is not the progressions for this one event, but that the aspect of Pluto sesquisquare natal Moon culminated virtually simultaneously with its 75° aspect to natal Venus at a time when Freddy and Queen were achieving the height of their fame in the mid-1980s. That was a period of a lot of truly decadent living while Freddie was living in Germany.

Next up, possible Libra rising charts.

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