Jupiter in Scorpio: revelations of secrets

Jupiter is the expansion principle whose ultimate aim is truth. Scorpio is the sign that relates to secrets and hidden depths.

… And then there’s Saturn and Pluto in declination …

The Saturn-Pluto parallel around 20-22° south declination has been going for a couple years now. Saturn relates to control and restraint, Pluto to power.

I’ve checked the birth charts of numerous men who have been named in recent accusations of sexual misconduct. So far nearly every chart shows transits by Saturn and Pluto in declination, which are now hovering around 22° south.

– Louis CK: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Mars.

– Kevin Spacey: Saturn transit parallel natal Saturn; Saturn-Pluto transits natal Pluto (plus Pluto transit quincunx natal Mercury-Uranus).

– Dustin Hoffman: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Venus; Saturn transits natal Mars; Saturn-Pluto transits natal Jupiter and N.Node.

– Andy Dick: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Mars; Pluto transits N.Node 21N04.

– Harvey Weinstein is an exception to the transits of Saturn/Pluto in declination, but Pluto transits square his natal Mercury/Jupiter 17/22° Aries, and natal Neptune 20° Libra. These are pretty significant too, and he was recently expelled by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

– Ben Affleck: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Saturn and N.Node.

– Andrew Kreisberg: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Mars.

– Twiggy Ramirez: Saturn-Pluto transits natal Venus.

– George Takei: Saturn transits natal N.Node; Pluto transits natal Jupiter.

This is not a complete list — because, honestly at this point, who can keep up with it?! It is also not a list of ‘the guilty’ since it mentions only those who have been accused.

What started the trend — accusations against Bill Cosby

Going back to Bill Cosby, who was accused publicly beginning in October 2014. Pluto 20S39 was tightly parallel his natal Mars 20S33. 30 December 2015 he was formally charged with sexual assault when Saturn 20S29 and Pluto 21S01 were parallel natal Mars. Even now Saturn-Pluto transit parallel his natal Sun 21N57, and contra-parallel his natal N.Node 22S33. Saturn transits contra-parallel natal Mercury 22N49.
This is a part of the Saturn-Pluto cycle I had not anticipated. Certainly, there will be good and bad mixed together in all this. There will probably be some who are false accusations, as George Takei and others say in defense of themselves.

More social dynamics in the rebalancing of power: the Saturn-Pluto cycle

Saturn and Pluto are about control and power. Now, as these two join down low in southern declination, they show opportunity for individuals to take back their personal power. Saturn’s parallel and coming conjunction with Pluto mark the beginning of a new cycle which is not just economic or political, but which apparently will be social and get very personal.

As you can see this will not wait for the courts. Those who have repeated these kinds of behaviors and abused those in their working environment are being fired, expelled, their projects shut down. Many businesses realize there is a social and economic cost to work with such violators and simply will not wait for proof in court.

They’re believing those who speak out. Jupiter moving into Scorpio has broadened this revelation dynamic into a real trend as more speak out about the secrets they’ve been keeping about what they experienced.

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Reincarnation proof from a 5-year-old

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Astrology in the Edgar Cayce Readings

Edgar Cayce is the most documented psychic in history. For the first two decades of his career (1902-23) his trance readings were focused on health and healing and relieved the suffering of many people. These readings were very often accomplished for someone far away from him. Estimates by outside authorities are that these readings were at least 85% accurate. So it is natural to see what he had to say about things other than health.

In 1923, at the urging of friend Arthur Lammers, Cayce began using his practice of trance clairvoyant readings to reach into non-physical matters, philosophical and spiritual questions (reading series #3744). This is when he first mentioned astrology and answered questions about it.

The readings did not always use correct, clear, or modern astrological terms. It was also necessary for him to introduce new terms in order to explain the layers of inter-dimensional life as souls move from the earth plane to (post/pre-death) planes of consciousness.

Edgar Cayce himself was born when Mercury, Venus, Sun, Saturn were in Pisces. Neptunian, idealist, mystical Pisces is Mercury’s sign of least natural expression (detriment), so not necessarily clear on matters of practical methodology. The readings could leave lingering questions and confusion. It was quite common for persons to seek follow-up readings in the search for greater clarity and understanding. So to fully understand his readings on astrology it is important to approach with an in-depth analysis (Virgoan) of what was said so that practical methodology can be informed.

There are only a few questions that matter to the average person:

Is astrology valid and useful?

(A) When studied aright, very, very, very much so. How aright then? In that influence as is seen in the influence of the knowledge already obtained by mortal man. Give more of that into the lives, giving the understanding THAT THE WILL MUST BE THE EVER GUIDING FACTOR TO LEAD MAN ON, EVER UPWARD.
— reading #3744-4 (emphasis in original)

Is astrology as it is commonly practiced helpful and accurate?

It can be helpful if used with respect to the free will of the chart holder.

— #3744-4

This includes the pre-birth choice of the birth horoscope and family/culture environment.

For, there is ever the choice by the soul-entity as to the environs, as to the path to be taken in its application of opportunities EXPRESSED in material consciousness.
— #2650-001

For it is never by chance that a soul enters any material experience; rather by choice. For, the will is the birthright, the manifested right of every soul.

Q-15. Are there several patterns which a soul might take on, depending on what phase of development it wished to work upon–i.e., could a soul choose to be one of several personalities, any of which would fit its individuality?
A-15. Correct.
— #5749-014

Cayce most often referred to the Persian/Bablyonian-created tropical zodiac system (measured along the ecliptic) as accurate. While the readings emphasized planets, many readings cite the influence of the tropical zodiac, especially highlighted where the cusps are mentioned.

This person was born 21 March 1933 when Sun was 29° Pisces (tropical):

The entity comes upon the cusps; thus we find at times conflicting emotions with the entity. During the formative period of mental and physical developments, we find that the entity may be easily led.
— #2411-1

Another Piscean born 18 March 1906 when Sun was 27° Pisces (tropical):

In entering astrologically, we find the entity coming near the cusps and under the influence of Pisces — in its latter portion.
— #282-2

Cayce would not have said that if he were operating with only a sidereal (Indian) system in which a -22° ayanamsa would have been used to arrive at a position for the Sun in early Pisces.

These are just two examples of many.

Cayce also gave readings matching the Indian system of interpreting planetary strengths and sojourns between lives (Indian lokas) as documented by Ry Redd in his book Toward A New Astrology. The Cayce astrological readings seem to have been delivered in different voices — from different astrological/cultural perspectives. So while the readings validated the tropical zodiac, they did not invalidate use of the sidereal (Indian) zodiac for at least some in-depth interpretation along the lines of soul development. Both have validity. This creates confusion in which the astrologer typically sees in the Cayce astrological readings what they want to see based on their own school of astrology.

Does any of this affect the accurate casting of birth charts?

Yes, it can and often does. The readings mentioned chart discrepancies between common astrological practice and the soul’s actual choice of birth horoscope and personality.

This is often because of a time warp or difference between most soul’s spiritual birth moment and their physical birth moment.

As there was in the entering of the entity’s inner forces into this physical body … there was some lapse of time between the physical and the spiritual birth.
In giving, then, the astrological influences, these would vary considerably from from that as would be seen from the spiritual — or the entity or soul experience in the earth’s plane. Were this entity’s experiences given from the purely astrological science, as accepted in many quarters, these would vary entirely from this which may be given here, or that is viewed from here — for these are the Akashian records of the entity’s or soul’s development.

Q-11. How long a period between the physical and spiritual birth?
A-11. Some four and a half hours.
— #566-001

This is the longest interval mentioned and the limit used by Incarn astrologer and author John Willner. So in other words, there is an Akashic record of the (incarnation) birth horoscope chosen by every soul and it may be set for a time up to 4.5 hours previous to the physical birth moment.

Cayce gives the time differential for another querent:

… There was, as counted as time, thirty to thirty-five minutes difference in birth physical and birth spiritual.
— #275-005

Q-12. Give exact minute of birth, Feb. 11, 1911, to enable entity to ask for explanation of astrological laws governing entity.
A-12. This, as we find, as the record has been made of same, is near right–to the second; and while at the entrance of the entity into the earth’s plane and the spiritual and physical birth varied little, there was the PHYSICAL under one [rising] sign and SPIRITUAL under another! Hence the doubts that often arise, from an astrological view.
— #488-006

The birth chart in hand said one rising sign, but the person actually was another. The chart did not match what the person felt from within.

These are new metaphysical insights on the birth process. It involves the spiritual, physical, and soul birth (not relevant to birth chart casting). These rarely occur simultaneously, but are at least a bit separate in time and are always hinged together. So we have:
– Physical birth, which is the most visible to us on the earth plane.
– Spiritual birth, which can occur hours prior or a bit after physical delivery
– Soul birth, which is not relevant to casting the birth horoscope; could occur even the day following physical delivery.

That birth is a process firstly of the spiritual — the life of the entity, which governs the physical entry (physical delivery or ‘first breath’) and claims the body of the baby. It is the spirit that keeps the baby alive in the interim between.

This is very much like the picture given to us by those who have had near death experiences (NDEs). They see an etheric cord (spirit) attaching their soul body or consciousness body to the physical form they are no longer in. So long as that cord is connected the body lives no matter how ‘dead’ it may be in the eyes of medical experts. So incarnation (spiritual birth) is this same thing, but happening in reverse.

The spirit — that etheric cord — attaches and in that moment the underlying most accurate birth horoscope is set. This can occur up to four and a half hours prior to physical birth and up to about a half hour later.

This is important, because what Cayce described is an inter-dimensional astrology in which the chief decisions are made on the ‘other side’ in which we reside in a more pure consciousness state, not limited to the narrow and foggy perspective of material bodily life.

This requires a practice of Incarnation or Incarn astrology which can produce the horoscope of record for the soul. We start with the recorded time of birth in the assumption that it may be accurate. Then we observe carefully, interview the person, examine the transits and progressions for their life events to see if the rising sign and degree indicated matches the person in question. If not, the chart needs to be adjusted, either up to 4.5 hours back or up to a half hour or so forward. This is all based on preferably having a physical birth time recorded as precisely as possible. However, a good Incarn astrologer may use a rounded hour or wider time range and still arrive at the correct chart through a careful rectification and validation procedure (as outlined by author John Willner).

Cayce also described astrology and the solar system as a kind of energy-consciousness school for intentional soul development through reincarnation

The entity is the soul and the mind and the body of same, see? These only enter matter, or a new house, in incarnations.
— #1494-001

In every entity’s activity there are urges latent and manifested. The astrological influences, as termed in physical consciousness indicate choices that have been or were made by the entity. Thus these indicate to the entity, or to others, those periods when such influences are retroactive in the experience of an individual entity.
— # 2629-001

… and consciousness sojourns to various planetary spheres between lives to build up certain qualities associated with particular planets …

No entity enters a material sojourn by chance, but from those realms of consciousness in which it has dwelt during the interims between earthly sojourns, the entity chooses that environ through which it will make manifest those corrections — or those choices it has made and does make in its real or in its inner self.
— #3027-002

This shows astrology is not merely active in material life between the book ends of birth and death, but is an overarching scheme of soul development working long before birth and continuing after. The birth chart is just a small portion of this.

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007
by the Edgar Cayce Foundation
All Rights Reserved

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Corey Feldman – taking on the darkness in Hollywood

I don’t leap to use celebrity examples of astrology here, nor do I chase after them with astrology and add to the chatter about them. But Corey Feldman is one that I’m concerned about after seeing his video Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign on youtube:

I don’t know if the traffic stop and arrest was concocted by law enforcement on the take, influenced by the underbelly of Hollywood. But I believe him when he says a couple trucks apparently tried to threaten or ram him in the last few days since he announced his indiegogo campaign to raise money for his film project to expose the Hollywood pedophile ring.

Here are his progressions over his natal chart for 25 October 2017 when these events came out (chart is only 26th for GMT/UT). This chart is his AA-rated one from astrodatabank:

Notice the progression of Uranus into the 3rd house of local travel and communication. It makes a semi-square to natal Jupiter in the 4th. This is the type of aspect that can time accidents on the road, railroads, etc, as well as surprises or setbacks at home. Fortunately, it is not the most difficult planet combination since Jupiter is involved. So Jupiter’s beneficial nature helps here, but can bring about drama and challenges to safety at home. However, these unplanned and apparently adverse events can be used to personal benefit.

Corey, your timing is good — very good. Your campaign and need to bolster your position and gain resources is helped by progressed Jupiter’s exact sextile to progressed Pluto. This astrological influence will remain active for the next 8-9 months. It can help you tremendously to gain funding, to get support from influential persons and group interest.

More concerning is Mars in exact sesquisquare to natal Pluto (active for the next 8 months or so). This is helpful only to a degree, to stimulate courage when there is a strong need to stand up for a righteous cause. But it will mean conflicts of egos and the potential to get sucked into needless ego battles. Plus, it signifies a danger period in which persons who don’t like the work being done by you will try to undercut you.

Corey, be careful, but keep on doing what you are doing. I believe this is what you were born to do — to challenge the darkness hiding behind entertainment and laughter. Your birth chart shows me you are a person who can take on power structures (Pluto parallel Midheaven in Taurus), remain resolute and calm (Leo rising, fixed sign + Moon in Taurus).

Take all the necessary precautions you need to keep your family secure and to use publicity to call out law enforcement if/when it does not act to protect and serve. You are strong. You are a force to be reckoned with. Surround yourself with protection of every sort. Know that there will be the unexpected at times, but you can turn it to your advantage.

Readers, please support him. We are in a prime moment to expose the darkness and predation of this kind of abuse, molestation, sex trafficking, and worse evils. Corey lost his best friend (Corey Haim) because of this. Don’t believe it was just drugs. What do you think drove him to that end?

Support people like Corey who are courageous enough to stick their necks out and take a risk so that our society can expose this kind of abuse of vulnerable people. Believe them!

Support Corey Feldman with your money, your prayers, your social media, your words of encouragement — but support him and all others who take such courageous risks to speak out and expose what they know and have experienced. Light can win over darkness — if we believe those who have encountered it, band together, and don’t give up.

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge birth chart (and rectification)

Natalie Delahaye recently blogged about being hired by a friend of Kate and William to do a relationship reading for the royal couple. The time of birth for Kate given to her via the friend was 7 PM.[1] Admittedly, this rounded hour time lacks a suggestion of precision, but it does give us a reasonably accurate starting place for her Ascendant in Leo.

Many astrologers and students got the impression that she could be a Leo rising personality and this time confirms it. Look at the confident bright smile and the fiery gleam in her eye. Look at her rectangular facial outline common to those with fixed signs over the Ascendant.

She is 5’9″ tall, athletic with a sturdy slender build. This fits a Leo/Capricorn Asc/Sun combo. Ruling planet, Sun, is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, favoring a lean, efficient physiology.

The Sun rules a Leo rising chart, which makes Aquarius descending (Uranus ruled relationships). Uranus progressed to near exact aspect with natal Sun during the period of her relationship becoming official with William, their breakup, and reconciliation, moving in with him, engagement, marriage, and settling into home and family. That brought together these two planetary principles of her Ascendant (representing her) and Descendant (representing her partner). Further down I’ll get to the fine-tuning of this chart, but first I want to look at what are the hidden features of Kate’s birth chart in declination.

Hidden Aspects in her chart

Sun parallel Neptune at 22° South declination. Sun is the vital force, the masculine principle of outward-directed energies. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, a transcendent outer planet that relates to dreams, inner vision, creative imagination, and ideals. Combined this way with the Sun, Neptune’s energies fuse with it so the person desires the ideal or is even seen to embody it. Many with this aspect seem to have that extra special quality that cannot be attributed to particular physical qualities or anything you can put your finger on. It can indicate the drive to be creative, to inspire, to serve and uplift others. However, the first impressions created by Neptunian energies may not accurately reflect how the person really is or feels inside.

Sun contra-parallel Moon. This is the opposition, but in declination. So it doubly emphasizes those dynamics. This one is not really so hidden since the opposition is plain to see in the flat wheel chart.

The Moon is not always contra-parallel the Sun even if it is opposite it. So this dual opposition of longitude and declination makes this Sun-Moon relationship probably the strongest factor in her chart.

This is a true full moon. That is why it is conjunct the North Node.

The personal desires and ego are in search of full integration and balance. She can extend herself quite well to others and the outer world, but too much emphasis on outer appearances and keeping a stiff upper lip can leave her feeling misunderstood, wanting to retreat to familiar safe ground. These two signs of Cancer and Capricorn are in full archetypal effect here with Moon in maternal Cancer and Sun in paternal Capricorn. Kate possesses both nurturing sensitivity and ambition that requires strength in the face of challenges.

The Lunar feminine, subjective energies are at full expression, so it can mean high emotional and physical energies. With Sun at its full reach opposite the Moon there is a strong drive to be someone in the outer world. It is that inner feminine that pulls her back to what she needs and how she connects to those closest who aren’t necessarily expecting her put up a front, but to just be herself.

There is a balance to be found that is challenging: remain true to what she feels and stay close to those she most trusts while taking on the challenges that match the strength she knows she has or wants to discover.

Mercury parallel Uranus brings together the planet of thought and communication (Mercury) with its higher octave (Uranus) the planet of electromagnetic frequency (broadcast) and the collective mind (public). That makes this an aspect of group-mindedness.

She connects to others broadly and quickly and can think lightning fast when needed. She can be decisive, but unpredictable at times, as her mind is more inventive than usual. This may not be apparent earlier in life, but will certainly become more obvious as her role as mother raising children fades and she once again becomes a woman of her own apart from that role.

Her mind will of necessity be more attuned to the electronic world than predecessors in similar roles. This is an aspect that urges a forward-thinking mind that leaves behind many of the hangups of the previous societal attitudes. Expect bits of eccentricity and independent-mindedness to eventually show once she is fully comfortable with her place as a royal.

Kate is capable of the mental relationship with the public in her role as a royal.

Saturn contra-parallel Pluto is an aspect of power struggle. Integration is needed between responsibility to others and personal empowerment. There is no doubt she will butt heads at times with entrenched power structures or expectations, but with both these in Libra and also conjunct in longitude, there is a chance at a fair compromise being reached in a way that is mostly satisfactory to her and those old ways.

This aspect tends to eventually produce dynamics of struggle in which for a while it seems there is no resolution. There is a game of power struggle, especially involving media (these are in the 3rd house) and her communication to society. There have already been such power/privacy matters come up in her and William’s dealings with the paparazzi that had to be addressed by their lawyers.

The rectification with planetary metrics (for serious students and advanced astrologers)


    • A progressed planet making a culminating aspect (minor or major) to a much faster moving natal planet or point that matches the nature of life events occuring simultaneously, and often across the entire duration of the culminating phase, which lasts while the aspect is within about 0°04′ of exact — applying through separating. The slower the progressed planet, and the faster the natal planet or point, the more potential it has in validating or rectifying a birth chart.

There are other internal metrics that may also correlate with certain types of life events, but involve a planet progressing to an exact aspect with a slow planet that moved little on the date of the person’s birth, thus not useful for rectifying purposes.

Maintaining less than a 0°05′ orb for progressed aspects is important. Culminating, exact, or just culminated progressed aspects are the most active aspects at any time and will feature their energies in the way the person’s life story culminates in particular events. Also, 0°05′ arc is the average distance the Sun travels in 2 hours, the average time it takes for one sign to pass over the horizon at the equator — a general measure for knowing that such progressed aspects are referred from an accurate natal chart.

It is not how ‘major’ the aspect is in progression, but how close it is to culmination that matters. Students who clear the excess data out of the aspectarians and study them carefully will be able to find these metrics.

Back to Kate’s chart

The date of her marriage to prince William, 29 April 2011, (using 7 PM chart 19° Leo) progressed Uranus 4SAG13.7′ was semi-square natal Sun within 0°02′ of culmination (separating). This brings together the ruler of her Ascendant (Sun) in near culminated aspect with the ruler of her 7th house of relationships (Uranus). This metric does indicate we’ve got the right signs over the Asc and Descendant, and are pretty close to an accurate Asc degree.

It also depicts astrologically the changes and stress to her home/relational life as she and Prince William began to get seriously acquainted and merge their lives. It can’t be easy to go from being an obscure private person to being in the paparazzi spotlight as a potential royal and now Duchess.

This progressed Uranus/natal Sun metric was active (within 0°05′ arc of culmination) across the period of Kate’s breakup with William, reconciliation, and marriage to him only if natal Sun is plus or minus 19CAP11. That is only if the radix Asc is 14-17° Leo. So this metric helps narrow down the radix Asc.

The other metric is Saturn quindecile/105° natal Venus. This was also very near culmination during this period. That aspect acts as a ‘mini square.’ However, this one is not as specifying of a radix Asc degree area. That is because her natal Venus was in retrograde motion and only moved 0°22′ the whole day. Therefore, while this aspect is simultaneous with the Uranus-Sun progression, it would have been active within 05′ arc for a natal Venus position a couple signs earlier and later over her Asc.

This 105° aspect (referred to generically as in the 15° quindecile series) is not marked in the aspectarian. However, the dynamic is undeniable in Kate’s life during this period of relationship growth and stress. It functions as a light or ‘mini’ square. Both aspects speak of the relational stress potentially resulting in commitment (Saturn).

Now on Kate and William’s marriage date her chart’s progressed Sun was right around 19° Aquarius, so with a slightly earlier Asc it would be over the horizon in the 7th house. So we don’t need to consider her Ascendant in Leo to be any later than 19°.

Let’s go back to when they first met and watch how their relationship progressed [2]

Kate and William first met at university September 2001.

They were first seen and photographed behaving as a couple at a ski trip in Klosters, Switzerland 28 March 2004.
– Progressed Saturn at 22LIB15 was 105°/Quindecile natal Venus 7AQU14, orb 01′
– Progressed Sun at 11AQU47 was 105°/Quindecile natal Pluto 26LIB49, orb 02′

William was invited to spend Christmas 2006 with Kate’s family and was planning to, but backed out, which upset Kate.[3] This is the beginning of the progressed Uranus influence with it at 4SAG06.4′ semi-square natal Sun 19CAP11 in a radix set at 15° Leo, orb <05′ (applying).

Kate and William broke up 3 April 2007.[3] (11 days before The Sun printed a story about it.) Progressed Uranus was applying a bit tighter to culmination of its semi-square to natal Sun.

On that breakup day, transiting Uranus was 16PIS17 — a good indicator for the Ascendant when there are breakups and an on/off dynamic in the relationships. Giving a transit orb of 2°, we can expect her natal Asc 14-18° Leo.
Other transits on the breakup day:
– Saturn: declination 16N35 = Parallel natal Asc 11-17° Leo.
– Pluto: declination 16S27 = Parallel natal DC 11-17° Aquarius.
These taken together also confirm Kate’s radix Asc range at 14-15° Leo.

They reconciled secretly 9 June 2007, when she attended a party at his barracks to celebrate the end of training. Jupiter would be more an indicator of this reconciliation than any of the previous planets indicated in breakup.
– Progressed Sun was +/- 15AQU02 [16S20 declination], indicating a radix very near opposite or contra-parallel this figure 14LEO57 – 15LEO07, [16S15-25].
– Progressed Moon was +/- 19GEM14 in quincunx to natal Sun 19CAP11.
– Progressed Uranus 4SAG07 is now within 04′ of culminating its semi-square to natal Sun.

So the degree area indicated is 12-18 at widest, 14-15° more narrowly.

They had visibly reconciled by October and in an outing had trouble with the paparazzi as reported 5 October 2007 by BBC. Prince William and Kate Middleton were chased in their car by paparazzi. It was the first time they had been seen together in months, which triggered aggressive interest by media and photographers. It was the same week an official inquest was begun into his mother, Princess Diana’s death during a paparazzi chase in France.

– Progressed Sun was +/-15AQU21, which should be directly opposite the Ascendant or even above the horizon into the 7th house now that their relationship had publicly solidified.
– Progressed Uranus was near 4SAG08, tightening its semi-square to natal Sun further.

– Uranus 15PIS44, which can confidently be considered not just quincunx her real natal Asc using an orb of 2°, but more importantly is semi-sextile her DC using an orb of under 1°. This was a partnered event. So the DC is indicated by the Uranu transit.
So the degree area indicated is 15-16° Leo, quite strongly.

This Uranus transit quincunx the correct natal Asc or semi-sextile natal DC is very important. On/off relationships are characterized in this way by Uranus transits. Then we see Pluto come into possible contra-parallel transit and using a 50′ arc for its orb of influence, we can see it also indicates a similar degree area with Uranus’ second pass October 2007 being the one that narrows things down to 15-17°45′ or so. Progressed Sun points to the correct degree in my view.

We know these two events (breakup and reconciliation) are not due to Uranus trine to Kate’s natal Moon (18 Cancer), because that is a flowing transit — not one of breakups and reconciliations or setbacks. For the same reason those experiences cannot be attributed to Uranus sextile her natal Sun (19 Capricorn). They are relational in nature because they involved Kate’s relationship to William, and they involved typical kinds of temporary changes or upsets associated with Uranus.

These types of supposedly minor aspects and transits to the appropriate calculated points are overlooked by astrologers all too often, particularly in rectification efforts. Relationships are 7th house matters, particularly a matter of the DC itself.

She moved in wtih him at his cottage in Wales June 2010. Using a radix chart set at 15° Leo we see the following progressions:
– Progressed Uranus 4SAG12 in 4th house was semi-square natal Sun, orb 0°01′ (just separated from culmination). So this marks the Uranus metric to natal Sun from the period they broke up through their marriage.
– Progressed Sun was trine progressed Mars (orb 0°01′)
– Progressed Saturn 22LIB14 makes a 105° aspect (quindecile) to natal Venus (ruler of 4th house), orb 0°02′.
Those aspects narrow the viable radix area quite a bit because of the quick movement in the radix of Sun, Venus, Mars that would not have allowed these progressed aspects to be near culmination unless we are using a pretty accurate chart. So we’re now looking at late degrees of Libra over the 4th cusp and a narrow range for where the natal Sun should be.

Engagement and marriage progressions

So let’s look again at Kate’s progressions, now using the 15° Leo Asc. Using Fred Bickum’s Declinations Aspect Calculator[4] I was able to further narrow her Asc by finding the only area in declination in which Saturn made an aspect to her Asc/DC axis on the date of her marriage. Progressed Saturn was at 6S14, making a -22.5° aspect to Asc and +22.5° to DC. That puts Asc 16N14-16′, which is +/-15LEO19. Saturn is commitment so this is an important, decisive factor.

First, let’s look at this chart with progressions for the date of their engagement, 20 October 2010:

– Progressed Sun quincunx natal Moon, confirming its radix position exactly (orb 00′)
– Progressed Uranus 4SAG13 is still tightly semi-square natal Sun (orb 02′)
– Progressed Saturn 22LIB11 still 105°/quindecile natal Venus, 02′

Now the marriage progressions:

– Progressed Moon within 0°15′, just past her Asc — that should be convincing enough
– Progressed Uranus still in semi-square to natal Sun, 03′ separating
– Progressed Saturn 22LIB11 still 105°/quindecile natal Venus, 02′ separating

Remember the progressed Sun was at +/- 15AQU02 when they quietly reconciled, and 15AQU21 on the date of their problematic first pubic outing later? That fits perfectly with this range, helping narrow it to 15LEO02-21.

What is interesting about this chart is it has Pluto opposite the Midheaven. That makes a lot of sense given her now very influential and powerful position relative to the rest of society.


1. Kate Middleton chart data/time source, Natalie Delahaye blog post:

2. Kate & William timeline:

3. Parade magazine article, Why William and Kate broke up in 2007…

4. Fred Bickum’s Declinations Aspect Calculator:

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What we do …

We spend lifetime after lifetime learning to love while finding our way out of the labyrinth of ego that seeks to protect us and maintain our worth as individuals.

So we either learn to love one completely in unity and without reservation, or we leave unfinished business with them. That is a fundamental emotional reason to reincarnate, forget who we/they were, and start fresh all over again. Or we learn to love that one so fully and end that time in peace so that we can move on next time and learn to love another soul on earth, and another next time, until we are such masters of love we could do it with anyone anywhere in the universe.

Maybe it isn’t this way with every one of us, but I have no doubt this is how it is for a lot of us. How about you?

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Graham Hancock: revolutionary ideas

Photo by Cpt.Muji via wikipedia commons.

I noticed recently that Isaac Starkman obtained a copy of Graham Hancock’s birth certificate and it had a time of birth, 7:50 PM GDT. This creates a chart with an Ascendant of 10° Capricorn. I think this chart is pretty accurate as-is.

Here’s what is interesting. Not only are Venus and Uranus opposite the Ascendant, but they are contra-parallel it, along with Pluto. Uranus and Pluto contra-parallel Asc. A good declination picture for his rather independent and revolutionary approach to recorded history and Egyptology.

The idea he has operated with is that it is not just official transcribed history that tells us what happened, but the intersection of linguistic heritages around the world as well as the geographic evidence that speaks in ways science can decipher (if scientists will see it). This has put him outside mainstream opinion, particularly academic opinion, which too often holds itself proudly as holding the final perfectly polished truth.

Controversy and push-back from powerful influences in academia, media, etc, are what can be expected with Uranus and Pluto opposite and/or contra-parallel the Asc. (The wikipedia page for Graham insists his work pushes “pseudo-scientific” theories.)

Can we see how Uranus there shows in his personal relational life? Yes. His wife, photographer Santha Faiia, is from a different ethnic and cultural background (Malaysia). So this well illustrates Venus and Uranus on the Descendant of Graham’s chart.

Graham spent many of his growing up years in India. He’s published at least 15 books, and has talked about ending a 24-year Cannabis habit. He’s not a religious person, but a spiritually-minded one, having taken Ayahuasca with native shamans in South America.

Other than that, we don’t know much about Graham. He’s been pretty quiet about his private life and very earnest in his self-directed research and authorship work. Pretty much in line with a typical Capricorn personality.


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