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Constitutional Questionnaire

And Tongue Analysis – for reading your body’s needs

I do online consultations with information from the Constitutional Health Questionnaire and/or Tongue Analysis to determine the best herbal recommendations and nutrition for you. You can take the questionnaire below and send me a picture of your tongue. It comes to my e-mail inbox and I will read it and get back to you. But first note if there are any time patterns associated with any symptoms. Include that in your answers to the questionnaire.

Biorhythm Cycles

This is used to identify a stressed organ/system. Note the times of day when your energy lags or you cannot sleep or your particular symptoms are most troublesome. This is especially helpful if the trouble extends across a 4-hour period.

NOTE: subtract for Daylight Savings Time in summer.

Time range Organ (element)
1-3 am Liver (wood)
3-5 am Lung (metal)
5-7 am Lg intestine (metal)
7-9 am Stomach (earth)
9-11 am Spleen-pancreas (earth)
11 am-1 pm Heart (fire)
1-3 pm Sm intestine (fire)
3-5 pm Bladder (water)
5-7 pm Kidney (water)
7-9 pm Heart constrictor/vascular (fire)
9-11 pm Triple heater/endocrine (fire)
11 pm-1 am Gallbladder (wood)

Constitutional Health Questionnaire – for determining appropriate herbs and nutrition

(3) Circulation/vitality

Thank you. Next step…

Tongue analysis

If you like you can do just Tongue Analysis alone. Take a good clear close-up picture of your tongue, preferably one of the top side and one of the bottom side. Then e-mail them to me: kannonmcafee(at)gmail(dot)com and I will get back with my recommendations. Suggested paypal donation $20 for Tongue Analysis only, $30 for Full Analysis with Questionnaire (use this e-mail in paypal).

Tongues are not all alike. Know why? They reveal the condition of the interior of the body, all its systems and the overall health. Your tongue will help me know what herbs and foods are harmful and which ones are helpful to you.

Examples of Tongue Analysis

KM_5.26.13 This tongue shows a pale color, indicating low energy and vitality. There is a noticeable crack that runs the length of the tongue indicating a weakened and/or innately delicate constitution requiring constant care and nutritional and herbal supplementation and plenty of rest. This crack forks at the rear of the tongue indicating deficiency of both yin (fluids) and yang (functional strength). The end of the tongue is turned up and has an inflamed tip (bump). This indicates inflammation affecting the heart (allergies). There are also tiny red points (not visible in this picture) indicating liver/nerve irritation and interruptions in the blood flow of the upper body. The tiny cracks and lines show this is a sensitive body that needs to be built up with nutrition, blood building, a conservative use of energy output and long-term building up of the root strength.

Recommendations: yin and yang tonics varied with energy tonics (adaptogens), concentrated nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs that relieve inflammation and calm an over-active immune system, and a long-term strategy for building up the blood and entire body to close up that crack you see.

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