Constitutional Health Questionnaire

This questionnaire is taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine as outlined and detailed in the book Your Nature, Your Health by S. Dharmanandha, PhD. It will help determine what herbs and combinations will most benefit your health. You can follow the links at the end and/or contact me with your results so that I can give you recommendations.

1. Determine whether you fall mostly into the ‘strong/stressed’ category or the ‘weakened/deficient’ category.

Some of us are born innately stronger and tend to stay healthier and handle more. Others are born with more delicate constitutions and require more maintenance. Some of us are in the middle and may go either way, depending on how things are at the moment.

Read through both and count how many you check in each of the two categories.

Stressed/strong constitution:
_ Recovers quickly from illness/trauma.
_ Illness tends to produce rather intense symptoms.
_ Can usually work long hours.
_ Can consistently perform athletics or physical exercise.
_ Can eat most foods without much digestive trouble.
_ Continues without medical help through all but the most serious ailments.
_ Usually feels youthful and vigorous.
_ Discomforts or symptoms don’t normally prevent work, play, or continuing with plans.
_ Able to set goals and meet/exceed them, even if more effort is required than expected.
_ Open to trying new activities or arrangements.
_ Usually has few side effects or bad reactions from drugs (but when they do can be severe).
_ Prefers large doses of herbs, health foods, etc.
_ Feels limited benefit from nutritional supplements.

Deficient/weakened constitution:
_ Recovers slower from illness/trauma.
_ Illnesses usually produce lingering discomforts and fatigue.
_ Fatigue sets in after a few hours work (can’t keep up with A-types).
_ Does only light exercise or none at all.
_ Digestion easily upset: food intolerances/allergies: must watch diet closely.
_ Often looking for ways to boost health or get help with energy/function.
_ Has often felt worn out or debilitated.
_ Discomforts or symptoms often interfere with work, play, disrupts plans.
_ Difficulty setting goals and meeting them; projects easily become a burden and are dropped.
_ Prefers to deal with what is familiar and doesn’t further stress their health.
_ Often has undesirable reactions to drugs or must dose lower than others.
_ Gets results from modest doses of herbs and responds well to homeopathic remedies.
_ Can feel dramatic improvements with nutritional supplements.

So, are you mostly stressed/strong category or deficient/weakened? One is probably clearly dominant. If not, you may have a mixed constitution.

2. Determine the basic elemental constitutional type.

Check off any items in the list of correlating periods for ‘worse’ conditions, emotions, and manifestations. Then check off anything in the table listing Conditions and Disorders.

See which element dominates. Add that to your your stressed/weakened score and you’ve got your basic constitutional profile.

EARTH (spleen, stomach, muscles, mouth)
Worse: 7 – 11:00 AM / late summer / dampness
Emotions: sympathy, worry, cogitation
Manifestations: digestive troubles (bloating, gas, excess/lack of appetite)

Earth Common Conditions:
– weak digestion
– food allergy
– loose stool
– weight problems
– yellowish complexion
– morning sickness
– candida/fungal infection
– bad breath
Organic Disorders:
– ulcers
– hernia
– hemorrhoids
– uterine bleeding
– gastro-enteritis
– swollen joints
– leukorrhea


FIRE (heart, small intestine, tongue)
Worse: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM / summer / heat
Emotions: extremes: love, joy, excitement, fright
Manifestations: mental/emotional troubles

Fire Common Conditions:
– insomnia
– broken heart
– excitability
– heart palpitations
– vivid dreaming
– red complexion
– poor memory
Organic Disorders:
– heart attack
– angina pectoris
– abdominal pain
– burning urination
– oral ulceration
– epilepsy


WATER (kidney, bladder, reproductive organs, bones, ears)
Worse: 3 – 7:00 PM / winter / cold
Emotions: fear, dread, withdrawal
Manifestations: fluid/urinary troubles, reproductive/lower body problems

Water Common Conditions:
– low sex drive/impotence
– edema, lower body bloating
– weak knees/legs
– low metabolism/appetite
– dizziness
– backache or sciatica
– frequent urination
– dark complexion
– adrenal exhaustion
Organic Disorders:
– nephritis
– osteoporosis
– arthritis
– diminished hearing/deafness
– loss of teeth
– thyroid disorders
– prostatitis
– urinary tract infections


ENERGY (7-11 PM heart constrictor, triple heater)
Worse: extremes of cold/heat
Emotions: depression, lack of hope/control
Manifestations: multiple/layered/chronic health issues

Energy Constitution Common Conditions:
– hypochondria
– chronic congestion
– digestive disturbance
– poor energy
– cold limbs
– pale complexion
– premature aging
– edema, bloating
Organic Disorders:
– immune system collapse
– hormone imbalances
– organ damage/dysfunctions
– arthritis
– auto-immune disease
– prolapse of organs
– allergies


WOOD (liver, gallbladder, tendons, eyes)
Worse: 11:00 PM – 3:00 AM / spring / wind
Emotions: indecisiveness/assertiveness, anger, frustration, depression
Manifestations: tensions, tightness, congestion

Wood Common Conditions:
– shoulder/neck tension
– dry, itchy eyes
– digestive disturbance
– headaches
– insomnia
– chest tension
– tinnitus (ringing in ears)
– skin disorders
– dark complexion
– breast swelling/pain
Organic Disorders:
– hepatitis
– gallstones/polyps
– colitis
– ulcer
– appendicitis
– peritonitis
– eye infections
– tendon inflammation/strains
– glaucoma, cataracts
– tumors
– hypoglycemia


METAL (lung, colon, skin, nose)
Worse: 3 – 5:00 AM / fall / dryness
Emotions: grief, sadness, melancholy
Manifestations: breathing and phlegm congestion (lungs, sinuses)

Metal Common Conditions:
– cough
– nausea
– arm numbness
– cloudy thinking
– sinus congestion
– pale complexion
– excessive perspiration
– constipation
– hayfever
Organic Disorders:
– bronchitis
– asthma
– emphysema
– thyroid cancer
– skin diseases
– diabetes
– pleurisy
– nasal polyps


Which element gave you the highest score? That is what should get priority right now. Email me your totals in each category if you would like my input:

Herbal formulas for your constitution:

If the recommended products linked below are too pricey for you, ask me about equivalent formulas for less. Each of the formulas listed below are also available in a TCM Concentrate.

> For Excess Earth types: NSP’s AGC (anti-gas)
> For Deficient Earth types: NSP’s Spleen Activator (warm/strengthen center)

> For Excess Fire types: NSP’s Stress Relief (STRC) formula
> For Deficient Fire types: NSP’s Nervous Fatigue formula

> For Excess Water types: NSP’s Kidney Activator Chinese
> For Deficient Water types: NSP’s KBC

> For Excess Energy types: NSP’s Mood Elevator
> For Deficient Energy types: NSP’s Trigger Immune (IMMC)

> For Excess Wood types: NSP’s Liver Balance (LIVC)
> For Deficient Wood types: NSP’s Blood Stimulator

> For Excess Metal types: NSP’s Breathe Activator
> For Deficient Metal types: NSP’s Lung Support