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Critical Thinking

As a Virgo riser and Saturnine-born personality, I bring critical thinking to astrology. It took a while examining patterns related especially to predictive astrology for more skepticism to start entering my approach to it. I was like many younger enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Summer solstice full moon

This full moon will have Sun [23N27] parallel Venus [23N56]. So it has some really nice potential for kindness and love to shine. I see it as an opening for some good emotive, honest communication to take place for those … Continue reading

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Healing Orlando & the USA

I woke this morning thinking of the Pulse club in Orlando. I imagined what it must be like to be suddenly responsible for taking quick action to save lives. Imran Yousuf came to mind again. He was interviewed by CBS … Continue reading

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Predictive Tools in Astrology

If you look at all the predictive options offered at a free chart site, you’ll get a long list. This reflects the experimental nature of much astrological investigation by symbolic thinkers operating in consumerist societies that love choices — no … Continue reading

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Planets close and far

David Cochrane pointed out in his declinations video that we’re not really doing 3D astrology unless we’re taking into account distance. Good point, and something I’ve neglected. (We’re assuming of course the 4th dimension of time). This is important, because … Continue reading

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Transits to the Nodes: making change Yours!

Note that a planet positioned square the Nodal axis will have shadings of both interpretations. Virtually all these transits to the Nodes open up the possibility of encountering someone who shakes up or changes your life in some way, and … Continue reading

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