Natural Healing

Biocircuits for balancing energy, grounding

Biocircuits made of copper conduct bio-electricity similarly to acupuncture treatments, but through all energy channels simultaneously, and whenever you need it at home in your own time. This can produce a state of deep relaxation, relaxed trance, even sleep. It facilitates healing on all levels — mental, physical, spiritual.

Read more about their benefits here:

Get Grounded!

This is Free Healing available to everyone!

Anxiety, fear, paranoia, etc, cannot function within you unless you are not grounded. Only when you are not fully grounded can these mental patterns persist — unless there are genuine mental health issues to be addressed.

Inevitably anxiety, depression and similar blocks of energy flow or ruts of mental patterns are rooted in and/or corrected by breathing.

We tense up the diaphragm without noticing. We shorten our breaths and short ourselves on energy and peace. Tightening up our breathing subconsciously will cause tension and problems in conscious thinking patterns.

There are two ways in which we get grounded:

  1. Primary: Within our own bodies through the vertical glandular/chakra system with healthy habits in breathing and sex.
  2. Secondary: Into the earth itself with the help of the natural energies in water or trees.

Grounding With Deep Breathing Exercises

First, take the time to take some deep breaths. Deep and slow down into the belly. You can do this anywhere, anytime, but its best to have some quiet space to yourself for 10-15 minutes.

Place your hand over or just below your belly button so you can feel your breaths going there. It is best to lie down with your knees up to get the most relaxation. Breathe so that it lifts your lower abdomen until it is full. Do this, slowly, repeatedly inhaling and exhaling at least 20-30 inhale/exhale cycles.

It is likely you will begin to feel some relaxation spreading to your limbs after a number of repetitions.

Lie there for 5-10 minutes and let it sink in. Don’t get up to quickly or you will ruin the effect and go right back into anxiety. That is from the tendency to grasp at things too far past or future outside our ‘one day at a time’ reach.

Why Breathing Matters So Much

To practice healthy breathing — inhaling and exhaling, receiving and giving — is to practice living and dying in each moment. It is an acceptance that life involves dying and death allows rebirth.

The subconscious habit of limiting or shutting off the breath is often the practice of holding, but not releasing (or giving). This means constantly accumulating what is not of the True Self. This lies at the very foundation of cumulative karma, being unable to let go, including at the end of one’s life to be a pure Soul again. Instead one remains attached in some way to these unresolved feelings and thus sign a contract of business to be finished later.

To practice relaxed inhaling and exhaling, receiving and giving, is to be comfortable with living and dying as part of the natural way that spontaneously folds and unfolds all around us with embraces through eternity.

To do this is to mother ourselves with comfort, rhythm and natural being.

The Buddha said meditation – Dhyana – wasn’t something supernatural, but natural. It is mere sitting. What takes place within us as we sit? We’re just sitting and breathing. There is no magical mindset to be achieved, but the acceptance of Self/Life.

Grounding Into The Earth

This may be more needed during times of change or if you have a high stress job or otherwise cannot get the full benefit you need from grounding within your own body.

That’s What Trees Are For

Go to a park or quiet place and sit with your back to a tree for a while. Breathe deeply and just let yourself be at peace. Trees have amazing grounding power!

Trees are our partners our whole lives — if we allow this. In fact, it is the oxygen they release to us in exchange for our carbon dioxide that even allows us to live. Contemplate that for a while.

We have a very intimate relationship with trees and the green, oxygen-producing growing things on planet earth. Is it possible they can do more than just feed us a steady flow of oxygen that we so often take for granted?

These grand beings we call trees are the mediators between the sun and animal life forms on Earth. In fact, forester Suzanne Simard, PhD has discovered trees actually live in protective, well-connected communities mediated through fungi.

Grounding – A Lesson In Healing For Everyone

If you’ve ever known “airy-fairy” mystical types who had gone off on a tangent with some guru or on a paranoid line of thinking, they almost certainly had not yet learned the importance of getting grounded. Modern media, the internet, the spread of knowledge, big new ideas, mind expansion, heightened awareness — all these can be great, but if you don’t remain grounded they can eventually become detrimental to maintaining balance and healthy perspective.

When I was doing some intense energy healing several years back (2006 I think), the facilitator recommended after the first session that I go sit by a tree to get grounded. It worked! I had been feeling light-headed, even a bit restless after that first session, and this tree-grounding experience was a revelation that became at least as important as the energy work we did. That was one of the most important, practical insights of my whole life.

Imbalanced Living Is Uncomfortable

Fear, anxiety, stress and overwhelm can all be resolved by getting grounded, because they are all products of an over-active mind. When there is too much weighting one end of a scale (the head/mind) what do we do to create balance? Put more on the other end, of course (sacrum/base/feet).

Meditative Traditions Understood This

Very often thinking and cognition create problems that are not even there, or focus on problems that cannot be solved today. Zen masters and practitioners have understood this for centuries and have offered Zazen (simple sitting meditation) as a discipline that can produce grounding at any given time and increasingly over time. What happens is you get control of your mind gradually, slow down the thinking process so you can learn to see yourself and life circumstances and stresses in perspective.

The Most Direct Way

Trees are available for almost everyone. Seek them out. It may not work for you right away, but if you persist from the desire for peace, it will eventually.

Peace and Blessings.


2 Responses to Natural Healing

  1. signalroom7 says:

    I loved this Kannon, thank you.

    I like to sit by the water (in my case,
    the mighty Hudson River)
    and put my feet in the water,
    and hear the sound of the
    waves. It is soothing and
    grounding at the same time.
    when I leave my little place
    by the water, I touch the leaves
    and thank the trees, and in my
    Lords name I bless the rocks,
    the sand, the trees, the sky,
    the clouds, the water, the insects
    the soil and the plants around me
    for being there with me so beautifully,
    then I bless myself and walk the long
    walk home. This spontaneous ritual
    I find, calms me. I feel surrounded
    by friends.


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