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Kurt Cobain chart note

I have just cracked the code on Kurt Cobain’s internal chart metrics. The internal chart metrics are those major progressed to natal aspects that sync up with symbolically appropriate major life events to validate a correct natal chart and allow … Continue reading

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Emma Stone: best actress Oscar winner

Congratulations Emma! You were great in The Help. I can’t wait to see La La Land. I’m pretty sure the chart astrodatabank has for Emma is reasonably accurate in spite of the “Dirty Data” rating for referencing a supposed OK … Continue reading

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More on Neptune and Imagination

Neptune in astrology resonates with saturated blue (indigo) and is the higher octave of Venus. Read its definition here. Lying in bed last night, ear buds funneling music intimately into my head I began fantasizing about being the performer. I … Continue reading

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Solar eclipse Feb 26

A solar eclipse is a highly energized New Moon, representing a new cycle of energy for the next several months. Sun & Moon 8PIS12 are conjunct Neptune 11PIS35, and Mercury 1PIS10. Ideas and higher concepts are being emphasized. A lot … Continue reading

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Biocircuits ease pain, mental negativity

Just had a great little session with the copper biocircuit. I woke very draggy, stiff, weak, and a bit flat this morning. After just several minutes using my biocircuit I feel positive, grateful, energized, and ready to get on with … Continue reading

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Energy Healing … again

For several years I’ve kept energy healing in the background of my life. No more. Having been given this gift I must pass it on. Doing so also makes my life better. I’m happier. A lot of us need healing … Continue reading

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Larimar: superstar healing stone

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite[/caption] Once again I am getting the benefit of Larimar to re-balance things physically and spiritually. The stone has worked for me in a variety of ways over the years, and this … Continue reading

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