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Rhodochrosite: initial results

I’ve got this little tumbled Rhodochrosite in my pouch that hangs from my neck. I got three of them for a great prce from a seller on Etsy. In the last several days since I’ve been keeping it on my … Continue reading

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Messages From Earth: 1

The is the first of a series of messages channeled from the Gaian consciousness that woke me just before midnight (1 AM PDT) last night. It came with enough clarity and purpose I knew it would be an ongoing series. … Continue reading

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Healing Stone Rhodochrosite

I’ve ordered my first few pieces. I’ve never used it, but it can be a very healing stone. Today and six weeks ago I flipped through The Crystal Bible, landing on the page for Rhodochrosite. Guess it’s about time I … Continue reading

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Expert Perspectives on Covid19: stop the fear, end the lockdowns

Covid19 is a matter of health and science and should not be polluted with partisan biases. Here in the U.S. Democrats and leftists (of which I am one) seem to be mindlessly engaging in selective listening and re-parroting a blame-Trump … Continue reading

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