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The New Snake Oil Salesmen

I have noticed the recent rise in popularity of the skeptic debater as a new intellectual hero to some, revered nearly on the level of ministers or humanitarians of yesteryear. This is a movement termed “new atheism” and features such … Continue reading

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Basic Constitutional Health Typology

Basis in Naturalistic Principles Very observant mystics in China called Taoists were often preoccupied with a couple activities: (a) tasting and ingesting various herbs and substances to determine their health benefits and value as medicines or foods; (b) the manifestation … Continue reading


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Herbal solutions for fluid accumulation

Most people with excess fluids in their bodies don’t know it until it has reached a critical point of dragging you down and creating pressures. Excess fluid accumulates slowly just like excess fat, so it can often be difficult to … Continue reading

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Follow-up on ethics in astrology

I had no idea what can of worms I was opening when I previously addressed ethics in astrology. Since that recent post, as a result of other interactions with fellow astrologers, it has come to my attention that there are … Continue reading

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