Biocircuit is a general term that could be applied to a number of passive devices (not putting outside electricity into the body) that conduct the body’s own energy through and out of the body and back into it again. The greatest benefits come with a device that adds little or none of its own frequencies, but allows free flow of bio-energy so that blockages can be overcome and greater balanced achieved in the body.

Biocircuits include Eeman Screens (copper, silver, silk), The Edgar Cayce Radial Appliance, and possibly other devices operating in similar fashion.

Eeman Screens

Here are some images showing the three main circuits that can be created using Eeman Screens. (These are copper).

The Basic Grounding Circuit (Eeman Optimal Relaxation Circuit)

The top screen goes under the back of your head and the handle connected to it is held in your left hand. The other screen goes under your tailbone and the handle connected to it is held in your right hand. Then you must cross your ankles for the circuit to be closed and start working.
Copper biocircuit 001

The X-circuit

This one is used for a more whole body effect for stronger grounding and stronger lifting of energy.

This one is easier to remember and manage, as you only need to strap a screen to each foot and hold the handle for each one in the opposite hand.
Copper biocircuit 002

The X-plus circuit (Lindemann Centrally Symmetrical Circuit)

This is the full-on effect where a person plagued with fatigue, aging, etc, can get fuller effects in shorter sessions and experience more complete healing possibly in a shorter period of time. Be careful with this one — its quite powerful!
Copper biocircuit 003