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Solarpunk requires …

Solarpunk requires a reorientation of our notions of human potential away from previously established systems of society (social, economic, political) and back to core human needs, village, and the power of nature. It requires building new models to function alongside … Continue reading


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Break from all astrology work coming Dec 14

I will be taking a 3 month vacation from all astrology work as of December 14. It is time for me to focus on writing fiction until I’ve gotten the result I want. I will not be responding to emails … Continue reading

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Use discernment with astrology websites

There are lots of astrology websites and blogs online. LOTS! The age of digital self-publishing has made it possible for virtually anyone calling themselves an astrologer or engaging in astro-chat (astrologists) to have such a website. I have a couple … Continue reading

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Upcoming content: astrology – progressions – rectification

Thanks to all my new followers who have recently subscribed. At the moment I’m dealing with some exhaustion, and am taking it easy. I’ve been delayed in publishing important new content. Once I’ve recovered well enough I have plans for … Continue reading

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