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Eclipse/Full Moon in Aries

Sun 4LIB40 opposite Moon 4LIB40. Mercury 9LIB54 in retrograde accompanies the Sun, as they apply towards each other. Strong feelings may have to be communicated both emotionally and rationally. This may involve some off/on start/stop efforts since Mercury [6S47] is … Continue reading

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Yerba Mate superior to Coffee for daily go-juice

Okay, so most of us really enjoy coffee, at least occasionally. But I’m talking daily habits here. Coffee: – The average cup contains 120-150 mg caffeine as the only xanthine alkaloid, a ‘hard caffeine’ effect. – Is strongly acid (pH … Continue reading

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse – Sept. 12/13

Sun and Moon at 20°10′ Virgo. When we add that Jupiter is also in that sign at 7°, we see that growth and basic orientation for the next several months comes as we emphasize the practical details of our work … Continue reading

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15-degree aspects in the progressed chart

Given that so many astrologers already use various aspects of 15-degree increments like the 45°/semi-square, the 135°/sesquisquare, and some have become aware of the 165° so-called Quindecile, it seems only natural to add other 15° aspects. However, these are most … Continue reading

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