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About that contagion …

Please, don’t let fear of death persuade you we need to be absolutely protected at all costs from a single germ. That is impossible and could produce worse unintended consequences. True well being means developing confidence in facing adverse conditions, … Continue reading


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3 Myths about covid19

There is still a lot of misinformation about SARS-CoV-2 (the virus behind covid19) being spread out of fear. The following are untruths, myths that have been and may still be circulating about it: It spreads through the air (aerosols). False. … Continue reading

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Perspective on pandemic

Folks, fear does not feed the immune system anything healthy. Where are you with fear right now? Are you taking in fear-based information or news stories about disease? Do you find yourself more anxious than you were a month or … Continue reading

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New homeopathy page

Check out my new page on homeopathy (now integrated into the drop-down menu under “Natural Healing”):

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