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Meghan & Harry’s astrological comparison

What the declinations say Their chart comparison is a great example of how synastry is not done until you’ve at least surveyed the declinations for any major aspects (parallels and contra-parallels) that could color the overall picture. This is an … Continue reading

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Ecologist says trees talk to each other

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The Nodes & Uranus

In an online astrology forum it was mentioned that the last four U.S. presidents have had Uranus conjunct North Node in their birth charts (Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, Trump), and that this could not be mere coincidence. I … Continue reading

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Solar Fire 9 for sale at discount price

I need to sell this program. I paid $324 and will let it go at a substantial discount. This is the latest version of the program. It does a lot, and is one of the most accurate calculating programs available … Continue reading

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Back to work with astrology

The computer is repaired and I am now able to do my usual work. I will still be taking all of April off from rectification work, but all other readings are GO.

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Deprioritizing astrology work

The death of my pc’s hard drive has given me the clear message that it is time to put my priority attention and efforts on my herbal medicine and healing practice, and put astrology work on the  back burner for … Continue reading

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Work stoppage due to pc trouble

My C-drive has failed in the desktop machine I use for work and everything else. I got everything backed up, so it may just be something basic and mechanical to go through to get it working again, but for now … Continue reading

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