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New Moon 17° Virgo

Today I sat here at the desk and wrote a poem as I was still waking, not even thinking that the new moon was happening and that it was happening right on the Ascendant of my birth chart. (After my … Continue reading

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July 27 Lunar Eclipse

This will be a Blood Moon so called because light refracting off Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear reddish in color. More importantly, it is a tight, long Lunar Eclipse with some aspects of great tension accompanying it. A Full Moon … Continue reading

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Meghan & Harry’s astrological comparison

What the declinations say Their chart comparison is a great example of how synastry is not done until you’ve at least surveyed the declinations for any major aspects (parallels and contra-parallels) that could color the overall picture. This is an … Continue reading

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Ecologist says trees talk to each other

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The Nodes & Uranus

In an online astrology forum it was mentioned that the last four U.S. presidents have had Uranus conjunct North Node in their birth charts (Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, Trump), and that this could not be mere coincidence. I … Continue reading

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Solar Fire 9 for sale at discount price

I need to sell this program. I paid $324 and will let it go at a substantial discount. This is the latest version of the program. It does a lot, and is one of the most accurate calculating programs available … Continue reading

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Back to work with astrology

The computer is repaired and I am now able to do my usual work. I will still be taking all of April off from rectification work, but all other readings are GO.

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