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The ego struggle

The ego is a temporal (social) construct intended to reinforce individuality, personal survival and legitimacy. It is interested in what others think of us or might think of us, in competition and dominance, winning at the expense of others, which … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Scorpio: revelations of secrets

Jupiter is the expansion principle whose ultimate aim is truth. Scorpio is the sign that relates to secrets and hidden depths. … And then there’s Saturn and Pluto in declination … The Saturn-Pluto parallel around 20-22° south declination has been … Continue reading

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Astrology in the Edgar Cayce Readings

Edgar Cayce is the most documented psychic in history. For the first two decades of his career (1902-23) his trance readings were focused on health and healing and relieved the suffering of many people. These readings were very often accomplished … Continue reading

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Corey Feldman – taking on the darkness in Hollywood

I don’t leap to use celebrity examples of astrology here, nor do I chase after them with astrology and add to the chatter about them. But Corey Feldman is one that I’m concerned about after seeing his video Corey Feldman’s … Continue reading

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge birth chart (and rectification)

Natalie Delahaye recently blogged about being hired by a friend of Kate and William to do a relationship reading for the royal couple. The time of birth for Kate given to her via the friend was 7 PM.[1] Admittedly, this … Continue reading

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Graham Hancock: revolutionary ideas

I noticed recently that Isaac Starkman obtained a copy of Graham Hancock’s birth certificate and it had a time of birth, 7:50 PM GDT. This creates a chart with an Ascendant of 10° Capricorn. I think this chart is pretty … Continue reading

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Fallacies about birth chart rectification

  1. A person’s life events are all that is needed for an astrologer to determine their birth chart’s correct Ascendant. FALSE – I could show you many cases (from my own attempts) in which progressions (from an inaccurate birth … Continue reading

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