Uranus & Pluto in personal growth

Breaking down Uranus & Pluto: personal growth and transformation

Personal growth as we understand it today cannot be measured in material terms. We are not talking about improved finances, more stuff, promotions or the channeling of ambitions to meet goals. Those are measures of ‘more’ — quantity.

Personal growth is about quality of life as you define it from within. It is subjective and cannot be judged or defined for you by someone else.

First, Pluto and empowerment

Pluto deals with empowerment, important to a lot of people today. It refers to something internal and indefinable that gives us the confidence to deal with any and all situations that may arise. Internal resources. We know they’re there — usually — but are often challenged to feel contact with that invisible, compacted reservoir within us. Its vibrational frequency resonates to saturated red.

Pluto has a (-) negative charge. It tends to pull us inward and pull extraneous life debris from us.

NASA Pluto photo There is purpose in every factor in astrology. Pluto’s purpose is the transformation to empowerment from within that allows one to handle power without (or vice versa). Pluto deals with things secreted off into corners of the body that have not been properly eliminated, as well as elimination of all wastes, particularly those through the GI tract. Pay attention to these more during these transits of Pluto to make sure they are working well and not obstructed.

Pluto: angular transits – conjunct, parallel, square, opposite, contra-parallel natal planets and important points

Pluto transiting angular to natal Moon: psychic/physical purging/cleansing ; elimination of old patterns and feelings left over from childhood; watch for bowel/digestive troubles and catch them early. These transits tend to show how the child-core inside felt empowered — nor not. This can mean an extra push for power, political involvement in adulthood when the transit hits, depending on the sign(s) and house(s) involved. However, the balance to be found is one of control vs influence. This is the time for internal empowerment and the creation of new routines, habits and a deeper-rooted centeredness.

Pluto transiting angular to natal Sun: renewal of vitality, tests of determination to put that vigor to work; gathering strength for a sustained effort; also transformative of health, possibly first requiring a ‘breakdown’ period to get your attention; watch for unnecessary ego conflicts. These transits are better times for external empowerment — the enactment of one’s empowerment in the world of separate egos, goals, and various forms of political power (the social world of rules, leverage, etc).

Pluto transiting angular to natal Mercury: transformation of thought and communication such that the old way of looking at things gets challenged and simply won’t work smoothly anymore. Time to listen, take in significant realizations and act upon them.

Pluto transiting angular to natal Venus: transformation of love and affection, which may affect all your values at a deep level. Don’t expect to get out of this one without some discomfort or pain. Just see it as growing pains and grow your way out of this.

Pluto transiting angular to natal Mars: this can be a test of toughness, bringing to the external-directed Martial impulse the need for an internally directed empowerment behind almost every interaction; Intense! Sometimes this transit can seem to bring confrontation to you that you never perpetrated upon someone else (or maybe you did). Repel inappropriate invasiveness immediately. Stand strong. Know your purpose, hold your head up and withstand the challenges. Unfortunately, you may be challenged by others on the level of animal dominance/submission. A good time for anyone to put themselves through the rigors of a good self-defense course. Set healthy boundaries. Use great caution with weapons and avoid them if possible.

Pluto transiting angular to natal Asc: transformation of identity and overall orientation; purging of old relationships no longer needed; expect some sense of psychological death and rebirth; could be the most difficult time of your life.

Pluto transiting angular to natal MC: often a breakdown of the security and safety of home/family; reconstruction of home environment — people and place; major career challenges and potential successes, depending on age; possible run-in with authority/law.

Uranus and Liberation

How many times have we heard someone say (or said ourselves), “I want to feel more free…”? Free from what? Or free to do what?

Uranus addresses this. It is the astrological factor that deals with the transcendent connection we have to the cosmos and various points within it. It pulls us out of the limits of the mundane and connects us to a larger portion of the universe.

It deals with the psychic, or at least the capacity to connect at a distance, particularly with group consciousness. Its vibrational frequency resonates to saturated green.

Uranus has a (+) positive chart. It adds more into the mix, particularly something unusual or unexpected.

uranus Uranus’ purpose is to increase our conscious connections to all within our observable sphere and over its horizon. Remember, that as “the Awakener” Uranus often disrupts sleep routines, at least until a better balance is found in our thoughts and in our bodies. With all these Uranus transits, be sure to check out any potential causes of health problems coming from communication or other media devices, cell phones, computers, bad lighting, etc. Anything that emits such radiation can affect both the human body and the mind.

Uranus: angular transits – conjunct, parallel, square, opposite, contra-parallel natal planets and important points

Uranus transiting angular to natal Moon: brings the drive to and possibly the necessity of finding one’s own rhythm again; freeing the environment of dissonant input; can shake up domestic arrangements, or at least bring in some interesting visitors to temporarily shake things up. Watch for disturbances related to the Moon (stomach/digestive, breast, female organs). A good time to get regular check-ups and follow-up on any unusual symptoms.

Uranus transiting angular to natal Sun: can be a time of new-found energy and a more active sense of self; the infusion of electric spark into the heart of one’s vital self; this can be a renewal of social presence for many people and the broadening of the social circle. Be careful of overloading the cardiovascular system.

Uranus transiting angular to natal Mercury: a new influx of information that may at times overload the mind; on/off, sometimes excessive or jarring communications in which it may be necessary to weed out superfluous information; can stimulate the mind to higher levels of thought, but can be hard on brain and nerves. Make sure your mineral and B-vitamin intake is good enough. Got to keep those synapses firing comfortably.

Uranus transiting angular to Venus: an often pleasant disruption of a stagnant love life/social life; tends to change what/who we are attracted to, bringing in foreigners, unique people different from our own backgrounds; these changes and relationships may be quite temporary, but very essential to your growth.

Uranus transiting angular to natal Mars: can be an injection of energy, spontaneity, creativity; a renewal of self-determination; can be a way out of fatigue and adrenal lag for some or a disruption of overactive glands for others — but it won’t be boring! Be careful to not over-extend yourself and to take breaks from lines of thought and activity that could eventually wear out your nerves. You’ll find it easier than normal to change directions, divert to less demanding activities and feel refreshed from doing so. Avoid excess contact with weapons or carelessness with them. Lock them up. Also be careful with saws, knives and other sharp cutting tools. Use them when you are rested and in better control.

Uranus transiting angular to natal Asc: a shake up in relationships coming with a renewal of personal identity and purpose; those who have been without a primary relationship may find sudden new prospects; those who have been stuck in a bad one can break free. For those with stable relationships and a sturdy sense of self, this will mean something less dramatic; just try to find a more transcendent, more spontaneous interaction with life. That is the message.

Uranus transiting angular to natal MC: this can be one of those ‘runaway’ transits in which one breaks free of the boring house and burdensome job, maybe simply traveling a lot in order to experience the world more freely; if you have a job that allows it, perfect — just don’t expect it to last. Look for constructive ways to deal with a disruptive person at home.


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