About Kannon

HK_wedding_sm1 I was born in St. David’s Community Hospital in Austin, TX on 26 April 1970, the first child of my parents, and named Joseph Brandon McAfee. I spent nearly my first four decades in Texas, enduring various sorts of challenges and obstacles, mostly health-related, but involving all areas of life. So I learned to focus on soul growth and healing. It payed off.

I now live in St. Johns, Portland, OR with my wife, Heather. When we were looking to settle into a place to ourselves I used astrology to locate the specific area in which we could be in our sweet spot. I’ve been using astrology to help others as well in various capacities since about 1998.

I started out first as a creative writer (songs, poetry) and singer while I was in high school. I wanted to be an athlete and was very driven, but had to stop distance running when I developed temporary scoliosis from the repeated impact on my body. Music got more of my attention after that and I won a full tuition college scholarship for my voice.

After grade school I dealt with a prolonged depression (about two years) that led me to aspire to being a healer. I didn’t go through with the formal training that I thought I needed, but was led to the right training by my deeply held desire. I wanted to help prevent depression and loneliness in others that I was experiencing. I discovered herbal medicine in April 1995. Later I interned with and worked for Ruby Lawler, ND at House of Sunshine in Tyler, TX. In a hypnosis session in 1998 I discovered my inborn (past life) talent as an herbalist/healer.

I began studying astrology in 1996 and am self-taught. Astrology has helped me better understand myself and others. My specialty is birth chart rectification. My belief is that the planets urge us gently, but do not compel. It is our intention — purposeful living — that creates the results. Astrology describes our windows of opportunity for doing this. Your birth chart is the message in a bottle you sent yourself as you were being born.

In 2014 I renewed my creative life after a long period of change by starting a piece of prehistoric fiction (now a short story) inspired by the Werner Herzog film Cave of Forgotten Dreams. This caused me to start a writers group here in St. Johns. As of April 2015 I am also working on a futuristic story set a couple centuries in the future.

I am also working on a set of herbal medicine cards that will serve a dual purpose of flash cards for learning herbal medicine, and as a deck that can be shuffled and drawn from for intuitive guidance on personal herb use. It is my purpose to empower others to feel the nature working within themselves and to resonate to that outside themselves.

My Intention is to be of service first as a healer in herbal medicine and as an energy healer, and secondly in doing astrology. These help me fulfill my chosen ideal in life, to be a healer.

I am also interested in shamanic medicine and in the restoration and preservation of aboriginal and indigenous medicine and spirituality.

Click here to view my birth chart.

Email me at kannonmcafee [at] gmail [dot] com

2 thoughts on “About Kannon

  1. Blessings be. May wellness and well-being grace you and all whom you love.

    I was musing on spirit birth this morning, thinking of the Cayce readings, and remembering some of Helen Wambach’s research … and the Guides led me to some of your posts on astrologyweakly, or weekly if you prefer.

    Stunning! Absolutely. First time I have come across someone who thinks and writes outside the box instead of repeating astro-drivel. (In Jung’s near death experience, he sees the box-system universe with each of us in our tiny cube, celled in by mindless repetition of herd mentality … consensus trance, per Charles Tate.)

    Spot on!! I shall read more of you posts.

    7:24 PM
    Hackensack Hospital, NJ

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