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As of December 2022 I only do astrological gemstone readings

These readings dig deep enough into your personal astrology (via planetary strengths) that they can be life-changing. In all the work I’ve done over the years, I think this reading is the most concise and most helpful. That is why I am returning to it, because it allows aids soul development and even some immediate healing to begin.

Your birth chart (horoscope) is a kind of message in a bottle you sent yourself as you were being born. It can be an aid to recalling your purpose in life, choosing your life’s work, choosing your mate and growing as a whole person. We are all inter-dimensional travelers. You are courageous just to come into life on Earth. We come as creators and each bring our own unique perspective and wisdom to build heaven on earth. Astrology can be a helpful tool to get personal insight and guidance, especially during times of uncertainty. I aim to lend a helping hand with what I’ve learned.

Two things make my astrological practice distinctive:

  • I make use of Declinations. The vast majority of astrologers do not. Declinations are the north-south axis essential for full interpretation.

    Declination along the ecliptic through the tropical sign changes

Recommended Payment Scale for Gemstone Readings:  $20-30
Planetary strengths + gem/crystal recommendations for balancing those energies: $30+ for emailed report. Don’t underestimate this reading. It is practical and can be very valuable, even life-changing. By phone (N. American only), it is about a 30 minute reading. 503-206-4922. It helps to let me know in your request you want a reading by phone. Give your time zone and availability.

Email your full birth data (day, month, year, time of day, and place) to:

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