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What Astrology Is

Know Thyself. Astrology can be seen as both a cosmic influence upon terrestrial life that we all experience while evolving in this solar system.

Your birth chart (horoscope) is a kind of message in a bottle you sent yourself as you were being born. It can be an aid to recalling your purpose in life, choosing your life’s work, choosing your mate and growing as a whole person. We are all inter-dimensional travelers. You are courageous just to come into life on Earth. We come as creators and each bring our own unique perspective and wisdom to build heaven on earth. Astrology can be a helpful tool to get personal insight and guidance, especially during times of uncertainty. I aim to lend a helping hand with what I’ve learned.

My Astrology services include declinations, and are never cook book or computer-generated interpretations.

I am able to perform a variety of astrological services and readings, depending on your needs. My approach is careful, methodical and thorough.

I accept each soul as they come to me and assume each one has made the choice of birth chart and life conditions that is right for them. This is why I don’t engage in presumptuous ‘lack of’ styled interpretations. Instead, I use the positives I see in your birth chart (including aspects and features not seen by most astrologers) to encourage the fullest expression of your soul. I talk of ways to transmute any negatives into positives.

Two things make my astrological practice exceptional: my use of Declinations and my ability to quickly tighten up many charts for more accurate readings.

Flexible payment: pay me based on your income, make split payments as needed. I don’t charge one-size-fits-all fees.

Suggested sliding scale payment:
– $45-70 USD for emailed reports
– $30-60 USD suggested for readings by phone
(I ask more for birth chart rectification since it is far more involved.)
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This suggested scale is based purely on what others have offered. I work with you. Some people have split payment into two smaller ones. If you are sincere in your desire for a reading don’t let money stop you from contacting me and negotiating. You can pay with using my email:

Birth Chart Interpretation – I recommend this before any forecasts (or even relationship readings)

Your astrological birth chart is your user’s manual, a message in a bottle you sent yourself as you were being born. The real horoscope is actually stored in living form in your DNA, but can be represented accurately on paper. In case you lose your way or just want to be more fully informed about your potentials, it can be a tool to awaken intuitive knowing and greater confidence within you.

The chart can be cast with or without a validation procedure to insure it is accurate. (A recorded time of birth does not guarantee this). If you only want a basic general reading you can specify ‘no validation needed’ in an email to me requesting the reading. Otherwise, by default I do a validation procedure to verify the Rising Sign and degree.

A verified birth chart gives information about all areas of life, shown in 12 categories called ‘houses.’ Health, relationships, work life and more can be analyzed.

Birth Chart Rectification

I am able to do this with greater sophistication and accuracy than the vast majority of astrologers who attempt it.

I have done many rectifications and have learned from a multitude of mistakes starting in the year 2000. (I could write a book based on mistakes in rectification alone.) I am one of a small handful of astrologers in the world who uses declinations in every single rectification I do. That is important since no planet’s path can be accurately tracked without both axes of movement (north-south declinations and east-west/zodiac).

If you do not have an accurate birth chart for whatever reason I can assess your chart situation and give you a summary of how complex or simple the job will be. In some cases with a few emails the chart can be greatly narrowed down or even the correct Ascendant pinpointed.

If you have no clue of your birth time and there is no one alive and no document for it I recommend you first make every effort to get your time of birth from the source(s) most likely to have it. You can also inquire with me about how challenging the problem may be to solve.

Inquire about rectification work by sending me all the birth information you have (date, city, time range)

To Request A Birth Chart Rectification Now Click Here

Trends and Forecast Reports

Being very thorough, I look at both transits and progressions for forecast reports. In this way I get a layered view that my experience shows is far more complete and often far more specific than transits alone. These readings are especially useful when you’ve got challenging life situations and want some outside perspective on how to handle them gracefully.

A birth chart validation is first required to get the most specific information related to Moon (emotional life/domestic changes), Ascendant (physical/health/relational), Midheaven (career/home life). Otherwise, the trends readings will be more general.

Relationship Readings

– Synastry compares the charts of two people for the potential in a relationship of any kind or to help clarify the issues in an established relationship.

– Electional astrology applied to choosing a wedding date/time which will best work for you in getting your marriage off to the best start — get the planets to work for you, not against you.

Health Readings

Because of the combination of my astrological expertise and training in natural medicine I’ve got a good basis for delivering astrologically-based personal health readings.

Fertility Reports

Dr. Eugen Jonas discovered a branch of astrology sometimes dubbed Astrological Birth Control (from a book he wrote with that title), but which also allows for gender selection. It is based on Lunar phases tied to the hopeful mother’s own birth chart. I have found it to be valid. It identifies prime days of increased fertility for women hoping to conceive and for those wanting to avoid conception. (Use it in concert with other sensible preventives). For this report I only need the woman’s date/location/time of birth.

This report identifies extra periods of longer-term higher/lower fertility — again, the layered approach for more specific information.

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