Rising Signs

What is your rising sign? (tropical zodiac)

Rising Signs The sign that appears over the eastern horizon (left side of circle) of an accurate birth chart shows the modus operandi by which you orient yourself to life. It is your personality, your mode of expression.

Only planets in close, strong aspect to the Ascendant (of the correct chart) can alter the typical range of qualities for any rising sign. That means conjunctions, parallels, squares, oppositions, and contra-parallels. (In some cases conjunctions elsewhere in which both planets are sextile, trine, or quincunx the Asc can do this.)

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Aries glyph Aries Rising people are action oriented and go about things with energy and a can-do attitude, tending to impose personal agendas on others, or conversely, choosing pursuits that promote and depend upon self for success. Alert, pushy, persistent. Tendency to lead by courageous action. They are not intimidated by conflict. Many are risk-takers who go marching forward into new areas often avoided by others. Tendency to insert themselves or butt in.

Aries rising most typically shows a bony or chiseled ovate head that in men can have a skeletal suggestion. This ‘bony’ appearance is most often due to less subcutaneous fat on the face, at least until weight gain changes it. The cheekbones may be prominent as with Leo. The jawline can be narrower, but most often will be stronger than the other cardinal signs, and the neck is slimmer than normal. Sometimes the jawbone juts out from the face before tapering to the chin, breaking the usual rounded ovate outline.

Their energy is quick, courageous, direct and forward-moving (unless water or earth factors dampen the overall energy). The voice is normally louder or sharper than those around.

The eyes are active and can have a sharpness or brightness to them and there is a demeanor of energy. They eyebrows may be bushier or thicker than normal. The men can be rugged with a jutting or bony chin, which sometimes identifies them more than the outline of the face. The personality is geared for action. These people lead with their initiative and can be quite bossy, “butt-inskies,” and self-promoting. They tend to impose themselves on their surroundings with their agenda, getting others to do work for them. Many of them natural business builders, inventors, entrepreneurs, because they are action-oriented, forward moving, and aren’t held back by potential risks.

Aries rising celebrities: David Souter, Helen Reddy, Dick Gregory, Pete Rose, Lynn Redgrave


Taurus glyph Taurus Rising people are generally more passive than either Gemini or Aries, operating at a slower pace and are more down-to-earth, peaceable, practical. It is this more easy going nature that separates them from the Aries rising personality. They are generally skeptical about abstractions that cannot be materially demonstrated or explained simply and clearly. They tend to be slow starters and late bloomers and have a knack for avoiding useless wastes of energy. Generally likable, nice and polite, and generally avoids arguments and conflicts. Just don’t get pushy with them or they will withdraw, or on rare occasions even explode.

Taurus rising shows a head and face that is softly rectangular to squarish, and eyes to match: often brown, rounded, full, heavily lidded with long lashes and with a more steady gaze than Aries types.

Taurus rising energy is generally slow, deliberate, pacifying, sensible and grounded (unless fire or air factors show prominence). The voice is normally soft and pleasant, and speech consistent.

The nose of the Taurus rising person tends to be fleshy or a cute button nose. The neck or throat is thicker than normal. The height is usually short to average. The energy is much slower in tempo than the Aries types and they are accommodating, but not easily pushed. In fact, they will resent it. They prefer routines. They are generally pleasant looking if not beautiful, and their personalities will match. Deliberate, easy, leisurely, steady and natural is how they operate. They are the stabilizers of the zodiac and can be calming and soothing during a crisis. You will rarely find them very up or down, but can emote if needed to entertain.

Taurus Rising Celebrities: Sigourney Weaver, Joe Pesci, Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah, Mariah Carey


Gemini glyph Gemini Rising shows a lot of lateral movement of thought and action of a multi-talented (or at least multi-interested) person, someone who scatters their mind and energies much more than the placid Taurus type. They tend to talk with their hands as much as their mouths. Readily interested and easily distracted, they are often wonderful comics and mimics, as they are gifted with communication, writing and mental processing of every kind. Education – formal or self-guided is important to them. Tendency to flirt. Clever. Debates for the fun of it.

Gemini rising shows a narrower head that is often longer than normal. It can be rounded, being narrow at top and bottom. Sometimes it is normal in length, but tapers to a narrow chin. There is often a high forehead, and the eyes can be wider apart than average. The nose is very often prominent, but the most distinguishing feature very often is a set of fleshy ear lobes that tilt outwards a bit from the bottom of the ears.

Their energy is generally lateral, even scattered, receptive, communicative, quick and variable (unless enough earth or water factors calm it down). The voice may alternate quiet and louder, rising and falling easily in pitch or volume.

The eyes and movements of the hands are quick and varied, and the thinking and speech are quicker and more varied than Cancer or Taurus. They are alert and agile with longer than average limbs, hands and feet. The fingers are generally longer than average. They are talkers and can dominate the communication if confident of their audience. They generally can only be still if their hands and thoughts are focused on a task like writing, typing, or with crafts or artistic creativity. They tend to have intellectual interests, but have too much energy outward into the nervous system to not be physically active, even if only gesturing or walking.

Gemini rising celebrities: Julia Child, Peter Fonda, Edward Snowden, Richard Dean Anderson, Trent Reznor


Cancer glyph Cancer Rising expresses the lunar instinct of receptivity, acquisitiveness, nurturing, and reactivity. They can be very sensitive to criticism or rejection, often being thin-skinned and retreating to the protections of family loyalties. Their emotional memory can rung long. What separates them from the Gemini type is their more emotional response to what is around them and the tendency to cling to family first. There is a tendency to be cautious with strangers and hold onto what is familiar, or even be a homebody. Tendency to be slow in letting others get close. The basic personality is emotional and fluctuating in nature, but not necessarily outwardly emotive. Many of them desire security and loyalty. Most will naturally withdraw from conflict unless there are strong contraindications in the chart (Sun, Mars). Cycles of the moon affect these people more than others.

The Cancer rising face is generally rounded or oval shaped, but with more variance person-to-person than other rising signs (depending on especially on Moon position). There is generally a feeling, sympathetic look to the face or a look of caution and hesitation. Some have a cherubic appearance. The lunar energy potentials mean these personalities run the gamut from sweet sensitives who wouldn’t hurt a fly to controlling reactionaries or martyred victims.

Their energy is sensitive, familial. They are usually cautious with strangers, but will tend to look for ways to put them at ease. They can be very in tune with the needs of others and public opinion, but can play puppet or martyr in the face of stronger forces. The voice is generally soft or modest in volume and the speech reticent. This sign is often indicated over Leo on the Ascendant by the distinct tendency for either martyr/victim role or the reticent tendency to mull over words carefully before responding.

The skin is usually soft and the eyes will reflect this softness rather than a sharpness or intensity. These people are generally introverted, looking for a place of respect. Don’t expect strength of logic behind their actions. Empathy and unity are more likely.

Cancer rising celebrities: General Norman Schwarzkopf, The 14th Dalai Lama, Liv Ullman, Jonathan Winters, Edgar Cayce


Leo glyph Leo Rising is distinguished from Virgo and Cancer by its more extroverted approach and its broader shoulders of responsibility and performance. It expresses the solar principle of vitality, authority, ambition, magnanimity and direct creativity. They err on the side of confidence allowing them to take risks the Cancer types do not. They radiate presence and personality. It is rare that they go unnoticed for they almost always let positive, admirable qualities shine. Otherwise they are just dominant, even cruel. Tendency to enjoy being catered to, to be demanding of those who serve them. Does not like to lose any argument or competition.

Leo rising people generally have rectangular or squarish heads. Exceptions will show only when planets aspecting the Asc (or stelliums in other signs) create a modificiation of the typical physicality of fixity.

Honor, integrity, courage, directness and honesty are the values of the balanced Leo rising person. The energy is that of one that wants to be recognized or dealt with. They can have a crude and loud approach (unless the humility of water or earth factors intervene) or a royal bearing, but they won’t be ignored. The voice can be very appealing if soft or commanding if louder. Many are capable of great volumes that resonate from the chest.

The eyes are often prominent features and can be especially attractive and magnetic. There can be a barrel chest with men and large bust with many of the women, but whatever the details, there is a strong, commanding presence or a statuesque look about them. The bones are generally large and the body sturdy, even blocky, but some are taller and more athletic. Some are swaybacked as if pushing out the chest with pride. With many there is an emphasis on upper body while the legs are skinny and knees knobby. They know they can be somebody, but some may stretch too hard in their ambition. They are natural leaders that radiate vitality and magnanimity.

Leo rising celebrities: Mohammad Ali, Katie Holmes, George Carlin, Johnny Depp, Ashley Judd


Virgo glyph Virgo Rising expresses the introverted Mercurial personality of a detail-oriented perfectionist or a highly observant, analyst. They are distinguished from genuine Leo types by their more introverted or at least more peculiar mental take on things. They are good at ordering things and are generally attentive with pets and children. There is a tendency for inhibition with a narrowly focused personality and touchy or sensitive nervous system that needs time alone. Writing, analysis and an occupation of service are best suited for these personalities. They need mental insulation from over-stimulation in order to succeed and generally are self-motivated learners.

Virgo rising most often has a narrow or tapering head that is sometimes clearly v-shaped. The cranium can be larger than family members, if only at the occipital area, and the forehead may be higher than normal.

Their energy is introverted, at least early in life, but alternating like other mutable signs, so the voice tends to be soft rather than loud or sharp (unless fire/air factors alter this pattern) and can have a nasal quality. It is oriented towards smaller-scale matters of details, analysis, information, being good polishers or finishers of enterprises begun by others.

The chin may look chopped off short of a full triangle. The nose generally has a pinched bridge and is often straight and down-pointing. The eyes are closer together and smaller than most any Leo rising. They are short to tall, but generally have slender, even wiry bodies, at least when young. In other words, the frame is noticeably narrower than its neighbor, Leo. They are detail-oriented, health-oriented, conscientious, and want to get things right. These people are practical, but opportunistic. They can be physically susceptible and should take measures to maintain their health with exercise, diet, etc. Some have stronger constitutions and are gifted athletes. Their precision will show in their athletic approach. This rising sign is one likely to delay sexual involvement or marriage.

Virgo rising celebrities: Tom Hanks, Nicolas Sarkozy, Woody Allen, Tiger Woods, Jacques Cousteau


Libra glyph Libra Rising is more relational and communicative than its neighbor Scorpio and acts more on the surface with more readiness to change (especially loyalties). They are distinguished from genuine Virgo types by their freer, more relational approach to others. The personality can be quite people-oriented and they are appreciators of beauty and humanity at more of the surface level of form and pleasantries, but will want to have their ideals satisfied. However, there can be a tendency to pre-judge based on resume or outward qualities. Idealists, sometimes perfectionists, their personal indulgences are most often compensated for so as to maintain a pleasing outward appearance. They can be demanding of fairness even if the standard is not even-handed. Many (males especially) are opinionated and enjoy debate.

Libra rising produces a generally rounded, ovate head that is normally smallish, but can be longish. Even the chin tends to be rounded and with a dimple or cleft. Even if the head’s outline is more rectangular, the corners at forehead and jaws will be rounded off nicely.

The energy is initiating and persuasive, people-smart and people-pleasing, aesthetic and tactile, more attuned to others than its fiery counterpart, Aries. The voice can be especially soft or smooth (unless fire factors significantly energize things).

The eyes and mouth are generally well-shaped and attractive, even if they are not models or beauty queens. The eyes are generally light or soft-looking, and in Caucasians can be of mixed color (blue-green, hazel). The skin is normally smooth, soft and complexion good and their faces and bodies are almost always characterized by smooth flowing lines. A slight swayback with many Libra types makes it look as if they are holding back their vulnerabilities. They have good taste and want to enjoy the good life. These people are lovers and people-oriented, initiating friendships easily. Their charm and easy-going approach to people makes an impression. However, many are either indecisive or changeable, often falling in and out of love, living by trail-and-error. The women especially will adorn themselves and know how to increase their attractiveness with bangles, jewelry and clothing. They can be people-pleasers, indulgent, procrastinating. They lead by charm and persuasion. The men (and some women) often have a knack for mechanical things, machines, computers, etc.

Libra rising celebrities: Venus Williams, Coretta Scott King, Bill Clinton, Nancy Reagan, Sally Field


Scorpio glyph Scorpio Rising is distinguished from its neighbors by its loner tendencies and its insistence on depth over superficiality. They can be outwardly tough, but inwardly sensitive or spiritual. This is not sentimentality, but the deeper, profounder feelings, almost always held in reserve. Emotional wounds can affect them a long time. They can be intense and driven. There is hardly any in-between. With their avoidance of superficiality and the desire to dig under the surface, they make good researchers. Placidity on the outside hides intensity on the inside. The body language is generally not revealing. Tendency for extremes of experience, and sarcastic retorts.

Scorpio rising shows a generally rectangular head. Exceptions to this facial outline, as always, depend upon factors like aspects to the Ascendant. The head most often has a lower hairline and arched brows.

Their energy is unrevealing about themselves, but penetrating, searching, deep, hidden, intense, magnetic, powerful. The voice is often restrained or obscured with many (especially males) speaking with clenched jaw or through their teeth (ala Clint Eastwood’s characters). Many have strong resonant voices. Speech obscurities or unclarities of other types may show. They follow their own underlying internal sense of what is right and because of this can be rebels against institutional rules and methods.

The eyes tend to be dark, and there is a tendency for many to wear tinted glasses or cover the eyes with a cap pulled low. The view into a Scorpio rising person is obscured on many levels unless planets like Jupiter alter the Asc/1st house picture. They can be short to tall, but will often be powerfully built or quietly imposing in some way. The overall look tends to be dusky or dark, but they can have very bright eyes, especially lined with a dark ring. The most common build is somewhat blocky, at least once they’ve reached adulthood, but the women can look especially curvy and desirable. A peculiar physical characteristic is a high-waisted appearance even if the legs are short. There can be a tendency to put on a lot of weight very easily. Their deep sensitivity can be either a great asset or cause for ongoing isolation. They can be very magnetic, often even erotic in their outer appeal. They are easily distinguished from Sagittarius or Libra by their private and/or emotional nature.

Scorpio rising celebrities: Margaret Thatcher, Robin Williams, Al Franken, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood


Sag glyph Sagittarius Rising contrasts with its neighbors Scorpio and Capricorn with its openness and willingness to communicate, and frequently a jovial approach. Big personality (or at least a wide ranging mind). Loves freedom and knowledge and when younger can be considered hyperactive, nerdy. Their jovial nature shines through in an uplifting, humor-stimulating approach, often generous, even playing the prankster. Honest, charitable and cheerful. Outspoken and truth oriented. Some are prone to expressing their mutable nature through sudden changes in loyalties, even nationalities, flying off to explore or engage the pursuit of truth. Loyalties are to an ideal or some higher or larger truth, not necessarily to a person.

Sagittarius rising produces a longer head than normal, rectangular to tapering. Unless Saturn (or Pluto) is prominent, the eyes are usually sparkling, mischievous, or friendly-looking.

The energy is expansive, believing, outgoing, friendly and open, but many have “fled-to-the-head” with their expansive energy. The voice bears the same quality and the laughter can be especially uplifting, infectious and attention getting. The speech can sometimes involve stuttering because of enthusiastic thought energy that is so rapid it cannot be translated into words. At the very least excitability shows unless there is adequate earth, fixity or water to calm things down.

The ears and lobes are long most often and this distinguishes them from Capricorn, which has little if any ear lobes. The distance from mouth to chin is often elongated. The eyes can be especially brilliant, sparkling or twinkling and the energy is close to the surface nearly all the time. They are of the tallest in the zodiac, and the most extroverted. These people love freedom and truth, and are adventurous in their exploration of people, nature, philosophy and lands. They are actively open to the world, optimists, but oddly, often hypochondriac. The build is athletic, slender most often, but sometimes with more width. Even if short, the extroverted nature and breezy, friendly, open attitude gives them away. Their vision is farsighted and they must reach what captures their interest. They are restless and need to move and travel. The women are often tomboys in youth, but can settle into womanhood to be quite appealing.

Sagittarius rising celebrities: Ellen Degeneres, John Kerry, Arsenio Hall, Joe Biden, Anne Hathaway


Cap glyph Capricorn Rising is the practical, pragmatic one willing to take on responsibility, prioritize and make long-term plans. They are distinguished from their zodiacal neighbors by their earnestness, sincerity, and general cool, practical approach. They are ambitious and often don’t handle demotion well, opting instead for striking out on their own to improve their lot in business or some side project. They expect respect, and generally earn it. Careful planners, they can often take charge tacitly in contrast to the overt fashion of the Aries type. Tends to honor the old ways, the tried-and-true, and to be ‘salt of the earth’ persons. Can be witty, self-deprecating, sardonic.

Capricorn rising gives a rounded-ovate head, often with compact faces and smaller features. The chin tends to be smallish, rounding off the face. The ears often stick out and/or may show an absence of any lobes. This sometimes creates an elfin or impish look.

The energy is generally formal if not reserved, paternal, ambitious, yet down-to-earth. Sometimes they seem to play the role of Pan, as dancers and mischief-makers. There can be restraint in the voice, in vivid contrast to the volume and exuberance of Sagittarius. Speech can be commanding when necessary, but normally is subdued and thoughtful (unless enough fire or air factors alter it).

The neck is usually thin and/or long. The build is most often slender, even delicate looking, but there is strength and endurance underneath. They can be short to tall, but the seriousness or personal reserve and desire for respect will give them away. Energy is held in reserve for longer lasting, more important achievements, but some can be lusty and earthier. They enjoy work, even thrive on it, and some can become irritable or depressed without a challenge or without the respect and authority they desire. Their reserve can come across as haughtiness to some, but they are generally polite and understand the need for tradition, rules and chain of command. Their active groundedness is actually in the legs so they are generally sure-footed and can be graceful in a subdued sort of way.

Capricorn rising celebrities: Rosa Parks, Megan Fox, Paul Newman, Nat King Cole, Scott Ian


Aqua glyph Aquarius Rising is generally as restless and friendly as other air signs, but often more leading edge or fringe in some way. They lack the groundedness of the cool, practical Capricorn or the core emotional sensitivity of the Pisces types. Aquarius types can display unpredictable moments of strong opinions or revealing their sense of justice by taking up causes. This may be visible in reactions in a conversation or in a more over-arching way by how they orient their lives. They are not satisfied with the ordinary and have a strong drive to know. That can be as much in who they know as well as what they know. They craft unique identities in their own minds, yet rely mentally on group identity or feedback to do it.

There are also the psychic types whose bodies and minds seem to act like antenna and amplifiers of the collective consciousness of the times or for the possibilities of the future. Either way expresses their special insight into human nature. They see the whole picture of human relations, not just the one-to-one surface dynamic of the moment. Many have a tendency to stick up for the underdog, and to be independent or advanced thinkers. Group-minded. Loyal friends.

Aquarius rising normally produces a squarish/rectangular head that can be especially flat at the chin, like a squashed rectangle, but will almost always have at least a squarish or elevated forehead even if the face tapers a bit.

The energy is a contradiction of the outward-directed outside-in (centripetal) dynamic: social but individualistic, even appearing introverted. Their magnetism draws people because they are different and because they project uniqueness. This is reflected in the voice, which can distinct and be projected for great effect, but may not be loud one-to-one. In any case, they know how to get noticed when they want to (similarly to Leo types).

They build tends to be solid or blocky or at least square-shouldered. Often the lower body is solid and strong, but some can have straight-lined figures, plain-androgynous. They are distinctive people and this may be visible in something unusual about their appearance. Some are crowd-pleasing performers. Their energy is extroverted, but often in an introverted way, happy to be with others even when quiet. Many of them are complex and identify as much with what must be done in society as with their own personal identity.

Aquarius rising celebrities: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Orlando Bloom, Condoleezza Rice, Karl Marx


Pisces glyph Pisces Rising can be highly emotional, creative, even a dreamer. Pisces is distinguished from Aquarius and Aries by its sensitivity, introversion, and spiritual or artistic leanings. In some there is a tendency for drama, but they are far more live-and-let-live and less bossy than their neighboring sign Aries. Generally they are agreeable and forgiving. They empathize easily, and can be easily upset. They are in tune with and sensitive to those in their surroundings. Tendency to be so aware of the many factors that intersect in life situations that they have difficulty making decisions. Generally pacifist, withdrawing from conflict, or goes passive-aggressive.

Pisces rising has a narrow/longish face, sometimes more rounded, resembling the cardinal ovate types.

Their energy is intuitive, subtle and mysterious, but more elusive than secretive. The voice is usually soft and easy, in direct contrast to the pace and sharpness of Aries. This is the rising sign that without bolstering from other chart factors or strengthening aspects to the Ascendant can struggle with identity. They often find this identity in music, the arts, religion, or some form of idealism, and most often have the blurriest edges between self and all else.

The countenance often has a clear appearance that is luminescent. This is not merely the fair skin color of Caucasians, but a particular transparent glow that can even seem angelic or cherubic. This can show as much in the eyes, and is much like their personalities, which are often the most humble, transparent and sacrificial in the zodiac (assuming no factors in the chart change this). They are generally inquisitive and can be great listeners, giving you their full attention. There is mystery about them that makes many of them very alluring. Their sensitivity comes out at times when they speak to empathize with or defend others, especially who are not there to defend themselves. Prejudiced attitudes are hard to find among these people. They are empathetic and forgiving more than others. Their talent for and love of music, poetry, dancing, role-playing can give them away when paired with the facial features.

Pisces rising celebrities: Zubin Mehta, Ringo Starr, Carol Burnett,Salman Khan, Whitney Houston

Rising Signs 2 (celebrity examples)

These are general descriptions of what is typical that can be modified in any person especially by planetary aspects to the Asc (of a correct valid chart). For example, a person with Aries rising can have a more elongated face if Neptune is in angular aspect to the Asc (like Helen Reddy) but they will still have noticeable fiery Aries qualities some of which will show physically.

The Ascendant indicated by one’s recorded time of birth does not necessarily match the Ascendant of one’s correct birth horoscope (the one internalized in the glandular system). For more on this read The Incarnation process. These descriptions are molded from observations of persons with accurate validated birth horoscopes and can be used as a basis for correcting inaccurate charts.

If you read the description of the rising sign indicated on your birth chart, but it does not match you, then read the description of the preceding sign. If your birth time indicates an Ascendant of a late degree in a sign, say 23 or later, that does not seem to match, then read the following sign’s description.

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40 Responses to Rising Signs

  1. Barb Eaton says:

    Am only a hobbyist. Am trying to determine someone’s ascendant. My belief is they actually have Gemini as their ascendant. They wear a lot of rings and ring bracelets and are always touching or using their hands is someways. Not necessarily to talk but all the attention to the hands. Also they have a fantastic personality. Now I have professional software that will calculate their time of birth based on events in their life. Although I do know all the events in their life, have enough but I totally disagree with what this software is telling me regarding the ascendant. Now the person is an Aquarius, and I know having an Aquarius moon I went through a period where I decorated my fingers and hands, yet I kept my hands to myself. I feel I need to stick with my gut feeling on this although all these professional calculations are telling me otherwise. May I ask, what would you do if you were in my position?

    • First determine the Moon sign. Was the person born on a day that the Moon changed signs?

      Start broader and narrow things down sequentially.

      The best approach is to write a pros & cons list in which in the ‘pro’ column you write the qualities associated with the person’s sun sign or dominant sign. In the ‘con’ column write a list of qualities that don’t match the sun sign or dominant sign, which could possibly point to the Moon sign or Asc sign. Use this rising signs page as a reference. Take time — weeks or months to do this. This is not an all-at-once weekend project.

      This is all I can say since I know nothing about the details of the chart situation, and the particulars of the person’s data. While you seem to know this person very well, and that is an advantage, a 24-hour rectification requires one to be fluent in the astrological language.

  2. hampton62015 says:

    According to my sources Angelina Jolie is a Cancer rising and Benedict Cumberbatch is a Libra rising. I can see why you would think otherwise but I just wanted to ask why exactly you see them as being the next signs over.

    • Physical qualities, personality. About Angelina, I covered that on the Horoscope Detective radio show: Horoscope Detective Radio show with Kannon. About Benedict Cumberbatch, I did a blog post https://kannonmcafee.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/benedict-cumberbatch-sophie-hunter-birth-charts/ Both charts had to meet my Chart Validation Standards

    • Barb Eaton says:

      Do you think Tom Welling has Sagittarius rising? If it is his rising sign, then that would place Neptune in his first house. He appears to love living near water and he has a boat where he spends a great deal of his leisure time. He also has large hands and large feet (is that not a Sagittarius rising trait?). Additionally, it appears he enjoys partying and having a lot of fun whether it be in the great outdoors in nature (fishing, hiking, horseback riding) or in nightclubs or at music concerts. Also he is tall in height, which from all that I have read could be a Sagittarius or Libra rising. Would really like to know the rising sign you think Tom Welling had at birth.

    • I have no idea who Tom Welling is, so I’m going to look him up … OK I see: actor, director, producer, model, Smallville TV show.

      http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BOTc4ODA0NzA4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDA4NTc4Mg@@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_.jpgTom Welling, IMDB

      There is fixity in evidence in the squarish facial outline. Sagittarius would not be the most likely sign for his Asc, nor would any other mutable sign. So far as signs go, fixed signs are most likely, followed by mutable ones with a very tight, possibly multiple planets of fixity in strong aspect with Asc/1st house planets.

      However, I’m checking the web for his birth data and planet positions … astrotheme says time unknown (but says is is 6’3″)… ADB has no entry for him … Hey! He was born April 26, exactly 7 years after me in 1977 … Born in Putnam Valley, NY (TV Guide bio: http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/tom-welling/bio/177238 ). He started acting early in grade school, and playing sports. That favors fire/Leo. Married 5 July 2002, according to IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0919991/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm … Moved from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Los Angeles in March 2011.

      Wiki states, “Welling has stated that he did not like modeling and that he was not good at it because it was all on the outside or from an external point of view.” That does not favor air, but rather Leo, Scorpio.

      First TV appearance was on “Judging Amy” episode, ‘Everybody Falls Down’, which aired 20 March 2001. Uranus (TV/broadcasts/publicity) was at about 23 Aqua/14.5 south then, which makes Asc in Leo very plausible. Pluto was 15 Sag, which could have made a trine to a Leo Asc, possibly from the 5th house at that time. So Leo is likely in my view. However, I don’t know his personality. If Leo does not fit, then Scorpio could be considered, as could 29 Libra/11 south (which would be contraparallel Pluto 11 north).

      16 October 2001 was when Smallville’s pilot broadcast. I was about to say try setting the chart at 20 Leo to create a Solar parallel chart (with Asc). Sun at 13.6 North … 20 Leo/14 North. Then as I looked at the transits for Smallville’s pilot I see that Uranus 20AQU59-Rx is directly opposite the Asc. I’d start there.

      Thanks for stopping by Barb πŸ™‚

  3. Saz says:

    Hi Kannon

    Your blog it’s so interesting and I learn so much from it especially the lifestyle section. I’m using the breathing the techniques and never expected them to work but they’ve made such a difference, thank you.

    I also love this post and I saw you did a profile on Bernie Sanders which was so interesting and also Benedicts marrige etc. I hope you do more of those.

    I also want to ask I was watching a Spike Jonze film marathon and The director seems so compassionate, entrepreneural, idiosyncratic, sensitive and hardworking but I can’t guess what his rising sign what do you think?

    • That’s partly the very probable Moon in Pisces for Spike Jonze. I had to look him up and his birth date/location. Moon was in Pisces until after 8 PM on the date of his birth. So if you know his personality well enough, you could eliminate all rising signs before then. It would eliminate all but early Gemini through the entire sign of Cancer for the Asc. But I just do not have enough a feel or knowledge of him, I cannot give a solid specific answer. However, because pictures show a facial outline that tapers from a broad forehead, I’d say the mutable signs are worth looking at first. Other pictures seem to show a more blocky outline. So I’d be looking at fixed and mutable signs. So Leo to early Gemini, all fixed and mutable signs inclusive.

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  5. Steve Brown says:

    Im Capricorn rising l have the heavy brows and pale skin but not the err elfin ears ..good read though

  6. Jay says:

    Had no idea Jim Carrey and Robin Williams were Scorpio Risers. So light for Scorpio Risers

  7. John Ranno says:

    I’m a Scorpio riser and don’t have most of those characteristics

    • There can be planetary modifiers (or another planet/sign emphasis) to the birth chart that significantly alter the personality away from what is typical for the sign. It may also be that you are actually the sign preceding or following: Libra or Sagittarius rising.

      How would you describe your personality in non-astrological terms?

  8. Gloria Moffit says:

    I’m wondering whether Scorpio risers who seem ‘Light’ are projecting a ‘false face’ to hide their inner intensity..? This is a Scorpio trait, to hide their true natures hence the sunglasses thing. Not always as a lot of folks assume for sinister reasons but because many of them, although they have mastery over the ego, are actually quite shy. ?? Also there are 3 different ‘levels’ of Scorpio, Lizard, Scorpion, Eagle. (The sun sign) does that happen with the risers also and would that make a difference to the outer personality. I’m writing a character with Sagittarius Sun, Sag Moon and Mercury- with Scorpio ascendant. It is a great combination I think (Potentially, of course) Sense of humour is wicked though and her practical jokes can get a little heavy handed/ physically dangerous…Also she’s a recovering Alchy…hehe. She’s rising at 19 degrees though which is the slightly softer Neptune decan. Great Read!

    • I don’t share that view. Generally, assuming the person is a genuine Scorpio rising personality, there are other aspects and other concentrations of planets that explain the lighter than expected approach. My wife is a great example of this. She is a genuine Scorpio riser with Jupiter (in Aquarius) parallel her Asc, and Moon (in Leo) square it. There is always an explanation in the chart itself when declinations are included that do not require us to take a suspicious view of others.

  9. Gloria Moffit says:

    Thankyou for answering, I hope you didn’t misunderstand my comment, I am in no way suspicious of anybody, when I mentioned sinister I was being humorous about the unjust rumours/ stereotypes that get spread about the sign of Scorpio and all the sign’s (Like the ones that say most Taurean’s are generally Fat lol!)
    I was Just curious as Scorpio is one of the more intense/ secretive signs…I’m thinking in particular of Jim Carey, someone else mentioned him in another comment, I think he’s a surprise with his ascendant as he’s also a Capricorn as well, a sign that tends towards shyness (only tends lol!) but he comes across in interviews as very open, cheery and back-slappy – I probably used the wrong words’ false face’ to describe a kind of front or mask, another astrology writer used that term but I don’t want to offend anybody.. That’s very interesting re. the other planets/aspects explaining the different expressions of the ascendant, might explain why even though I’m a Leo riser I Hate being in authority positions..

    • Yes, those planets of fire and air (Jupiter, Mercury) together help energize Jim Carrey’s personality so that he can ‘turn it on’ when needed. (Plus Carrey has Moon in Gemini, which does want to communicate.) Robin Williams similarly had Mercury parallel Asc, also allowing him to be more communicative in spite of Scorpio rising. Think of such planets as added charges of energy that need to be expressed, but are not necessarily ‘on’ all the time in an obvious way.

  10. Louis S says:

    Holy shit this guy Kannon Mcafee is good at this. Cheers! Take care.

  11. Louis S says:

    You’re welcome!..I don’t know if i could be that good but i will certainly continue to investigate.

  12. Blue Velvet says:

    Hi, how would a libra with leo moon and taurus rising look/act like?

    • They would look like their parents and act with free will. Much of it depends on if there are more specifying planetary aspects to their correct Asc degree. But generally what those three sign modes have in common point to enjoyment of the good life, an appreciation for quality, possibly in great quantity (depending on the aspects, etc). Taurus is Venusian and in a fixed mode of earth, generally looks for longer-term enjoyment of the basics in life.

      Libra is also Venusian, but more people-oriented given its airy nature. So far this points to enjoyment of what is beautiful and lovely in people and various ‘others’ of whatever kind.

      Add in Moon in Leo and there tends to be an inner sense of worthiness of these things, to feel needs and wants strongly and to act as if one has a right to fulfillment. If Moon squares Asc emotional sensitivity is pronounced and there can be great empathy with others, meeting others halfway on an emotional level.

      So much depends on aspects because planetary relationships are even more important than signs, especially when those aspects are tight. Moon in Leo can sometimes be parallel the northern declination of Asc in Taurus. Imagine how this emphasis creates responsiveness of a vibrant and warm nature that can completely alter the normally cool, sluggish nature of Taurus.

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  15. Abhi says:

    Is it neccesary that the boy and girl must have their ascendant and decsendent opposite…. Was denis thatcher a taurus rising

    • No, it is not necessary for partners in intimate relationships to have opposite Ascendants.

      About Denis Thatcher, I don’t know, but his facial outline is slender with a high hairline, thus showing more evidence of mutable, maybe a cardinal factors.

  16. Nn says:

    What would you guess actor ralph fiennes rising sign to be? I’ve seen you do some rectification on celebrities, could you do one on him? ☺

    • I know nothing of him and have no interest in him specifically. So I have no guess whatsoever. It is unlikely I’ll do a chart rectification for him. I’ve still got other articles on public figures whose chart examples I’ve not yet finished and published here. These cases can eat up a lot of time and I just don’t have it now for starting another one.

      But thanks for asking.

  17. Milena says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if this discussion is still active or not. I have had a hard time to define my rising sign, and my family don’t seem to recall the exact time of birth. It is somewhere between Cancer and Leo. My moon is in Scorpio conjunct Pluto, on the 4th house cusp. This makes me doubt if my lunar characteristics comes from the moon or from my ascendant. I’m an Aries (sun conjunct Venus conjunct mercury and Lilith on house 9th). I’m fit, active, work a lot, moved countries, etc and none of this seems to fit on Rising signs descriptions anywhere. What should I look for? thank you.

    • You could email me your birth data with range of birth time and I could take a look at the chart situation to see what the possibilities are. kannonmcafee at [gmail.com]

  18. Keira says:

    HI Kannon McAfee!

    What do you think what is the rising sign about Jeff Kaake?
    He played in the Viper series 2, and 3. season, and in the Space Rangers.

    He was born in 1959.January 10., in Detroit, Michigan.
    Please look at his photos, and wrote me what do you think about his ascendant!

    Thank you!

    • Given the squarish jaw and overall rectangular outline of his face, that is evidence of fixed quality. So I’d be looking mostly at fixed signs for the Asc or planets in strong aspect to it that reinforce fixed quality (Sun, etc). That’s about all I can say not knowing anything about him personally (personality).

  19. Keira says:

    Dear Kannon McAfee!

    Thank you, for your answer!☺️

    I think Jeff Kaake looks like Jeff Speakman or Joe Lando.
    These 3 men face very similar, I think.

    What do you think about it?

    And Mr. Kaake has Capricorn Sun, Mr. Lando has Sagittarius Sun, Mr. Speakman has Scorpio Sun.

    But their face is very similar.

    I like your blog!


  20. Keira says:

    Dear Kannon McAfee! 😊

    What do you think about Jeff Kaake, what is Jeff Kaake ascendant?
    You wrote me, that you think he has a fix signed ascendant.
    And you say, you can say, just this, because you don’t know his personality nothing.

    I searched on the internet and I found a video on vimeo with him (a good interview).
    I watch this video, and I’ ve got a feeling that, Jeff Kaake have a Leo ascendant with Pluto in the 1 th house so close or on the ascendant or he has a Scorpio ascendant with Neptune and Jupiter in the 1th house and I think if he has a Scorpio ascendant his Neptune is close to his ascendant, because of his eyes.

    Jeff Kaake was born on 1959.January 10., Detroit, Michigan.

    Here it is the interview with Jeff:

    What do you think?
    Is he a Leo ascendant with Pluto so close to his ascendant or a Scorpio with Neptune and Jupiter in the 1th house ( with neptune close to his ascendant)?

    I’m really interested in it!
    Can you say me your opinion in this quaestion?

    Thank you very much! 😊


  21. Keira says:

    Hi Kannon McAfee! 😊

    I read you answer to my quaestion about Jeff Kaake!

    I have a few quaestion about his possible rising sign, if it is not problem!

    I see Jeff’s possible ascendants (Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer).

    If he has Scorpio ascendant his ascendant lord is in Taurus and in his 1th house are the Neptune and the Jupiter too.
    He said in the report he almost do a suicide…
    And said alcohol was a serious darkness to him.
    What do you think has he a scorpio ascendant with neptune and Jupiter in the 1th house or just a jupiter in the 1th house or without any planet in the 1th house?
    If Jeff has a Scorpio rising than he has a Leo Mc, like Jim Carey or Robin Williams and the other two has Neptune in the 1th house too.

    When Jeff has a Taurus rising his ascendant lord is in Aquarius and in the 1th house he has a mars or has a empty house.
    What do you think if he has a Taurus ascendant has he a mars in his 1th house or you think it’s empty. I search on the internet and I found Patrick Dempsey ( he has Capricorn Sun with Taurus ascendant and his ascendant lord in aquarius, with an empty 1th house, no mars there) and his face and Jeff’s face very similar!
    When Jeff has Taurus rising he has a Aquarius Mc or a Capricorn Mc.

    If Jeff has a Cancer ascendant his ascendant lord is in aquarius with an empty first house.

    Scorpio energy is very strong and very focusing and the eyes are so intense too, I think.

    I take Jeff’s face between Robin Williams or Margaret Teacher or Jim Carrey’s face and it’s very similar…

    I see Jeff’s face between the Taurus ascendant Joe Pesci or Sigourney Weaver or Mariah Carey… And I found that Joe Pesci eyes and nose are to very similar.

    What do you think about this? Please tell me! 😊
    I’m very interested in it! 😊


    • Keira,

      I appreciate your interest, but I’ve lost interest in this specific person’s rising sign and don’t see enough biographical material online to come anywhere close to an informed opinion as to the astrological particulars you’re asking about. This is getting into 24-hour rectification territory and people pay me for my time to do that.

  22. Keira says:

    Dear Kannon McAfee!

    Thank you, for your answer! 😊
    No problem! 😊

  23. Lily peters says:

    Hello, just read your article during 2021 now. I am curious about cancer rising. They get away with their mistakes a lot. Do you think people sympathise with cancer risings a lot?

    • Yes, people tend to be sympathetic with Cancer rising personalities because that’s the vein in which they operate β€” feeling, sympathy, empathy, etc.

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