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Kannon McAfee astrologer, healer

Full Sky Astrology with Declinations

The modern humanistic approach to astrology that I use includes declinations which 90% of astrologers are not using. Declinations are the north/south positions of the planets and are essential to properly locate any planet or other factor in your birth chart. No interpretation of a birth chart, transits, or progressions is complete without the declinations.

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My specialty is birth chart rectification. Very few astrologers in the world have developed the level of skill I have with rectification.


“You may not know it, but things you’ve seen and said have often given me hope when things looked their darkest. I have had several astrological consultations with Joe McAfee [Kannon] and find him both highly knowledgeable and extremely insightful. He is equally adept in the more esoteric precepts of astrology as well as the more pragmatic. When reading transits, he has been able to give me good advice and ample information so that I can make wise decisions during times of change.” — Sue Wood

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Services: (through paypal)

Consultations by phone [Pacific Coast, USA – 503.206.4922] or by e-mail [kannonmcafee at gmail dot com]. E-mail birth data first and I will confirm receipt. We can then schedule an appointment by phone.

· Birth chart Rectification
· Birth chart interpretation.
· Health Readings.
· Trends and Forecast Reports.
· Relationship Readings: synastry for prospective relationships; Electional astrology applied to choosing a wedding date/time.
· Fertility Reports.
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Astrology Articles

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Natural Medicine

herb plate1 I was trained in herbal medicine and nutrition by a fantastic naturopath, Ruby Lawler, ND. Years of work with friends and family, and my self-guided studies over the last 20 years deepened my understanding and practice. I believe that the potential of healing is within each one of us and nature provides the tools to work with it. I know this because I have recovered from chronic fatigue with the use of natural medicine, and have gone on to live a fuller, happier life.

Herbs interact with the body not just chemically, but energetically. So I choose herbs in an overall program for you based on their energetics and based on how they will combine together to give you the best results. This is called Constitutional Herbal Medicine.

Herbal Health Card Readings

These card readings can also be done by phone directly for you within the USA

Gem/crystal readings can also be done by phone in USA

My consults can also include gem/crystal recommendations for their energy balancing benefits, or this can be done as a consult by itself. Feel free to call directly for this [503.206.4922] as it is quick and easy to do.

I’m also capable of doing energy healing sessions, which is particularly beneficial when nothing else is working or when there is significant depression. I only do a limited number of these in any given week, sometimes none at all for periods of time. Please, feel free to inquire about this. If you are receptive and in need, I will make time to do energy healing.

Services: (through paypal)

· Online Constitutional Analysis for herbal/nutrition recommendations, also tongue analysis (e-mail pictures).

· Communication by phone [Pacific Coast, USA – 503.206.4922] or by email [kannonmcafee at gmail dot com].

If you call and get a ‘voice mail not set up’ message, just ignore it and try again later.

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Natural Medicine Articles

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