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I practice Constitutional Herbology. That means I recommend foods, herbs or create herbal formulas based on the your individual needs and the energetic properties of the herbs, treating YOU not just your disease. This is aimed at producing balance of the different elements and systems in your body. Naturalistic principles from thousands of years of traditional Oriental medicine create a gentle, body-friendly approach and guide and determine what herbs are appropriate for you. Go to the Constitutional Questionnaire >

Tongue Analysis: the key to individualizing treatment

KM_5.26.13 This tongue has a pale color showing generally low vitality. The crack down the center shows constitutional deficiency. The turned up tip that has a small red bump on the end shows inflammation. There are also tiny spots all over showing liver affecting the nerves, tendencies for irritation. Herbs to support and build root strength, supplement nutrition, build blood and maintain energy, and soothe irritation would be used.

tongue4_rm This tongue shows a lot of fluid buildup shown in the swelling on both sides of that central groove, which also indicates body stiffness; the bluish coloration also indicates stagnation and possible stiffness; and digestive stress with dry heat shown by the prickles. Herbs would be chosen to support the kidneys, flush out fluids, increase circulation, and reduce liver/digestive burden.

tongue3_jm This tongue shows liver irritation spots similar to the first tongue, but its swelling and shortened extension shows fluid retention and stiffness like the second example. Herbs would be chosen to support the kidneys, flush out fluids, soothe the nerves and calm irritations.

Herb Categories

Herbs are systematically categorized (TCM system) according to the most prominent benefits they have in common. Stimulating herbs that warm up your insides are categorized together (Cinnamon, Capsicum/Cayenne, Clove, Dried Ginger, Horseradish, etc). Those herbs would only be used if the body shows signs of cold: aversion to cold weather, covering up, chilliness, water retention and digestive/metabolic sluggishness, etc. If you can at least pick the right category of herb to address your condition and bring about more balance in your body, then you are better off than you were before.

What Else You Can Do Right Now

For those who are waiting on my input or anyone who wants to start with what you can do for yourself, one of the very best things you can do is to start taking in some herbs and/or teas that are high in antioxidants.

    Herbs highest in liver/tissue protecting antioxidants:

  • White Tea – highest in liver/tissue protecting antioxidants; supports brain function, calming to some people.
  • Yerba Mate – next highest in liver/tissue protecting antioxidants; stimulating, good for the circulation, but rich in nutrients; Important: brew at 160°F (water steaming, but not bubbling) to preserve the greatest antioxidant content.
  • Green Tea – high in liver/tissue protecting antioxidants, similar to White Tea, but more stimulating; enhances brain function and is a mild bronchial dilator.
  • Milk Thistle seed – especially good for building up the liver; can be important for supporting consistent liver detoxification.
  • Whole Leaf Aloe Juice/gel – great for summertime and any skin condition; contains unique sugars needed by the cells and not found in any other herb; cooling, moistening and anti-inflammatory.
  • Turmeric root – excellent liver and heart protector with moderate antioxidant power and one of the best all-around herbs for numerous systems; enhances digestion; dissolves gall stones; helps heal up injuries; improves circulation and relieves menstrual pain and uterine tumors; anti-inflammatory that can be used when the circulation is sluggish and the constitution weakened.
  • Grape Seed extract – excellent for the vascular system and has potent antioxidants that protect heart and liver; good for summer since it is generally fire/heat reducing.
  • Rooibos (Red Bush) – makes a great tasting tea that tastes like root beer; contains no caffeine or other stimulating chemistry; can protect the body from drug toxins; has anti-mutagenic properties, preventing undesirable changes in genetic material; also good for summertime since it is fire/heat reducing.
  • Selenium – a mineral supplement needed at least periodically in people with liver health issues to boost the body’s ability to manufacture its own antioxidants; can be gotten from organically grown foods, but especially from garlic, onions, milk, eggs, mushrooms and brewers/nutritional yeast.
  • Black Tea – more stimulating and diuretic and lower in antioxidants than the other two Camellia sinensis varieties (white, black); helpful to keep the breathing passages open for those with asthma or bronchitis, as well as an energy lifter.
  • Schizandra berry – sedative astringent that has adaptogenic properties. Useful when a sedative that protects the liver is desired. Useful in insomia, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, any condition that produces nervous excitement, depletion and anxiety or instability or is caused by these.

Use one or more of these herbs (twice daily) as appropriate to your overall health needs. These antioxidants protect your liver/tissues anytime you are taking Rx drugs or are exposed to chemical vapors for any period of time. You can take more as needed. They will protect your body and its tissues from oxidative tissue damage and slow the aging process that comes from these strains on your health.

Building & Cleansing: two aspects of maintaining health

This is done mostly through nutrition of the protein & vegetable sort, minerals & vitamins and Tonic Herbs. If you are weakened in some way do not attempt detoxification unless it is accompanied by a well-planned building strategy.

Recipe for Beef Juice for Anemics and Convalescents

This is an excellent way for someone to boost their nutrition without bogging down their digestive system with heavy meat or the fats. Especially good for weakened and bedridden people to gain their strength back. It is my version of a recipe found in Edgar Cayce reading 1343-2.

First cut 1-1½ lbs of round steak or similar steak (grass fed, organic) into 1/2 inch cubes. Include no fat, just red portions.

Pack the meat cubes into 2-3 mason jars. Put on the lids, but do not screw them tight.

Line a large pot (at least 4-5 quart capacity) with a hand towel to prevent breaking the jars. Place the jars of beef in the large pot and fill pot with water up to the shoulders of the pint jars.

Bring to a boil and boil for 3-4 hours with lid cocked at reduced temp until the meat juices are thoroughly extracted.

Remove jars of beef carefully from the pot and let them cool on stove top with lids still on. When cool enough to handle, pour off the beef juice into another empty jar. The remaining beef mass can be squeezed in a plastic storage bag to extract more. Put the resulting jar of beef juice in the refrigerator. Overnight any fat will rise to the top and can be carved away.

This Beef Juice can be sipped slowly at meal times, 2-3 soup spoons full at a time, or can be used as a broth base for soups. This recipe should make enough for one week’s use per person. It will deliver far more nutrition than consuming the meat whole with no burden whatsoever on the digestive organs.

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