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Global Healing

Realign with the Earth

Moving our power systems and lifestyles towards what is harmonious with the Earth and human health will change things tremendously. The Kryon material has some good information regarding this and it is far more optimistic than what is passed through the mainstream media.

This is of great interest to me and my sideline of learning fiction writing has focused on ecofuturism to help humanity imagine a better future on Earth. However, I have turned my attention for now back to something that first gripped me in 2005 …

End human trafficking

This is the next best way I know for us to elevate humanity towards greater peace and healing.

Slavery is still happening in 167 countries. 20% of these slaves are children. Most egregious and traumatizing is the sexual exploitation of women and children.

Global predation of vulnerable adults and especially children came to light in a major way in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Celebrities and charitable organizations found widespread predation of children and economically vulnerable people who were being kidnapped into various forms of slavery.

17 November 2005 the Dr Phil show covered Natalee Holloway’s disappearance which looked into the disturbing world of global human sex trafficking.

Various organizations have been founded specifically to counteract these networks and end human trafficking.

end-it-xEND IT is one.

Another is THORN, Ashton Kutcher’s organization. Here is is testifying in a US Senate hearing 15 February 2017:

For those of us who have freedom it is imperative we support the freedom of the rest of humanity. Light workers and healers can make a difference here and should, since these pockets of well coordinated secret exlpoition contain the greatest darkness on our planet.

END IT day is 23 February 2017.


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