Natural, Safe Detoxification for All Health Situations

This can be done effectively without draining the body with diuretics or other things that deplete your nutrition (like strong laxatives). Do not take the herbs Psyllium, Algin, Activated Charcoal or other absorbing herbs for more than a couple weeks at a time. They will pull minerals out of your body and cause mood disorders if you take them too long. There are safer ways to detox.

IMPORTANT: Protecting your body preventively with antioxidant herbs is more important and more powerful than detoxifying afterwards. Read my article on Herbal Anxtioxidants.

Remember cleansing and building must be done in balance whether in separate or simultaneous efforts.

Safest Detoxification Methods

The safest detoxification methods are those that have a balanced effect through body systems without draining nutrition.

  • Castor oil packs or wraps.
    • Heat castor oil gently in a pan and soak a folded clean cotton flannel shirt in it. Let the excess oil drip away. Be sure you can handle temperature of the pack on your skin. Lie down on top of a towel to catch any drippings and place this pack over your abdomen so that it covers the area between the sternum and top of the pelvis. A heating pad can be added if needed.
    • A simpler method: Rub castor oil thinly and evenly over the abdomen, cover completely with plastic wrap and leave on for at least several hours.

    This can be done once or twice per week on an ongoing basis. Castor oil is heavy and removes even heavy metals with ease.

  • Custom herbal detox formulations specific to what is going on in your body. Take the Constitutional Questionnaire above. I have formulated many detoxification herbals and the custom formulas for individuals always work better for them than store-bought ‘detox’ teas.
  • Purified Iodine (Atomidine) is both a tonic for the body through the glandular system, especially the thyroid, and a potent detoxifier. Be careful with it! Start slow with very small doses. 3 drops of purified Iodine is enough to start with. You may even skip days in the beginning. If your metabolism has fallen to a much lower level, don’t just suddenly boost it again. Increase by no more than 1 drop per week. Take this Iodine in water or tea on an empty stomach. I recommend you order your purified Iodine from James Knochel:
  • Cilantro & Chlorella. Cilantro (Coriander leaf) loosens up heavy metals in bones and nerves. Chlorella (broken cell wall) is needed to help flush them out of the body. These can be taken straight or made into a tincture. This is something used by Dr. Klinghardt as part of his neurotoxin elimination protocol.
  • Keep the bowel moving daily. Proper detoxification cannot occur if the bowel is not moving regularly. At least the lower portion of the colon must be emptied daily to keep waste from compacting, drying out, creating unnecessary pressures and to prevent toxins from feeding back into the bloodstream or nearby organs. If constipation is a problem try alternating use of herbal laxatives like Senna or Cascara Sagrada (or formulas like Swiss Kriss) with a Mineral laxative like Magnesium. Make sure your intake of healthy fats and oils is enough. A tsp or two of Olive Oil at each meal can work wonders. A bit of butter is fine. Nuts and nut butters are also good for this.
  • Keep the kidneys flushed out. Drink enough water: 1/3 to 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day. If caffeine is needed temporarily to get the kidneys to flush out fully, then use it! Don’t consider caffeine, a single molecule, to be so bad that you refuse its benefits! It exists in many herbs, in many forms. An old Edgar Cayce remedy was Cola syrup. That’s right, the famous brand of cola in its syrup form before carbonated water was added. It was one of his most commonly recommended remedies for giving the kidneys help in eliminating.
  • Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic detox can be the safest way to detoxify the body of specific types of chemicals or toxicities. Specific single remedies like Petroleum can be especially effective at detoxifying the body of petroleum products/byproducts. I have used that remedy for many years with much success. Mercurius remedies can be used to rid the body of mercury. Similar approaches can be used with many types of toxins. Combination remedies from your natural health practitioner can also work well if well chosen for your situation.
  • Dry Skin Brushing. Get a natural fiber brush made specifically for this, as recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen. The one with the stiffer bristles is for the body and the softer one is for the face. I only use the body brush.

    Brush towards the heart/body center to encourage lymph drainage. Use it anytime you do not feel like bathing or when you can feel any irregularities on part of your skin. To be sure, just do it daily. When we remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the body, we assist the body in eliminating more quickly. Wastes can sometimes build up at the skin level and clog up pores. Keep your skin breathing.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll to “detox” THC (Cannabis, ‘weed’) for a job situation. Stop your intake of the Blessed Herb. Buy a 16 oz bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll and drink the entire thing over the course of a few hours. Do this at least 24-48 hours prior. Make sure you stay close to a bathroom!
    Liquid Chlorophyll reorganizes the blood (red cells) around the magnesium molecule, fills your blood with dense nutrition and flushes out the THC. Because chlorophyll is so similar chemically to your own blood, this is like getting a blood transfusion with fresh clean blood!
    · If you can drink at least 2 bottles Penta water water per day leading up to the test. Penta water contains far more smaller water molecules (80% small molecules) known as micro-clusters and can hydrate and cleanse your cells much better than normal water.
    · If you can do some perspiring!
    · I’m working on an even faster, simpler remedy. This is important, since one effective blood cleanser, the herb Goldenseal, is now being screened for at many labs. Contact me confidentially for more info:


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