Kannon offered me his help and words cannot describe how thankful I am. I am in a very bad situation right now, because I want to find another job, but unfortunately it is not that easy…He reassured me that it would change. This is not the first time he helped me, some years ago he gave me a helping hand as well. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
— Sara (Astrology Weekly forum)

I’ve been studying astrology for 13 years and for 6 of those years I offered professional services and to this day, everyday I spend researching and discussing astrology is like Christmas. I’m constantly being enlightened. However, I can honestly say that all those joyous days pale in comparison to the day Kannon fine tuned my birth time. My birth chart now functions with 100 % accuracy, it’s solid as a rock like Kannon himself. His skill in regards to rectification is unmatched, in my opinion, and I can’t express in words just how invaluable that is.
— Jon Layton (2017)

After browsing Kannon’s website for weeks, I decided to give his astrologer service a shot. Let’s face it, no matter how much you browse on the internet calculating your birth chart then try to make sense of it [which usually takes up days if you’re looking for some coherency in interpretations] you’ll always end up semi-satisfied with your conclusion. Nothing compares to an expert’s interpretation of your natal chart. So I’ll save you the fluff (Kannon McAfee isn’t the fluff kind of guy :-)) and cut to the chase.

My natal chart was calculated the same day I requested it and Kannon couldn’t have been more thorough. He kept wanting to make sure the ascendant was valid … and probed till he felt it was accurate. Within the same 12 hours he sent me the chart report/interpretation and wow was I blown way! The report was personalized and tailored to me (no generic, general approach with Kannon). The interpretation was coherent, to the point and crystal clear. It made a huge difference in the way I view myself and some of the patterns I’ve found myself stuck in. It gave me a good idea of what my focus should be on & what I’m susceptible to and probably should avoid. I pretty much rediscovered my unfiltered core-self again in a much clearer way.

If you’re on the fence, just give it a try. Bold but true statement alert — There’s no chance you’ll regret it!
— Nora (2017)

“I had my chart rectified by Kannon McAfee and it was a truly invaluable experience. In the 35 years that I have studied astrology, I’ve always felt that my own chart seemed to be missing something; that it did not represent a crucial and undeniable aspect of my way of being in and experiencing this world, and not only just how I felt about myself but also pertaining to how others described me. With Kannon’s rectification, everything fell into place. My chart makes complete sense to me now; it also has much more dimension and dynamism (what a difference 63 minutes can make)! My chart feels finally honest.

Collaborating with Kannon is a pleasure. I originally found him on-line, however was absolutely thrilled to discover he lived in my city so that I could schedule face-to-face appointments. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest and personable. He is focused and precise. Kannon cares very much about what he does and it shows. He is a healer. I highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to have their birth time validated and chart rectified. Kannon has also assisted me in finding the birth time for a family member with an unknown time of birth with great success. I can’t express enough gratitude for the work Kannon does. His gifts are truly a rare treasure to be found in the astrological community. ”
— Suzi Mattox

“What can I say, with your help I was able to finally make sense out of a chart that wasn’t making much sense. My rectified chart, not only fits personality wise, but as far as vocation goes, it was right on the mark. Just goes to show that even though a birth time looks percise, and mind you mine most certainly did, but just doesn’t “feel right”, rectify away until it does!”
— J., Flint, Michigan

“I can whole heartedly recommend Kannon who undertook my chart rectification; he was not only both professional and compassionate in his approach but worked with complete respect for client confidentiality throughout he process. It was not an easy rectification (no birth time /vague information dates etc) but thankfully he soldiered on and provided me with a rectified chart which has been immensely useful.

“In addition as I was at the time going through a difficult period in my life he was generous with his time and patience and directed me to helpful resources which was beyond the remit. For this my friend I am eternally grateful.
— Reena, U.K.

Hello, everyone!

Many forum members are familiar with the difficulties I have had determining my Ascendant sign, the efforts to which I have gone to do so. I recently enlisted Kannon’s aid, and I would like to recommend his services. Please note that I do this of my own volition, without the slightest prodding. I wish to display my gratitude publicly and provide a review of his services for those who may wish to utilize them.

Kannon worked with me closely through private message and e-mail to ascertain my Ascendant sign, and then pinpointed the degree using the dates I provided. He was quite thorough in his questioning, inquiring about my health, home life, physical appearance, jobs, and relationships. He requested several pictures of me—one of my face in profile and another in which I was not smiling. Finally, he requested a short voice recording near the end of our session, to identify my Ascendant with certainty.

Throughout this process, Kannon displayed compassion and insight, revealing facets of my character I had not identified. When he had ascertained the degree of my Ascendant, he described the process by which he had done so, identifying specific transits to my rectified Midheaven … He explained that this represents the moment of my “spiritual birth,” and not necessarily the moment of my physical birth. I believe this is my true natal chart because the transits–especially Pluto conjunct my Midheaven–align with significant periods of my life.

Thanks, Kannon!

— Arian Maverick (Astrology Weekly forum)

After reading Kannon’s posts and really identifying with them, especially about chart rectification, I contacted him about rectifying my chart.

He responded very quickly and did my chart in a very effective and timely manner. I was very impressed and he explained my new chart and answered questions I had.

I will tell you, my new chart makes complete sense. It is totally me and I am so glad he gave me (through his posts here in the forum) the inspiration to question my original “birth time” chart. For years, I just accepted that chart even though I was totally struggling to make sense of it. I just knew something was missing. And there was – what was missing was the correct chart!

Nobody asked me to post this, it’s purely my idea, as I wanted to show my support for his knowledge and ability as an astrologer. So thank you, Kannon, I appreciate you spending time with me and helping me to understand my chart and myself better.

— Cactus (Astrology Weekly forum)

Kannon McAfee Rocks!!! He is the most awesome astrologer I have ever come across. Very precise and talented! He adjusted my birth time to a tee! Scared now that I discovered I have a zero degree MC and now Uranus is transiting it. Need to learn more about those Aries Points!!!
— Tara Jean

“Kannon Mcafee’s rectification was independently verified by the late and now deceased astrologer, Kelly Lee Phipps, both of whom did a birth chart rectification for client in Australia, Melbourne”.
— client, Melbourne, AUSTL

“Kannon, your in-depth answers always fascinate me and give me hours of studying!”
— charlie, linda-goodman.com forum

And some from years ago when I was still known as Joe …

“I have known him personally for 5 years, he has been doing my charts and his insight and ability read the stars and beyond is amazing. He has helped me through some rough periods in my life and his advice has been invaluable. I would recommend Joe’s readings to anyone who really wants to understand themselves and know what is going on in their lives.”
— Sherry Mendoza

“… very good and intuitive insight in the essence of the horoscope …”
— Maria G., Munich

“I am sincerely grateful for the time and energy Joe put into my astrological birthchart. Not only did he write out seven beautiful pages of notes with his insights, he also spent over an hour on the phone with me discussing it. The strong intuitive abilities combined with a unique gift as a compassionate astrologer makes a consultation with Joe a potential catalyst for deeper knowledge of self.”
— Julia O.

“I am so grateful for Joe’s knowledge on astrology. It has really provided me with a key to knowing myself better and facilitating healing that wouldn’t have happened had I not requested his knowledge. A rare and amazing gem he is. He is very thorough and knows what he is talking about, and you will find something beautiful working with him.”
— Lissa

From readings I’ve done off the cuff in the reddit forums

Kannon kindly commented on a post I had put on reddit. I had reached out for some help with my chart, specifically the position of my north node. I was blown away with his response, not only did he give me a very detailed analysis of my north node, but also explained much about the unusual position of my sun. His analysis really guided me towards where I should be heading and what I should let go of. His wealth of knowledge is so impressive and I look forward to booking his services in the near future.


Here is my page on reddit where you can read examples of my most recent mini-readings (opens in a new tab):