Returning to readings: gemstone astrology only

I will soon be returning to very part-time work (1-2 readings per week) doing only one type of reading: astrological gemstone recommendations based on your birth chart and current astrological influences. I will survey your birth chart (no rectification or adjustment) and transits and make recommendations of helpful gemstones or crystals that will help you through the tougher transits and bring into better balance the overall energies indicated in your birth chart.

Think of it as a 2-3 email conversation in which you gain insights of a very practical nature in how to take soul-beneficial action on the information in your birth chart, and on transits information (if needed). I began doing this a year or two ago, before I had to quit working. I think this type of astrological feedback is sorely missing from western astrology.

I’ll ask a donation of $20-30 for one of these readings.

Thank you for reading/following and I appreciate any feedback on this that comes to mind.



About Kannon McAfee

Astrologer, herbalist and poet. Kannon means Kwan Yin, Goddess of compassion.
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