Freddie Mercury chart pt3

So in looking deeply into Freddie’s possible Leo rising charts, one is viable through all the life events I can find. The chart below set at 29° Leo. Shown are the progressions for the date of his death: Progressed Pluto is just past culmination of its sesquisquare to natal Moon in the 4th house, and prog Moon just about to culminate square to prog Venus.

Sun [20.5° S], Saturn [20.2° S], and Neptune [21S52] are in transit parallel natal IC (4th cusp, primary house of endings, 21° South). Those combine for an average of 20.83° South, very near 21 south. So there is some reinforcement of that point.

So at this point I cannot rule out that Freddie’s authentic birth horoscope may’ve had the last degree of Leo over the Asc.


What makes this chart worth considering is not the progressions for this one event, but that the aspect of Pluto sesquisquare natal Moon culminated virtually simultaneously with its 75° aspect to natal Venus at a time when Freddy and Queen were achieving the height of their fame in the mid-1980s. That was a period of a lot of truly decadent living while Freddie was living in Germany.

Next up, possible Libra rising charts.


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