Freddie Mercury’s birth chart search part2

The first rectification factor I consider in Freddie’s chart is Moon sign. The day he was born the Moon changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn (around 9 AM). The time span on his birthday from 5 AM to 5 PM shows us the possible range for his Moon position was 27 Sagittarius [24S24] to 3 Capricorn [24S52].

I think we can eliminate Moon in Capricorn, which eliminates all rising signs past Libra. It seems truly difficult to consider Freddie as a Moon in Capricorn personality given his rather extroverted, decadent lifestyle. Moon in Capricorn persons are generally ambitious, yes, but prioritized on the long-term, reserved, and cautious. That just does not seem to fit Freddie who lived hard and didn’t hold back at all.

That leaves Leo to Libra for his rising sign. We can set aside Virgo for his Asc degree, because his flamboyant personality clearly was not a double Virgo one. Freddie had a strong blunt chin, and bold features characteristic of Leo; a huge overbite seen most with Leo and Sagittarius.

No Virgo rising features are seen, except maybe for his rather narrow, light frame, which can also be a feature of Libra rising when Sun is in Virgo. So it points more to Leo and Libra as most likely rising signs. We’ll come back to those.

An important feature of Freddie Mercury’s birth chart that has been overlooked is in the declinations. He was born during that period when Uranus and Pluto were in parallel aspect well before the conjunction of the two planets happened (about two decades later). In Freddie’s chart Uranus and Pluto were exactly parallel, 23N14.

The earlier charts with Leo rising have the Moon only 1°10′ from exact contra-parallel to Uranus-Pluto, very much within orb for a contra-parallel involving the Moon. At the furthest range of 5 PM with those Aquarius rising charts, that orb extends to 1°38′ — stretching it a bit for a Lunar contra-parallel to outer planets. I think we can safely consider Freddie to have had Moon both in Sagittarius and contra-parallel Uranus and Pluto.

Moon contra-parallel Uranus-Pluto is an oppositon of declination and indicates someone who feels compelled to set their own rhythm, live spontaneously, even in rebellion against family background and societal norms; the urges are erratic and strong, with patterns of moodiness and changeability well in evidence. Read biographies of him and you’ll see that fits Freddie.

Back to rising sign. Freddie’s facial outline was pretty rectangular overall with a strong jawline in his prime, which indicates a strong influence of fixity related to his Asc/1st or luminaries. It is found with Moon contra-parallel Uranus and Pluto, both planets of fixity. So we cannot elminate non-fixed signs (Virgo, Libra) entirely for his rising sign.

Let’s start by considering Leo rising charts since Freddie seemed to speak in those terms with Mercury (2° Virgo) as rising planet.

This contra-parallel between Moon and Uranus-Pluto brings to mind a possible progressed aspect culmination, an internal chart metric between one or both of those outer planets and Mercury. But no, the movements of both Uranus and Pluto were in the wrong direction, separating from culmination in the progressions. So we’ll have to look elsewhere for an internal chart rectifying metric.

Because of his cross-cultural, intercontinental move in 1964 (and his earlier schooling in India), Freddie’s correct birth chart will show this drastic change of residence from his roots. This is partly seen with the aspect Moon contra-parallel Uranus and Pluto, but because neither of those planets progressed to culmination I think another strong aspect to the IC/4th cusp (home) or the contents of the 4th house will show.

I am also interested in a possible internal chart metric that may line up in progressions with his early 1964 move from Zanzibar to Britain (Jan-April). That was a big life change and very a necessary one for Freddie to become Mercury. I just don’t have an exact date or a certain date range.


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