In search of Farrokh Bulsara – Freddie Mercury’s birth chart

I’ve been reading Lesley-Ann Jones’s book Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury (2011). She had good access to him and his relatives and went back to his birth place to get the story of Farrokh.

She includes an image of his birth certificate, but it has no record of the time. For years astrologers based his birth horoscope on the story told by his brother-in-law of Freddie saying he’d taken the name Mercury because of it being his rising planet. It came from a Zoroastrian, who would after all probably understand and value astrology, right?

According to biographer Lesley-Ann Jones, Freddie’s mother “Jer did tell me that she gave birth during office hours – and that the news was relayed to Bomi at work. But there is no record of his birth time, sadly. This information is lost to the sands of time.” (Source Notes:,_Freddie)
So the next question is what were office hours for his father working at the Zanzibar High Court? (We could estimate 8:00 AM to about 5:00 or so PM.)

So there is serious doubt cast upon the previous 5-6:00 AM times used to put Mercury (and Leo) rising in his chart. The biography is revealing as well, his cousin Perviz describing him as “painfully shy” and “secretive,” saying “He would not talk much even when he came with his parents to see us. That was his nature.” Not at all what comes to mind with Mercury and Leo.

So because I admire Freddie as rock’s greatest voice ever, I would like to eventually arrive at a valid birth chart for him. Since he is of my parents’ generation and there are few alive from his early days, this may be a challenge.

If you know anything about Freddie’s background that is not on wikipedia or in the biographies, please put it in a comment below!

Any fan clubs or biographies to recommend?

Freddie’s sister Kashmira was born in 1952 when he was about 6. His early life was characterized by boarding school in India starting at about age 7, far away from his parents in Zanzibar. He excelled in art there and only saw his parents for a month each year during summer holidays.

In his teens (age 17) his family fled the 12 January 1964 Zanzibar Revolution. They went to Britain since his father already had a British passport. Since his father worked as a bureaucrat in the previous government it is most likely they left soon after the revolution happened. With that break he left behind the old life and started an entirely new urban life in Hounslow (London area).

His sister Kashmira told Jones, “Freddie was very fastidious about his appearance … he looked neat and tidy, and his hair swept back … But he changed his appearance very quickly … used to take hours in front of the mirror looking after his locks.”

Living far from his parents during his primary school years, plus the abrupt move of his family from Zanzibar to Britain points to strong planet aspects with Moon and/or IC/4th house and 9th house factors. Changing his name and forsaking of his previous identity points to possible planet action on the Ascendant and/or in the 1st house of his genuine birth horoscope. (He’d originally been dubbed Freddie by one of his British teachers in India who had trouble saying Farrokh.)

He met Mary Austin in the 1970s and they became partners, living together until Freddie told her of his full sexuality in December 1976. This caused their separation, but Freddie bought her a place near him and they remained close friends lifelong. Freddie considered their relationship a marriage and left her his estate. Her birth date (planet positions) could help in rectifying Freddie’s chart.

While living in Munich in the 1980s he began a relationship with Austrian actress Barbara Valentin (born 15 December 1940, Vienna).

The peak of his career came 13 July 1985 at Live Aid. Queen stole the show partly due to their perfectionist rehearsing, but in large part due to Freddie’s great showmanship. It has been called the greatest live performance in the history of rock music.

Sometime in 1984-5 in Munich he met partner Jim Hutton, but their relationship did not really begin for several months. Apparently, Jim was born 4 January 1949 according to his biography co-author Tim Wapshott: “… Jim was a heavy smoker which cannot have helped matters and he finally succumbed to debilitating lung cancer on January 1, 2010 – just three days shy of his 61st birthday.”

Freddie was betrayed by former manager Paul Prenter in a tell-all article in the 13 October 1986 edition of News of the World claiming he’d tested HIV positive and naming dead previous lovers.

He was diagnosed in late April 1987 with AIDS.

Freddie died 24 November 1991.



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