Natural anti-histamine more effective

So I’ve conducted a bit of an experiment with myself this month. June is allergy month for me here in Portland.

At various times over the last several weeks reaching back into May I have taken a generic version of Claritin 24-hour OTC allergy tablet (Loratadine) and I’ve eaten Orange Peels or made a tisane by simmering small pieces of them in a tightly covered pot for at least half an hour. The smaller the pieces the better. I put a heavy mug or stein on top of the lid to keep it from jostling about and letting the orangey medicine escape. I pour in more water and simmer again for later.

Image: Evan-Amos, via wikipedia

Orange Peel won — hands down. I can take the Loratadine and still sneeze my head off with my eyes and nose itching, burning and making me miserable. But if I get enough of the orange peels it all comes to a screeching halt. I eat as many small segments (1/8th) as I need to until it stops. I’ll eat more later in the day too if needed. Raw orange peels can be a bit harsh, so some people process them first. I don’t.

There are a number of descriptions of use and testimonials to this online. Here are some:


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