I recommend purple positive energy plates

Do you know about Purple Plates? They are devices sold at http://www.purpleplates.com/ that utilize Tesla’s understanding of universal energy developed by his friend Ralph Bergstresser (deceased) and put into a usable form.

I have been using the 1″ Purple Plate disc, even two of them at once for a few weeks now. This device has replaced my Edgar Cayce “cold coin” (carbon steel slug), which had been very beneficial, negating some pretty severe allergic reactions. The PP is even more beneficial, effectively replacing the cold coin, but with greater benefits for boosting, even balancing energy.

They’ve been termed positive energy plates. There are different ways to use them. Some people place one under their drinking water over night so the water they drink the next day will contain the effect. That takes it to every cell in the body.

What I have been doing is taping one or more to my knees. When I went to the coast last month I taped one under each knee and kept my energy up for lugging around camping gear. They helped reduce my knee pain and increase their strength. I now only need one disc taped to one knee (usually the weaker or more painful one) and am using much less of the homeopathic Ruta I’d been depending on.

Of course, the improved nutrition (meat broths) has also helped my knees, but sometimes the best overall benefits come from numerous approaches — and it is always worth considering an approach that works at the energy level.

I don’t understand the physics or technology of these purple discs, but I have benefitted from them, and did from the first hour I put the first one on my body weeks ago. I had been very obsessive mentally, stuck on one track. Within one hour of putting that first 1″ Purple Plate disc in the pouch of my hoodie I felt more balanced, grounded, and at ease.

Check them out. They are very affordable. They come in all sizes and variations. Some are in the form of nice jewelry.


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