Global power pt 3 – financial warning summary

Here I will cover the Saturn-Pluto cycle that relates to world economics and a reset of world finance and banking, and important factors in the chart of the the USA that coincide with this. The peak portion of the Saturn-Pluto cycle we are now in comes with certain historically-backed cautions and warnings. My aim to is describe the astrological factors and to give you a heads-up to protect your financial resources.

Basic definitions:

Saturn: authority, ambition, authoritarians, control, experience, wisdom; greater malefic.
Uranus: electricity, electronics, technology, innovation, the masses, discontent, rebellion, extremes.
Pluto: banks, cabals, plutocrats, wealth, resources, power, regeneration and transformation.
Capricorn: government, fathers/parents, paternalism; cardinal earth sign in charge of material organization and resources, which generally involves tacit control behind the scenes most often through official positions.

The Saturn-Pluto cycle hits peaks when in strong aspects.

The strongest aspects are conjunctions, parallels, squares, oppositions, and contra-parallels. These are times when spasms for control hit in politics and economics. These major aspects of Saturn and Pluto are at their peak of potential effect when in the signs of Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn. That is because those sign pairs are where the planets are when in furthest north and south declination respectively. Those extremes of declination are where the planets slow down and make longer lasting aspects.

Saturn is now parallel Pluto in far south declination.

Saturn and Pluto are now parallel at 21-22° south declination. This aspect is timing moves for manipulations and control in the political and economic arenas. Many of these moves are being made behind the scenes due to the secretive nature of Saturn and Pluto. Such instincts for control will soon be more in evidence worldwide, especially once Saturn enters Capricorn and makes a conjunction with Pluto there, which will be accompanied by Nodes, Jupiter and other planets.

It is this human instinct for control that will be the basis for an attempt to reset banking and financial markets, to stabilize them.

Capricorn is the sign that relates to government, authority, and management of material resources.

Pluto is in Capricorn once every two and a half centuries as it is now. Saturn joining it there signals the start of a new cycle in government and the control of material and financial resources.

Notice how similar this Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart is to the charts for Luther’s 95 Thesis/Reformation and the stirrings of the American Revolution.

This Saturn-Pluto cycle restart (2016-20) will especially emphasize moves in global banking and capital.

Today the most extensive worldwide power lies in the banking and financial systems. It is not at the UN, and it is not with individual nations, even the USA.

More banks are inter-connected today than ever before, and in a relatively small number of hands. Global financial systems react much more quickly with greater volatility to the information passed through it. Information transfers instantly worldwide and people (especially American investors) react emotionally, quickly replacing optimism with pessimism. Because of the unprecedented and increasing complexity of world economics it is very difficult to know what will happen next or how it will be received within investment markets.

The restart will involve some good things, but will almost certainly mean the beginning of the end of the U.S. Petrodollar and lessening of the dominance of leading currencies (US Dollar, Euro, British Pound) in favor of the Chinese Renminbi (RMB). The U.S. financial markets will not respond well to this. Expect saber rattling over it.

We actually have much to look forward to in the way of more democratic values and accountability in the use of resources for the public good, but don’t expect that progress to come easily or quickly. After all it is nearly a 250-year cycle, and much more will be stirred up in the masses once Pluto moves into Aquarius (2024).

We are about to enter new territory economically. Many investors and markets will not respond well to it — at first.

This is why I wrote the original warning. Periods of strong Saturn-Pluto aspects (previously listed) are times best suited for careful control of material resources and money. You may not be loose with borrowing, but other’s over-extended credit can indirectly affect your pensions and savings.

We have already seen experiments in austerity pressed upon European nations like Greece, in Puerto Rico, in the U.S. state of Michigan, and probably soon in the state of Illinois. This has been a test to see how it can be pressed further in larger nations. Most of the austerity in the U.S. are not called that, involving losses of pensions and lack of action by the courts to enforce contractual government obligations related to pensions. I don’t know what will happen, but it is important to protect what you have already gained financially.

Ordinary folks who are not eagle-eyed with their investments stand to lose the most with changes in the banking system or downturns in stock markets. Smarter investors might be able to short sell for profit, but we do not all have that ability.

The U.S. financial system has played a major role in global financial upheavals.

We look to the U.S. birth horoscope not only for what will happen in the USA, but for clues at to how it will affect the world since the USA is so dominant on the world scene.

During the last couple decades there have been active progressed aspects in the USA chart hidden from the view of 99% of astrologers. They are in the declinations. They have a long way to go before their influence is over. There has been much conflict and instability in the socio-economic arena during this time, shown in the USA chart by three progressed aspects:

> prog Pluto contra-parallel natal Mars. Stimulates aggression, conflict, war-making, desire for dominance, drastic impulses, and unethical activities. Correlates to the Gulf War in Iraq and the return to war there, as well as in Afghanistan. Duration: 1990 – 2030 (returning in the 2060s and into the 22nd century).

> prog Pluto contra-parallel natal Venus. Stimulates transformation of values through polarization between plutocrats and values of the common people, banking and basic values, greed and need, infatuation and disaffection. Correlates to shadow banking, dark markets, and their failures. Duration: 1990s through the 21st century.

> prog Pluto 45° prog Uranus (in declination). This acts like a mini-square. Brings unsettling changes, mini-revolutions, social/governmental upheavals, reversals and extremes. Duration: 1990s through the 21st century.

For astrologers and students I have created a side-by-side comparison of U.S. natal charts set for 0:00 and 23:59 on 4 July 1776 so that you can see these progressed aspects are very active, right at culmination no matter what chart you use for that day:

From the near perpetual influence of these three progressed aspects I have no doubt that for good or bad the USA will remain a strong influence upon global economics into the foreseeable future. That means it will continue to be a volatile influence upon the world economic scene.

Expect big gains and record highs to be followed by drop-offs and potential losses.

Because transiting Saturn and Pluto now sit closely contra-parallel that progressed (and natal) Uranus position, its progressed aspect with prog Pluto is reinforced.

Saturn will move to 22.5° south later this year (and in 2018) within about 1° of that progressed Pluto position, reinforcing it. Expect that these will roughly time some financial volatility as Uranus is in t-square with U.S. natal Mercury (24° Cancer) and Pluto (27° Capricorn) — now through early 2018.

Plutonian banking interests are at a zenith relative to the the basic values of ordinary folks of modest means (Venus). Pluto is mass wealth and resources and Venus is simple money and basic values.

So long as the Pluto-Venus aspect is active greed struggles with fairness, and basic values. Eventually better integration of the principles of Pluto and Venus can be achieved.

So long as the Pluto-Mars aspect continues the volatility is exacerbated by an underlying aggressive reactionism. It drives the competitive desire to dominate and win among speculators and corporate interests alike.

What has happened in the U.S. markets since these progressed aspects became active:

The early 1990s recession.
> Dot-com burst March 2000.
> Global stock market drops in reaction to 9/11/2000.
> Stock market dip of October 2002.
> U.S. stock market slide 2007-09, including …
> The September 2008 NYSE crash after the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit repeated milestone peaks of values in the previous two years.
> May 2010 “flash crash.”
> Stock markets plummet August 2011, remaining volatile that year.
> August 2015 selloff.
> June 2016 world markets tumbled downward after Brexit vote.

**> Now there is a bubble again with the DOW at a record milestone of 21,000 as of March 2017. That is a full 50% higher than the DOW peak in 2007!

This is pretty typical for the extremes of Uranus when partnered in aspect with Pluto.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but what goes up must come down.

Since stock market crashes or economic downturns happen every 4-7 years in the U.S. we are due for a sharp drop or at least a long downward slide as in 2007-08. Basically there is nowhere else for average stock values to go but down.

Please don’t assume the government or the economic system will protect the interests of the little guy with a pension.

Protect your own finances and accept the gains you may have made during the recent upward climb. My original article stated what I would do if I had financial investments to protect, but I am not a financial adviser and recognize there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. However, when stock markets and investment banks are volatile and in trouble, gold, silver, and other precious metals gain in value. You do not have to take physical delivery of substantial amounts of precious metals. Seek out a specialist in this.

I am not recommending anticipation of the apocalypse.

Instead, consider a temporary withdrawal of much or most of your financial holdings from the speculative, bubble-building stock
markets in order to stabilize your finances, protect your pension, and hold on to what you have. Consider a diversified investment portfolio of real assets that appreciate in value when times are tough. Once the financial systems stabilize, there is no reason to think the stock markets are bad for investment.

If you know how to ride the waves of bubbles in the stock markets and can take advantage of such blooms of confidence, and can see the indications of a bubble deflating or bursting in time, then more power to you. You’re a smart investor. But most of us just do not have the time for learning that eagle’s eye approach. Do whatever it takes to protect your hard earned money and don’t wait.

Reset = Revolution

2019-21 is roughly the latest period in which I expect a financial reset to begin — when Uranus transits square the natal Nodes of the USA chart, which are placed in the 2nd and 8th houses of banking and finance. In the earlier part of that transit, Saturn and Pluto will still be closely parallel at 22° as shown here in the chart for 7 August 2019 (date of Uranus exactly square USA natal Nodes).


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