Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – Naturally

I am convinced that what underlies most cases of type 2 diabetes is chronic candida yeast/fungal overgrowth in the GI tract that causes the craving for sugars and carbohydrates.

There is a simple natural enzyme complex called Candex that addresses this. It works.

It literally digests the entire yeast germ as well as the malts and sugars they feed on, leaving the person without sugar cravings. If I start to get sugar cravings or feel some itchy evidence I’ve got fungal overgrowth, I start taking it and usually in a couple weeks the problem is gone.

I got my dad to take it and his sugar ingestion plummets when he is on it. Also, people who have been put on low carbohydrate diets and stay on them successfully have gotten off insulin and anti-diabetic drugs:

The best herb for men with type 2 diabetes is usually Ginseng.

It lowers blood sugar, rejuvenates the internal organs and body energy and is especially therapeutic when taken with Candex and supplements like papaya-mint enzymes or Peppermint tea. (With women use of Ginseng has to be limited so as to not boost male hormones too much). Mint has a long history of use alongside Ginseng in China.

My dad was on Rx Metformin (another bad drug) and it did not reduce his blood sugar. Escalating doses failed as well, but brought about dysentery that weakened him by depriving him of essential electrolytes. (My wife also experienced this bad side effect when taken modest doses of Metformin.)

He stopped the Metformin and began this herbal program that I designed for him according to body weight and constitution:

  • Initially, Alfalfa concentrate (Nature’s Way Alfa-max) to replenish electrolytes and lost nutrition due to the diarrhea caused by the Rx Metformin.
  • Candex (2) taken first thing and later in day, always on empty stomach so the enzymes don’t digest food, but go after fungus and malts in the GI tract.
  • Panax Ginseng (1-500 mg capsule 2-3x daily) for blood sugar reduction and toning of internal organs, energy level. After only 3 weeks his energy levels came back and he was working longer days with no fatigue.
  • Papaya-mint enzyme tablet (1-2) at every meal.
  • Schizandra extract at bedtime for sleep and astringent toning to preserve body fluids.

I also suggested he find Jerusalem Artichoke and eat a tuber 2-3x a week baked in its own juices as recommended by Edgar Cayce. I don’t know yet if he has done that, but it was an added suggestion, not an essential part of this program.

Dietary Successes in Reversing Diabetes:


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