On astrology, free will, and mindfulness

A map should not be taken as the location itself. Neither should an astrological chart be taken as the subtle energies themselves. It is a representation only.

I seek clarity in navigating astrology’s symbolic representations. The symbols can be a challenge to navigate in a way that is reasonable and fair to each human being’s potential because of the assumptions we too easily put upon those symbols (and the person as a result). This is especially true if free will is disregarded or given too little leeway, because we desire astrology to be as some replacement law.

Astrology is not a dictator insisting that “You must ….!” It is a still small voice of intuition that influences with a whisper in subconscious suggestions. We get much leeway within the definitions of our personal astrological influences, even leeway to color outside its apparent boundaries without punishment (or “bad karma”).

It seems to be part of some humans’ nature to want a replacement law to tell us what to do, layerings of rules of do-nots and cannots, shoulds and musts. Even I speak often in ‘shoulds’ even though I try to catch them and weed them out in favor of suggestions. Ultimately, it comes down to having options for navigating our lives with awareness so that we feel we are flowing with life instead of wrestling with it.

Recently I came upon the blog of Dr Arthur Janov (founder of Primal Therapy) at goodreads.com. It started with crotchety old man commentary about how there is only one cure for what ails us (his) and it is not mindfulness “nonsense.” I had a moment of seeing myself both in the tendency for such pointed dismissive assessments, and in how far I’ve come from any notion that there is “only one way” to anything (especially healing).

At age 19-20 I adored Dr Janov and his work. I thought my depression and introversion needed his treatment. I saved up a lot of money to go to Los Angeles and do that. It later got spent on living where I was, having new friends, and taking care of myself with natural medicine. Primal therapy only helps about 40% of people who go through it. Personally, I’d rather compose my own approach to healing as I go along in life and let synchronicity draw up its map with me. That is living mindfully and it is not nonsense.

I told this little story because it seems analogous to how I see astrology and how my internal navigation is steering me now. It is steering me to open my mind and re-evaluate my approach. I am doing this through careful study that takes time to neutralize biases and assumptions. I am doing this with the synastry study I recently announced I am undertaking.

My guidance first steered me back to herbal medicine as a full-on healer. I am slowly setting up a formal conversation with members of my community about how we can build a natural healing cooperative right here in our own neighborhood. In steering myself back to healing I may be inviting others back to it as well in a celebration of our shared healing abilities expressed in diverse ways.

My guidance also steered me back to gratitude. I say the “Thank you for____…” prayer as often as I think of it. I don’t know how that fits in with this, except I just now thought, Why don’t I pray, “One Source of All Love that loves me, Thank You for giving me the clarity of insight I need with each client I serve and each astrological chart I view. Thank you for continuing to reveal new and essential insights for helping others find liberation and wholeness through astrology.” … So I just did.

Who knows what I’ll learn …


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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