Astrology client testimonial

Hello! So I decided to get a natal chart declinations reading from Kannon. After years of pulling my hair out with the whole conjunctions/opposition/sextile/trine/quintile/biquintile/semisextile, hell, more like, semi-understanding of the aspects in my chart – Kannon helped me figure it out. All of that stuff is just really over the top and misses some really important factors. Declinations Make Sense. Period. There can be some missed correlations when you don’t use declinations which is why you may be thinking – well I could swear this planet and that one are conspiring against or for me! You may not see it in terms of those ‘regular’ aspects mentioned above but you WILL see it in the declinations. Most definitely! I highly recommend getting a chart reading from Kannon. 1) It’s reasonable, 2) it’s relatable and 3) it can fill in the blanks that those popular natal chart readings miss and boy do they miss some important things.