Lunar power in astrology & reality

My Lunar Energy Blast Experience

It was a crisply cold clear night during the full moon of December 2008 when I decided to take a walk down the oil top back roads of my parents’ place near Hawkins, TX. I walked northward in the dark through hay fields and pastures, stepping over two cattle guards until I came to a particular large pine tree I knew of. It seems far more allegorical now that this pine tree sat in a corner of a four-way crossroads.

The pine tree’s unusually thick trunk made a good resting place. I sat back and leaned against its coarse scaly bark facing eastward to view the large rising Moon. It seemed larger than I ever remembered seeing it. I looked at the Moon and asked for all the energy I could handle. That is literally what I requested out loud. What happened was beyond any expectation I’d had (which was none) and beyond any description I could give here.

I experienced a kind of energy shower, a blast all over my body that was so strong, even euphoric, that I could only describe it as ecstasy. I had walked out of the house with no such expectation.

I don’t remember how long it went on. It was so intense that I’m sure it didn’t last much longer than maybe 15 minutes, and then I knew that was all I could take. It was power. It was pleasure, but with nothing specific in the sensation. It was nearly overwhelming, yet it did not fatigue me.

After a while I got up and managed to slowly make my way back to the house. I was certainly in no hurry after that. I wanted to savor it.

I look back on it like a kind of spiritual conversion experience to being a fully convinced nature pagan. I had been raised a Christian, left the church and religion at 19, keeping only God is Love. I had been a Unitarian practicing Zen leading up to this experience (2002-07), but this Lunar episode was an immediate undeniable experience of nature as the material manifestation of Spirit.

“It” was not inanimate, but so responsive, and filled with primal life beyond description. I had lived through and seen many full moons in my near 39 years to that point, but the difference was the request for energy specific to me.

This experience proved astrology for me in a way that surpasses the intellect or subtle intuitions or feelings about this planet in that sign and so forth. It rendered all that mere trivia. The Sun’s light and energy are reflected by the Moon to we Earthlings in a way that is quite real, and can be expanded in our experience if we only allow it. I’d say I experienced a concentrated dose of the feminine power of Luna.

After this my work with energy healing got stronger and longer sessions produced amazing results. A cardinal that had flown right into our dining window flopped around on the ground, looking like it had broken its neck and would die. I went outside and placed my hands on either side of it and started the energy flow. After a while he sat up, stayed still, and seemed to calm down quite a bit. I continued this for about half an hour, stepped away to show mom, then looked to see he was perching in a nearby tree watching me.

The Astrology

I am convinced that it was this infusion of energy via Luna that allowed me to finally pick up everything and move to Oregon the next month. It aligned with my chart pretty closely as you can see here: Moon conjunct the MC, square Asc; Sun-Mars opposite MC, square Asc; Uranus opposite Asc, square MC.

During the full moon of Dec 2008, Moon was at perigee, its closest point in its orbit around Earth. It was especially large and bright those nights (11th, and 12th). You can see it was also aligned square to Uranus. Mars was on the Sun side, opposite the Moon. So you could view it as a particularly energetic full moon, closer to the effect of an eclipse than most full moons.

A full moon like this with so many planets in strong aspect alignment, if it aligns closely with your natal chart in some way, can be as powerful as an eclipse and open a large window of opportunity for you. But far more powerful is to ask for the energies directly.

Ask for all you can handle. If you don’t feel anything the first time keep trying. There is no reason why I would have special access to cosmic energies that are available to everyone. Ask and you shall receive. Ask and keep on asking until you receive.


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Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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