Thank you Karen Noe – gratitude prayer

I’ve been reading some books on various spiritual topics lately. I want to specifically thank Karen Noe for what she wrote in Your Life After Their Death. Something drew me to it. Flipping through it I saw that she is a healer who uses various modes of energy healing and recommends various modes of meditation and prayer.

It was in Chapter 7 – The Power of Prayer and Meditation – that I saw what I needed to hear. Under the heading Prayer of Thanksgiving she wrote, “The most beneficial prayer is one of gratitude.” Then in the next section Prayers of Petition she recommends beginning requests with “Thank you for _________” as if it is already done.

This is very much what Gregg Braden talks about in his books The Isaiah Effect and The Lost Mode of Prayer. Give the message to Spirit/Creator and see it as already done.

I needed this reminder. So thank you, Karen Noe.

I’ve been doing this during my walks through the neighborhood lately. It works.

It is immediately empowering and uplifting and I repeat the words until I really feel it changing me inside, changing my attitude and outlook.

Sometimes you don’t have to read the whole book, but there’s one little bit in there that calls to you with a reminder or new insight you need right at that moment.

Just wanted to share.


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