Global power: astrological cycles part 2

In part 1 we looked at the rumblings created in western society by Martin Luther’s 95 theses and his open protest of the papal authority. This effectively opened the door to the later Age of Reason, which eventually brought us the next Revolution in the New World.


I focus here on the American Revolution because it preceded and emboldened the subsequent French Revolution. Saturn entered Cancer 1767 and opposed Pluto in Capricorn. This is a good astrological picture of control (Saturn) and power (Pluto) in conflict.

So what was happening then? Well, the American colonies were disputing with Great Britain over self-government, the right of those colonies to tax themselves vs taxation without representation in Parliament.

There are a few events that mark conflict leading to the American Revolutionary War.

First, the British parliament passed The Townshend Act, which attempted to place various taxes upon items the colonies imported from Britain in order to raise the revenue needed to pay British officers of government in the colonies to ensure their loyalty to the crown. The reach of the British Empire was being tested and it was failing.

Boston rebelled by blocking importation of British goods. That took place 28 October 1767.

Notice Saturn was contra-parallel and opposite Pluto. Once again there was alignment with the Nodes. This was an act that emboldened all American colonies and began to turn events in their favor.

Secondly, in eventual response to this and to Sam Adams’s letter endorsed by the Massachusetts Assembly protesting the Townshend Act(s), the British parliament dissolved the Massachusetts Assembly on 1 July 1768.

Notice Saturn still opposite Pluto and aligned with the Nodes.

Thirdly the British sent a warship to Boston harbor (May 1768), and on 1 October 1768 sent troops in to occupy Boston.

It was during this period that rebellion was fully defined in the minds of Americans and set the tone for what would eventually happen. The Revolutionary War did not officially begin until 1775, but the events of principles and ideals were already set in motion and there was nothing to stop them. No taxation without representation and self-government of states. This was facilitated by the separation of land masses across the Atlantic Ocean that made it impossible for the British Empire to stop. That resulted in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the USA, which inspired the French Revolution with its cry of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Somebody somewhere had to kick off the global game of change and it happened in North America while Saturn and Pluto were aligned in opposition. These alignments of angular aspect happen at rough quarter intervals when Saturn is in conjunction, parallel, square, opposition, contra-parallel Pluto. They are especially strong when they occur in cardinal signs, and they especially relate to control/power resets of government/banking when they occur with oppositions along the north/south declination axis (20°+) or in Cancer/Capricorn.

Two and a half centuries later Pluto is once again in Capricorn. There are no more new lands to be had. Electronic technology has brought us instant global communication networks. Where and how will the next cycle of change show?

Coming soon in part 3.


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