Global power: astrological cycles part 1

This will be a three-part series in which I detail the cycles of Saturn and Pluto that show major world power shifts. Part 2 will cover the American and French Revolutions when societal ideals were reset. Part 3 will be about current times and the global changes, particularly in banking, that are about to take place.

This series is non-political. I’m giving historical context for the astrological cycles behind my Urgent Global Financial Warning. I just want to give everyone a heads-up. Since I have been asked to give more astrological details, I think the matter is also deserving of proper historical context so you can appreciate the significance of what is about to happen.

Pluto in Capricorn Sets the Context

plu-in-capBig things happen when Pluto enters Capricorn. It does so about every 248 years and times the restructuring of governmental and economic power, the re-allocation and control of material resources, and tests the empowerment of the masses.

Those in power feel their egoistic desire for control reflexively reinforced in the face of protest. Such established powers attempt to consolidate or further centralize their power. Hierarchies, compartmentalization, and secrecy are the tools of Plutonian power consolidation in the external world.

Ordinary folks who have little or no societal influence seek greater personal empowerment and challenge prolonged injustice and abuses. Those with official societal power often hit back with harsh, authoritarian reactions to preserve their authority.

Hard Saturn-Pluto Aspects Time the Struggle for Control

sat conjunction parallel square contra-parallel opposition plu

This can be seen in the rise of European fascism circa 1922 when Saturn in Libra squared Pluto in Cancer, which was a struggle for control of government and banking.

This can begin when Saturn is out of sign with Pluto, but is in parallel or contra-parallel with it.

Saturn in late Scorpio or in Sagittarius can be parallel Pluto in Capricorn well before the conjunction begins.

Saturn in late Taurus or in Gemini can be contra-parallel Pluto in Capricorn well before the opposition begins.

The maneuvering or manipulations for control take place mostly behind the scenes. What is publicized is often a facade. Often one type of secrecy/cabal replaces another, at least temporarily.

Martin Luther’s Protest Began the Reformation …

Martin Luther wrote a letter on 31 October 1517 (julian) summarizing his 95 Theses. These were points of debate or complaint with official Catholic church dogma or practices at a time when that church was the strongest power in Europe, possibly the world. It wasn’t called the “Holy Roman Empire” for nothing.

Luther’s protest came in the middle of the Inquisition period (1231-1836), which was a brutal era of ruthless wielding of hierarchical power by the church. Secular officials saw Luther’s opposition to papal authority as an opportunity to oppose the elective monarchy of The Holy Roman Empire and realign power.


Saturn, South Node, Pluto were in conjunction. Notice Saturn was still in Sagittarius, but had already fallen to 22S43 declination, having passed parallel with Pluto.

Luther’s was summoned by papal authority to answer to charges of heresy in October 1518 (julian). He debated with the papal legate 12-14 October 1518 and refused to back down.


Notice that Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn’s declination 22° south put it parallel the S. Node 23° south, which indicates maneuvering for control over past unresolved issues.

… and Led to Revolutions

Luther’s open, reasoned challenge to established powers eventually led to The Enlightenment Period (1685-1815 “Age of Reason”) and the American and French Revolutions that challenged monarchical power and ended The Holy Roman Empire, fundamentally changing the western world.

But we’ll look at that in part 2, coming soon.


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