Urgent Global Financial Warning

I don’t like making big predictions. I don’t like scaring people.

My only motivation here is to protect you from catastrophic losses and warn you in enough time to take cool-headed action.

So you know if I am issuing such a warning and urging you to action, it is because I have been watching the astrological factors, have done my homework and am sure of what I’m about to say. The warning signs have layered so thickly now that I must speak.

There is a building global crisis of manipulation for control working behind the scenes of the financial systems and you do not want your earnings to get caught up in it.

I will only give a basic astrological framework for this without too much detail. For now, just know that there are Saturn-Pluto cycles related to material assets and financial institutions and we have already entered the crisis point of one of those Saturn-Pluto cycles.

Saturn is control. Pluto is banks, masses of monetary assets.

The retrograde paths of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury that are about to take place are only going to add to these layers.

In addition there are significant factors in the USA chart hidden from the view of most astrologers that will continue for several years, making it certain that U.S. financial institutions and Americans will be affected. (Progressed Pluto contra-parallel natal Venus, and more.) Together these show a set of deep reaching financial upheavals that could begin very soon.

I am assuming this will start to hit in the next couple months.

I’ll make it personal and tell you what I would do …

No matter where in the world I lived, I would extract all my financial assets, savings, pension, etc, held or managed by any large financial institution. If I had gold or silver paper investments I might keep those where they are. I would methodically transfer the rest closer to home and into more real assets.

In the USA Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC) will not help you once the crisis hits. Waiting until the crisis hits will not give you enough time either since the world’s electronically managed financial systems will not allow runs on banks.

No panic if you take action. I’d just transfer my monies to a locally owned community bank and maintain a significant amount of cash at home in a lock box. Hard gold jewelry silver jewelry and coins are also good. I am also learning how to take advantage of alternative currencies such as Bitcoin.

I would begin soon.

Better to take action early than too late.

Then I would start looking for real properties or local assets as an options for placing my wealth entirely outside the stream of any trickle down damage from the world’s big banks and asset management firms.

It would be better to re-settle significant financial assets out of harm’s way in a smaller institution or even in safe real estate assets, land that can grow food, or that can house you or earn you some basic income.

There are indications this crisis may not peak until 2020, but there are too many looming factors indicating it will probably begin sooner. I expect the worst to show itself publicly no later than between early 2019 and early 2021. But I would act now, because this is not happening all at once. I have already switched my bank dealings to a local community bank.

This is a time to preserve what you know you have already earned and can control now, not a time to worry about loss of possible better future interest earnings.

Do not expect the financial system to work for you or be fair during this time! If you have it put your money to work in your local community in ways that house and feed you and others.

Global capitalism is controlled at the top of a pyramid of privately owned banks. What happens is part of a global political crisis for control that is neither democratic or accountable.

Saturn-Pluto (and Pluto-Venus) factors require this perspective, otherwise we can face serious devastation. It’s about preserving what you have and stabilizing during the crisis until it blows over. Because this crisis will inevitably affect the big business community and employment, it is best to have significant assets working for you in a stable fashion at the community level in the form of housing or non-profits or other essentials to serve human needs, including your own.

Elected officials will not be able to stop this crisis or help us as individuals. We have to fend for each other and our communities.

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