Emma Stone: best actress Oscar winner

red-carpet-oscars-2017 Congratulations Emma! You were great in The Help. I can’t wait to see La La Land.

I’m pretty sure the chart astrodatabank has for Emma is reasonably accurate in spite of the “Dirty Data” rating for referencing a supposed OK Magazine quote for her birth time (12:50 AM).

When you look at the progressions for her Oscar win last night there are some exact or near exact aspects that stand out:

Prog Venus conjunct prog Pluto (within 0°01′ of exact) indicates a time of powerful appeal, transformation of her image.

Prog Mercury exactly parallel prog Uranus at 23S40 declination, indicating electrifying news, much abuzz in her life.

Prog Jupiter quincunx natal Mercury (within 02′ of exact), again indicating big news, possibly surprising to new, probably hearing from old friends.

Prog Neptune square natal Venus (within 01′ of exact), very fitting for the movie project La La Land, full of music, color, etc, and brings a magical quality to values and life experiences during this time.

The two aspects involving Venus indicate the planetary principle of Taurus Midheaven of the chart set with Asc in late Leo. So it is very likely reasonably accurate. Jupiter in the 10th and parallel Midheaven and/or square the Asc fits drama as a career, and a successful one.


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