Solar eclipse Feb 26

A solar eclipse is a highly energized New Moon, representing a new cycle of energy for the next several months.

Sun & Moon 8PIS12 are conjunct Neptune 11PIS35, and Mercury 1PIS10. Ideas and higher concepts are being emphasized. A lot of this will place largely subconsciously since that is the mode of Neptune. Some may be urged to renewal of religious or spiritual commitments, or to alter their orientation towards a more clear focus on a more benevolent and charitable way of living. Make sure this is not merely from shame or temporary guilt, but from genuine desire to live up to the best you understand.

Those with natal planets 3-13° of mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) will feel this eclipse more personally than others, according to what planets are triggered:

sun If Sun, consider in what ways your ego must now surrender to higher purposes and purer motives. Bring sensitivity to others back into your understanding of your strength. Discover new appreciation of the good it can do. Do away with any notions of not doing enough and tune in to attitude. Look closely at what you are sacrificing to help others to be certain it is not something you truly need.

moon If Moon, make sure emotional balance is being maintained through adherence to personal intuition. Domestic arrangements and comforting habits needs to be addressed constructively or they may get out of hand. What higher truth is presenting itself now as an aid to releasing yourself from the bonds of habit or reactionism?

merc If Mercury, there is an opportunity to clarify the emotive content of your own communication and become a better attuned listener. Notice if there are inconsistencies in your thinking and assertions that reveal personal dishonesty.

venIf Venus, don’t take any upcoming disappointments as all equal or personal in nature. Pisces-enfused energies (sun, moon0 allow for purifying of our own love, which does not happen if we let disappointment in others turn us sour. Ask how can I become more compassionate with myself and others?

marsIf Mars, it may be time to let sensible feelings start guiding your actions more. Actions do not proceed from logic, but from purpose. We all need a renewal of our emotional lives and intuition at some point. Look for how inner intuition or spiritual guidance can be more directly connected to decisions and action.

jup If Jupiter, beware of the idea that you can’t lose. Beware of some kind of total belief in another human figure. At some point you will find they were far less than you thought. Instead, reach inward to what you know is the best within you. Rediscover what you knew before as your better nature. How can you renew those ideals that will create mutual benefits?

satIf Saturn, look to capture the wisdom of recent experiences or what can be learned from any ongoing frustrations or blocks in life. This is tough and may require more introspection than usual, or a different approach to it. Sun and Moon together in an eclipse formation are unified energies that are greater than any obstacle. Solutions are within reach if there is only trust of self and if positive intentions are set with a unified purpose of your being.

ura If Uranus, there may need to be some changes, even upsets in order to realign with your higher purpose. However, surprising occurrences also hold surprising new options. Don’t expect technological tools to save you from a break with patterns that are keeping you stuck and limited.

nep If Neptune, take an honest look at feelings of falling short, failure, guilt, etc, and how you can more honestly live up to your personal ideals in life. If you have been operating without any, consider this a good time to form them. Set your mind on it and you will get guidance towards it. If you continue without such personal guidance you are more prone to being misled and deceived by others.

pluIf Pluto, you may be called to tap into your deeper power. I say “deeper” but often what we’re really talking about is the superconscious that calls us to greater awareness of the unity of life, to pull our consciousness out of competition for power or position and to see that there is enough to go around. We either learn that lesson here while alive or learn it once we die. Look at what feelings and drives are propelling (or secluding) you on a daily basis. Are you happy with that?

nodeIf the Nodes, be prepared for changes in direction that can be far more rewarding towards a truly more spiritually meaningful life, a more rewarding path of service. This is a fundamental call for realignment. Depending on how far you’ve strayed from what is your true path and where your intentions are now, this could be a welcome boost or a difficult struggle. Don’t leave it merely abstract. Get wise guidance and counsel, even if that means merely sitting in the presence of wiser or more balanced souls. You won’t regret it.

Sun [8S30] Moon [8S55] contra-parallel Mars [8N28] and Uranus [8N02], parallel Jupiter [7S21]band Neptune [8S00].

The Sun-Moon declination position will make parallels to natal planets in late Libra, contra-parallels to those in late Aries [7-9° north or south]. If you have natal planets this eclipse may affect you in a pronounced way.

The involvement of both Jupiter and Neptune indicates ideals and inspiration from higher, broader sources of understanding are being triggered. What will you do with it?

Is your mind truly open and accepting?

Those who cow to hierarchies or personalities may find themselves more easily misled or deceived during the next several months. This is a time for decisive move towards those ideals that are far above human personality, ego.

Jupiter allows for wakeful realization, but what is not recognized consciously in waking thought may need to come out in nightly dreams. Take note of them.

What are your ideals? How are they guiding your life?

Do you lack a vision of what good is truly possible for you to achieve? Now is a good time to renew your life vision and turn from what promotes ego and lacks benevolence.

It is time to repair our previous insensitivity towards others and realign ourselves with Compassion.

Mars is conjunct and parallel Uranus. Abrupt changes and bursts of energy. These are opposite Jupiter, which means such changes and bursts will be on full display and quite dramatic. This configuration in the context of a new moon indicates sudden breaks from previous patterns in order to start anew, even in a surprising direction. Some people may notice the drama only starts after communication your intentions to others who seem less in control of their own lives and more safety-security reactive, fearing change.

Saturn [22S06] and Pluto [21S13] are still parallel. Do what must be done for higher purposes and longer-term benefit with whatever resources you have. Don’t stay stuck in the wishful thinking of “If I only had …”

This is a test of personal empowerment apart from the choicest array of possible material resources. Be wise in use of what you do have. This is a time to conserve and build towards tomorrow, not deplete yourself towards short-term objectives. Know your limits and stay within them.


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