Larimar: superstar healing stone

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite[/caption] Once again I am getting the benefit of Larimar to re-balance things physically and spiritually. The stone has worked for me in a variety of ways over the years, and this time its healing effects are deeper and broader. This time it has helped me rapidly re-align with an immediate sense of spiritual purpose in life that I have not felt for 12 years. A recent muscle testing session (MRT, applied kinesiology) with my wife helping singled out this stone from my entire collection. The test indicated 3 stones to be kept on my body (in a pouch).

Here is an excerpt from the Crystal Bible that barely begins to describe the healing this stone holds for humanity:


In the past Larimar has had its most pronounced effect for me as a meditation stone used episodically as needed. This time its healing vibrations kept with me all waking hours (sometimes even during sleep) have helped me recover a sense of self I had lost, or at least put on hold: access to profound power as a healer. I will give some updates on this as they develop.

Blue and Green stones hold the most reliable balancing and healing powers for the greatest number of people. If you look through these color groups in a book like The Essential Guide to Crystals (Simon and Sue Lilly) you can quickly narrow down what stones would best suit you. If still unclear read what the The Crystal Bible says about the gemstone in question. You can search The Crystal Bible on google books.

One last thing … the use of more stones. Normally a single stone of modest size is enough, but if you feel the stone is right, if you are determined to enjoy its benefits, but notice nothing after a few days, try adding more stones. Some stones need to contact the skin to be effective, but not Larimar. So long as it is on your body you’ll get its benefits. So if you read about a stone and it seems right for you, understand you might have to use a few 1″ pieces or a whole necklace of tiny beads to get the effect you want.


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