Recent Lunar Eclipse

Full Moons are climactic energies, patterns come to zenith. Here is the recent eclipse from Feb. 10/11.

Here is the chart in astrolog. It is only a partial (penumbral) eclipse, so not a real tight alignment. You can see that in the 11° space between the Nodes and the luminaries. That is roughly the separation of the luminaries that defines the outer boundary of opposition and conjunction aspects between them.


This Full Moon (moon opposite sun) means a lunar eclipse. This is a time of heightened expression of energies of a lunar nature depicted by this arrangement.

Sun in Aquarius holds a social/group interest with Moon expressing heightened personal feelings from that. Personal chart points from 18-28° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and 12-15° declination will be especially emphasized over the next several months.

About natal planets (18-28° or 12-15° declination) triggered by this eclipse …

sunIf Sun, avoid power plays of ego. Allow your sense of honorable strength to be energized by the circumstances and what they seem to require. Find strengths in yourself to put to use where others seem confused or conflicted. This can even be quiet, patient strength if that is your natural bent.

moonIf Moon, be sure not to take on the emotions of others’ fights, nor retreat from one if it presents itself to you. Your needs and feelings are just as important as others’ and are being emphasized now. Take some time to feel out what your needs are generally or in a given situation at work or home. If overwhelmed, give yourself personal time/space to grieve, speak honestly to a loved one, or write about what you are feeling.

mercIf Mercury, pay more attention to the emotive content of communication and be sure to listen and allow others’ feelings without feeling obligated to react. You may be able to serve as an objective processor of complicated information and challenging communication.

venIf Venus, pay attention to relationships and what you most value. Consider whether you are over-empathizing with others’ complaints or pain. You may be able to serve as diplomat by remaining objective so that an agreeable outcome can be achieved.

marsIf Mars, pay attention to sudden impulses of reaction that divert from balanced full consideration. Consider whether there may be unintended consequences. Look for that well-timed moment to act that others may miss once you’ve seen enough to know. Aggression is not as important as decisiveness once the right action becomes obvious.

jupIf Jupiter, beware of over-confidence, of getting in the moral high horse. Be generous enough to listen first. Do take the higher ground when you see others taking the low, but don’t lord it over them. Look for how a growth opportunity presents itself towards a better outcome for all.

satIf Saturn, beware of wanting to close off as a control measure. There may be business to take care of, but don’t bury yourself in it and lose sight of the priorities of the heart. Time is your best ally to get things accomplished step-by-step.

uraIf Uranus, don’t give in to the temptation to go to extremes even if some abrupt changes are required. There may be a technical solution or repair needed, but don’t expect it to solve everything. Detach from the fray and insist on a farther-reaching view than what others may be stuck in.

nepIf Neptune, make sure you understand clearly before changing your direction or making decisions. It may be time to revisit your vision, to take heed of any dreams that come, especially right before you wake in the morning. Listen to the still small voice, but know it often speaks in metaphors that are simpler than they first seem.

pluIf Pluto, maybe it is time to consider consolidating your own power in a difficult situation rather than getting dragged in all the way. Learn something from what you are seeing in the world and make any adjustments in your own posture. Consider how you can better run the kingdom that is your own life.

nodeIf the Nodes, give due consideration to your life direction and how it can be more purposeful and fulfilling. You may not yet know all you need to for any changes or decisions. Just realize some changes are due and make take some months to play out and show you their benefits. Change is the only constant in the circumstances of life, so move forward towards your greater good.

Group involvements:

Be particularly watchful how your personal feelings and emotions are triggered and expressed in group involvements. Sometimes it is best to back away and reflect rather than get pulled into immediate dynamics of antagonism.

Groups are seeing underlying feelings and conflicts reach a climax during this time. If the group has been operating on solid principles and respect, any such conflicts and previously ignored feelings can bring about greater understanding and growth. But only if individuals are respected and personal expressions are allowed. Attempting to suppress or negate others’ emotions during this time will not be taken well (considered an attack on personal dignity).

The other planetary aspects accompanying this eclipse

Jupiter & Uranus: Jupiter’s (Libra) opposition to Uranus (Aries) makes sextiles/trines to the luminaries. Notice that Jupiter and Uranus are also contra-parallel (opposition of declination) at 7°, further indicating an opportunity for dramatic changes that will take a while to find a place of balance and integration.

This is an example of where oppositions positioned in this way create relief and opportunity.

That opportunity expresses through Jupiter’s generosity and protective views to the greater good, to fairness and justice (Libra) as well as Uranus’s transcendent awakening to the realities of the collective “I”, the individual. It is time to think outside implacable oppositions. There is an arousal of interest in the effect on humanity, the bigger picture.

Groups that have not previously held solidarity of purpose now have the chance to build tenuous alignments towards a coming strength.

There is a contrast between limited, short-sighted notions of personal freedom and awakening to higher purpose. They must be integrated.

Both Jupiter and Uranus highlight this. Jupiter in Libra is not about indulgences of personal liberty, but the balance necessary to protect the innocent, to allow fair hearing of grievances and ideals of justice to be maintained. Jupiter in air signs is always about the bigger picture of societal interest, ideals that hold up decency and lean to beauty over ugliness.

Uranus in Aries is also not about extremes of personal freedom, but about awakening to the collective “I”, the collective individual in which our underlying humanity transcends apparent differences. In case the Uranian principle has heretofore been unclear to you, Uranus does not indicate personal freedom, but connection, collectivity, the psychic or technological waves that do this connecting. It is a global, even cosmic principle.

There are dreams to materialize and ideals to be met.

Jupiter [7S38] is parallel Neptune [8S14] which is in Pisces (with the South Node), emphasizing visionary thinking towards the ideal, fusing notions of ‘better’ and benevolence with what ‘should’ be. Its the idea that if we can imagine better we can do better.

Deeper thought is required.

Mercury [20S25] is parallel with Pluto [21S15]. This indicates that intellectual and communicative energies can be intensified and highly concentrated, making it a good time for more penetrating analysis, deeper looks. This is just as true for the individual as for the masses.

Pluto also aligns parallel with Saturn [22S05]. This complicates things with power and control motivations that are dark and shadowy, often difficult to articulate. This indicates to me that much of a political nature happening now is tapping into deep fears and unaddressed personal issues in many of us.

This all can be a somewhat complicated, tense mixture, but as always going back to points in our natal charts that are triggered helps create the insights we need.

Hints at purpose


Ordinarily with eclipses we don’t give thought to the nodes (since they’d be closely aligned with the luminaries), but in this case maybe we should.

Note the yod between Mercury in Aquarius in sextile with Venus in Aries, which make a Y with the North Node as the stem. Mercury sextile Venus with N.Node as stem: thoughtful, big picture communication of good personal values expresses itself towards conscientious consideration of the details. In this case it is not the devil, but our shared future found in the dirty details.

With S.Node in Pisces (rather than Sun sign Aqua) we cannot afford fuzziness about our approach or about our relation to our own past. We cannot afford to idealize the past or its players any longer. Clearing up our thinking and values related to the past will help us move forward.

Boy, does that ring true with me right now! Past patterns and relationships have been coming up in my own dreams, even as I woke this morning. These almost always highlight our primary relationships of parents first, then with our significant others, particularly those still unresolved in some way in our own consciousness and memories.

Peace and Healing.


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