Use discernment with astrology websites

There are lots of astrology websites and blogs online. LOTS! The age of digital self-publishing has made it possible for virtually anyone calling themselves an astrologer or engaging in astro-chat (astrologists) to have such a website.

I have a couple guidelines for how to tell if any such sites are worth your time:

1. Does the person acknowledge and remind you of your free will as the deciding factor in reference to astrology and to the outcomes in your life?

2. Does the information jump to rather broad or blanket conclusions using one or two pieces of astrological information?

Free Will

This is not relegated to an unspoken position in Incarn astrology. Incarn astrology is based largely on information from the Edgar Cayce readings on the inter-dimensional nature of astrology.

On 24 November 1923 a metaphysically minded group met at the Phillips Hotel in Datyon, OH and asked Edgar Cayce the following question:

Please give a definition of the word astrology.

Cayce’s response in trance:

That position in space about our own earth that is under the control of the forces that are within the sphere of that control, and all other spheres without that control. That is astrology, the study of those conditions.

In the beginning, our own plane, the Earth, was set in motion. The planning of other planets began the ruling of the destiny of all matters as created, just as the division of waters was ruled and is ruled by the Moon in its path about the earth; just so as the higher creation as it begun is ruled by its action in conjunction with the planets about the earth. The strongest force used in the destiny of man is the Sun first, then the closer planets to the earth, or those that are coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual, BUT LET IT BE UNDERSTOOD HERE, NO ACTION OF ANY PLANET OR THE PHASES OF THE SUN, THE MOON OR ANY OF THE HEAVENLY BODIES SURPASS THE RULE OF MAN’S WILL POWER, THE power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself.
(Emphasis in original transcript)

Blanket generalizations

These are the astrology ‘for entertainment purposes only’ generalizations. It is impossible to truly describe a person and their life challenges unless looking at the whole birth chart accurately cast. Most birth charts contain apparent contradictions in the aspects and their energetic potentials and orientations. Notions like persons whose charts have prominent Pluto are always selfish are inappropriate generalizations that come from the astrologist themselves and their limited relations with such persons.

So ask yourself: Does this website look like it is focused on entertaining?

It will probably be image rich with a sugar coated colorful shine to it, and appeal to ‘luck’ and ‘love’ interests above all else. It may also be the opinion of one person lacking references to other material or praise of other astrologers and scholars.

Not all astrological information, interpretation, or opinions are equal. Use your discernment and do let any such information play to your fear or create anxiety or prejudice within you. Ask yourself if it is given in wisdom compatible with peace and love.

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2016 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation


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