Gratitude: healing with Larimar

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite

Larimar, also known as Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite

For the last few weeks I have kept a piece of Larimar in the pouch with my pieces of Kunzite that I keep in my pocket. I had already been using the Kunzite, but the addition of Larimar has worked a slow, but steady wonder. I am so steady, so at peace, feeling so much renewal, that I just have to talk about it.

The Crystal Bible describes its healing powers very well. Read the entry here on google books.


A while back I obtained over a dozen pieces in a really good deal from an online seller. I have long recommended this very healing stone to others. I experienced the benefits back around 2007. It was an emotional healing from yet another heartache of unrequited love. It seems this stone can deliver healing as you need it for the circumstances or state you are in. Recently I have experienced nothing that pronounced, just a few really nice meditations as I held it to my chest. However, the accumulated benefits over the last month or so have become undeniable. I cannot attribute the depth of peace and relaxation in my body and in my mind to anything else.

Certainly the Kunzite has continued to deliver its benefits, but together they have been amazing. I just want to remind folks of this incredibly healing stone and let you know that mine are available in our healing stones exchange. Anyone who wants one, just email me the request with your mailing address. It is very inexpensive to mail one or two, so it is on my dime. I have 10 more available.

I am not an advocate of one-size-fits-all for healing or anything else, but this stone has proved to be a powerful healer for me in two entirely different contexts, and is believed to be the ‘healing blue stone’ Edgar Cayce predicted would come out of the Caribbean.

Try one and share your stories of healing.


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