Synchronicity, Spontaneity & the real meaning of Uranus

Last night as the sun was falling and the pink-purple-melon sky was fading I got on the bus with a lady I’d struck up a conversation with while waiting for it to show up. Turns out she was headed to a poetry reading at a familiar coffee shop not far away. I decided to jump off and join her since my errand had no time constraints. We got there on time, but the coffee shop was dark. No one else was there. My new friend began to doubt she got the right Thursday. Several minutes later a man came around the corner she recognized. After seeing no one else was there with a key, he took out his laptop and looked up the group’s meetup page. We were indeed there on the wrong Thursday.

So, rather than each of us go home disappointed, we sat down at the little picnic tables along the front of the coffee shop and had our own little spontaneous poetry reading over the sounds of traffic. Hers was political, questioning if fascism could come to the USA and compromise our 1st Amendment rights. She mentioned Siclair Lewis after her poem, who’d written about this in the 1930s. Then I read a poem about autumn coming and getting back into Forest Park. His was a story of a childhood memory in which his mother taught him a lesson in ‘do unto others’ that stuck with him the rest of his life.

It was good. I made two new friends.

The Astrology


As Jupiter nears my natal Uranus position, it has helped me accentuate the spontaneity that I have learned to enjoy, not the breaking-away or kicking-over-the-traces rebellious anti- attitude so many associate with Uranus.

Uranus does not mean “freedom” except to enslaved minds disconnected from more than they are connected to. When we rebel or tear away in search of freedom, we are actually seeking connection to something less limiting, something greater, further reaching. “Freedom” is how we sell it to our own egos.

Uranus is cosmic connection, the waveforms or radiations that serve as the communicative catalysts between any two points in the universe.

Relatively speaking local connections of the more mundane, but serendipitous sort, are easy.

How connected to the Cosmos, the All-in-all, the Source do you feel?

It is an important question, because it helps us to feel strong in going wherever our intuition and purpose may lead us. That saying ‘home is where the heart is’ may have a two-sided truth in it. If you are at home within your own heart, within your own body how can you not feel at home wherever you go? There will be others who find your company comforting, energizing, memorable – and you their’s. You take something of your best experiences, your best memories with you wherever you go. You can share them in words or feelings, but they are with you always, because we are not in a linear journey away from the past, but a in a cyclical spiral time scheme in which we collect and keep all that is valuable in our experience.


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