How I do readings

I never do anything, but 100% original reports written just for you. There are lots of canned astrology reports and report writing programs out there. I looked at some of them years ago, but I take my astrology studies more seriously than that and have endeavored to learn it to a point of fluency so I never have to rely on other astrologer`s opinions. In addition, no report writing program can put the separately interpreted pieces of your chart back together for synthesis. Every time I do a reading it will contain insights that come only from the synthesis of an astrologer fluent in the language.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, healer, professional astrologer. I'm dedicated to advancing the science and art of astrology. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification (for those with questionable charts or missing birth times). My focus is on helping people meet their purpose in life while understanding their options within that.
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  1. Hi Kannon 🙂 how much do you charge and how could I book a reading?

    • Thanks for asking. Scaled suggested fee is on my Astrology page with list of services. You can reach me by email or phone. Right now phone appointments are best since I`m having pc troubles. 503-206-4922. Keep trying if you don`t get me or follow up with an email.

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