Rhyolite for Meditation and Insight

rhyolite-beadThe intensity of Pluto’s last retrograde motion back towards my birth chart’s Moon position (12CAP08) has made meditating and relaxing very difficult. So today I began using Rhyolite, a small piece (bead) on my chest, to induce a deep state of meditation. It was very effective. Its been years since I used it and I’m so glad I kept a piece. I was able to get an important insight to a lingering issue regarding life relationships as well. Rhyolite can help with that, just as described in The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

Crystal Bible

When things get stressful and we lose our balance and our peace, the Earth does have things to help us get back there and strengthen ourselves even deeper. We just have to look for them and give it a try. The Crystal Bible is full of various gems and stones helpful for inducing meditative states.


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